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“More than art, the Salon serves as a meditation on power and desire, as well as a strangely cathartic release of those past sexual encounters you can’t believe are true. For amateurs, the experience diminishes a vulnerability that we feel when we first walk in the door; one of the only things excluded from the walls of TIME Restaurant is the concept of shame.” 34th Street Magazine

“…surprisingly comfortable….Salon devotees praise her for the space she has created….” “I think Susana is doing a very brave thing.” Philadelphia Inquirer, February 10, 2010

“There are laughter and tears along with the hot rush of blood – to the face.” Daily News, March 15, 2010

“…you’ll find yourself hip deep in saucy, sultry, sexual verbiage that may stray over the line from innuendo from time to time. You know, let’s just say it; that poor old line is likely to get stomped into little pieces of prude dust.” This Week In Philly.com, Aug 12, 2008


“Susana Mayer has just the solution to satiate your under-sexed palate… She puts on her pants one leg at a time, except that once she gets them on she delivers brilliant erotica… If you’re not ready for romantic, passionate and edgy literature in the Philadelphia area then pack your bags because The Erotic Literary Salon is no place for you.” Phillyist.com, June 12, 2008

“De-mystifying the ‘dirty’ has become something of a theme worldwide lately, with clinical sexologist Susana Mayer launching Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon last month in a bid to open up chats about sex and sexuality “in a big way”.” Scarlet Magazine, U.K., June 6, 2008


“I was quite surprised, this turned out to be a real safe and comfortable place to read my erotica.” Linsey
“This was my first salon, and I was impressed with the variety of approaches to erotica.” John

“One of my favorite authors says that when adults feel safe we eat, sleep, play and mate. (…as apposed to fight or flight when we do not feel safe.) This is a wonderful evening of play!” Joan
“The mix of “edgy’ material and funny and romantic material made it feel like a real sharing-a lot of different styles of voice were heard. I also loved the openness and the energy and the humor of everyone. It is a wonderful effort, and I hope it continues and grows. Philly needs something like this.” Jay
“Last week was my first time attending your Erotic Literary Salon and I loved it! I have been writing erotica for over 10 years under the name “ApathyKiss” and searching for more ways to get my writing to the public. I am so glad to have found your Salon! I went only as an attendee but next month I am eager to sign up for a chance to read some of my work.” ApathyKiss

“After reading at five of these, I’m struck by the sheer ordinariness of it all. Walk down South Street any warm day and you’ll see more flesh and decadence than you’d ever see in the audience or on the stage at the E Salon. Gosh, these folks sure look decent enough! They could be your neighbor, psychologist, accountant or in at least one case, your grandmother. Sure, there is debauchery, steam, kink, filth exhibitionism, smut, voyeurism, all kinds of edgy unbridled stuff, but it’s all courtesy of the written and spoken word. High time for the literary world to stop marginalizing and value erotica for what it is, enduring, universal, endlessly varied, creative, in other words “Art.” Art that just so happens to elicit an “aesthetic response” upstairs and downstairs.” Riccardo
“I had such a wonderful time reading my poetry at the Erotic Literary Salon. I received enthusiastic applause which was music to my ears and what I as a poet desire…I will be back to read more, to share more, to gain more applause.” Diego

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