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Sex Toys New – “Shape of Water” Dildo & Used – Reddit Link

Thank you Anna for sending Reddit Link for used toys.

Please be cautious and only purchase items that can be sterilized. If you are not certain research the material on line and whether it can be sterilized.

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/usedsextoys/

‘The Shape of Water’ Dildo: We Just Spoke With the Creator of the Amphibian Man-Inspired Sex Toy

Whether or not “The Shape of Water” wins the Best Picture trophy at the Oscars next month, it’s already inspired a different kind of statuette. This one’s a dildo.

XenoCat Artifacts is selling a sex toy inspired by Amphibian Man — a.k.a. The Asset — in their Etsy shop. The 100 percent silicon dildo is essentially a mockup of what artist and co-owner Ere and her partner Ink believe the big-screen sea creature’s penis — alluded to but not seen in the film — would look like. Naturally, we had to talk to them all about it.

“I’ve been anticipating this movie for a while,” Ere, an assumed name for her unique line of work, told us on Thursday. “The shape, the character design are gorgeous — and I love [Guillermo] del Toro’s work.”

The best part for a small business like theirs? The two-person team already had a mold that would work perfectly. Previously called “The Prince,” (no, not after the late singer, though the “Raspberry Beret” musician certainly inspired some sex toy play himself, may God rest his soul) the model boasts “ruffled, gill-like” ridges and a “wave” shape. Oh, it also has four piercings — a Prince Albert and a Jacob’s Ladder (if you know what those are). You go, Amphibian Man.

To adapt it for fans of the latest del Toro flick, Ere just had to do some color-matching. Remixed in blues and greens and blacks and re-titled “The Jewel of the Amazon,” the Asset toy sold out its original run of 20 in two days, Ere told TheWrap. That netted them about $2,000.

We’ll break those economics down for our readers. A non-custom “Shape of Water”-inspired toy runs $70 for a “medium” and $50 for a “small.” XenoCat customers can tack on $20 more for custom elements — like a different firmness, for example.

And we know you’re wondering, so we asked: The medium dildo is 7 and-a-half inches in length, 7 inches of which are “insertable.” It has a 6-inch circumference around at its widest point. The small is 6 inches long, 5 inches of which are insertable. That one has a 4 and-a-half inch circumference.

Each toy contains body safe pigments and can be boiled to clean. They’re all handmade, and take about two and-a-half hours to create. See the finished product here:

The Jewel of the Amazon

Due to popular demand, Ere and Ink plan to make another limited run of 20 and post them to Etsy in time for next month’s Academy Awards. Yes, this is their full-time job.

While she’s “got plans” for more movie and video game-inspired toys (maybe “Monster Hunter,” definitely not “Jurassic Park”) Ere’s also got her sights set on going Hollywood in another way.

A part-time prop-maker — she made a chest plate for a “Resident Evil” character — Ere would love to create masks and prosthetics on the side for movie sets, or for theater like Cirque de Soleil. But don’t worry, loyal XenoCat customers, her true joy will always lie in giving you pleasure.

“The money keeps bringing me back to the dildos,” Ere said.


Reminder-This Tuesday-Nov 21-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live, Tonight- Diabolique Ball 21: Myths and Mysteries

Tuesday another wonderful Erotic Literary Salon and Adult Sex-Ed, plus December 9, 11am-1pm the Erotic Literary Salon will be presenting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Please read the last blog for details.

TONIGHT: Annual Fundraiser – Tickets – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/diabolique-ball-21-myths-and-mysteries-tickets-38228077208?aff=eac2

Diabolique Ball 21: Myths and Mysteries

Diabolique Ball is legal to drink, we turn 21 this year!

Our event is 21+ with ID for ticket holders that are dress code compliant (see below for rules of conduct and dress code). The dress code is mandatory.

This years Ball is benefitting Women’s Medicial Fund and Witnesses to Hunger. Our playstations and internal chairty fundraisers benefit TransFaith.

The event runs from 8pm to 1am with dungeon play ending at Midnight. Guests are welcome to remain after our event since Voyuer is open until 3am and you can continue to dance and show off your outfits with the general public.


Diabolique Ball Dress Code

Diabolique Ball is famous for its strict dress code of Fetish, Fantasy, and Formal. If you don’t arrive wearing the appropriate attire, our fabulous and fierce Fashion Police will require that you strip down to your intimates or you will be turned away at the door. The Fashion Police are the final authority on what is permitted in the event, so who you know will not get you in if you do not comply with the mandatory dress code.

There are three tiers to the Dress Code: Theme Specific (which changes yearly), Tried and True, and Never Permitted. A copy of the Dress Code can be found on the Diabolique website, posted at the event, or with Fashion Police volunteers. The Diabolique Foundation kindly asks all patrons to please consider matters of good taste when choosing your outfit so that all our guests can feel comfortable and have fun!

Not sure what to wear or want an official ruling before the event? Feel free to contact us at fashionpolice@diaboliquephilly.comfor suggestions and advice prior to show time!

Each year’s theme always lends itself to lots of costuming ideas, from the simple to the extravagant. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find clothing that meets our standards, especially if you shop at our sponsor stores PASSIONAL Boutique, Delicious Boutique, and/or Philadelphia AIDS Thrift.

Changing area and clothing check are available at the entrance to the Ball.

Tried & True

-Thongs, g-strings, jockstraps, loincloths, etc. but genitals must be covered at all times

-Pasties or electrical tape over nipples

-Formalwear including: tuxedos, gowns, Historical military dress uniforms— this is a “black tie” event. Suits are only permitted if for drag (Dress it up, or we dress you down. Consider yourselves warned!)

-Fetish wear including: latex, vinyl, leather, pleather, etc.

-Scene and club wear including: Goth, Cyber, Industrial, Vampire, Neo-Victorian, etc.

-Drag and other cross-dressing (Ladies wearing your mans suit does not count. Add a beard and balls and now we are talking! Gents we want RuPaul not Flip Wilson. Step it up for charity)

-Lingerie, corsets, fishnet, body stockings

-Saran wrap, fashion tape, bondage tape

-Adult Baby and other ageplay attire

-Full-body paint or makeup

-Bondage gear, straitjackets, etc.

-Human Pony tack, puppy accessories, fursuits, etc.

Never Permitted

-Exposed “female” nipples (PA Liquor Law regulations)

-Exposed genitals or anus

-Sneakers of any brand or color (black sneakers are not allowed!)

-Cotton tee shirts

-Athletic shorts or jerseys

-Baseball hats or caps


-Offensive And racist symbols (KKK, swastikas, etc.)

-Weapons of any kind, whether fake or real

-Jeans are NEVER permitted unless worn under chaps. (Do not try and argue about them being black, denim is denim!)

Questions? Please e-mail our Fashion Police Coordinator at fashionpolice@diaboliquephilly.com

Diabolique Ball Rules and Etiquette


-No PHOTOS allowed, this includes SELFIES, too. Refusal to follow this rule will result in being removed from the Ball and all images must be deleted. Our Ball is a safe environment for everyone’s privacy. Taking a photo at the Ball is considered to be a violation of CONSENT and an ASSAULT of ones privacy. (Staff have the right to inspect photographic devices if you take pictures. Staff will supervise picture deletion.)

-If you want a photo to remember the Ball, there are EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS. They are the only ones permitted to take photos. If you want a selfie, take it at home.

-If you do not want your photo taken by anyone, including EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS, we have special wrist bands for you to wear. Just ask at the entrance for one.


-Nipples and Genitals must be covered at ALL TIMES, this is a STATE LAW. Failure to comply will be governed at the discretion of the event staff and venue staff. Continued non-compliance will result in removal from the Ball.

-FOOTWEAR must be worn at all times on the the dance floor and in other common areas.

-All Firearms, Firearm Replicas, Sharp Weapons or Replica Weapons are BANNED from the Ball.

-Any object, substance, gas, or liquid illegal in the United States, the state of Pennsylvania, or the city of Philadelphia is ILLEGAL at this event, too.

-The Organizers and the Venue take no responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss sustained during the Ball

-All racist, homophobic, culturally insensitive images, signs, and/or clothing are BANNED from the Ball. The venue and event organizers reserve the right to determine if in violation.

-The Diabolique Ball and Venue expect all guests to behave in a reasonable and courteous manner. Frequent refusal to do so will result in removal from the Ball. The Ball Organizers and Venue reserve the right to determine if behavior is negatively impacting the event and event guests.


-We reserve the right to declare any toy, implement, object, or practice as unwise or prohibited at the event.

-All play MUST be consensual.

-All Fire Play is prohibited due to fire codes of the venue.

-The Dungeon Monitors’ (DM) word is LAW and FINAL.

-Sex, oral sex, intercourse, and/or penetration is PROHIBITED, this is the law.

-Bodily fluids (blood, saliva, etc.) may not leave the body.

-If you are visibly intoxicated and/or impaired by any substance, you will not be allowed to engage in any play and/or scenes. If behavior is deemed negatively impacting other guests playing you will be asked to leave the space and possibly the Ball.

-Do not move the furniture or set up your own furniture.

-Do not interact with people who are in a scene unless they approach you first.

-Give people time to engage in aftercare after a scene before you interact with them.

-Please clean up after yourselves. Cleaning supplies are available.

-Do not monopolize the equipment.

-Do not walk through ongoing scenes.

Sexual Fantasies-Survey, Reminder Tuesday-July 21-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Olga Pérez, 2010 Grand Slam First Person Arts Slam winner will be the featured presenter. Meet her Carlito’s and you will never stop laughing.


Take part in a survey of sexual fantasies conducted by independent researcher Justin J. Lehmiller, Ph.D.:

Participation Requirement: Please note that you must be age 18 or older in order to participate in this study.

Purpose: To better understand the nature and origin of sexual fantasies today.

What you will do: If you decide to participate, you will complete one survey. You will be asked questions about your sexual fantasies, as well as your personality and your sexual history, attitudes, and functioning.

Time required: For most people, this survey will take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Risks: There are no known risks associated with participating in this study. However, you will be asked questions about potentially sensitive matters, including specific sexual fantasies you may have had before. Some people may find the content of some of these fantasies to be unusual or shocking.

Benefits: There are no personal benefits; however, you will have the opportunity to contribute to what is designed to be the largest survey study every of sexual fantasies, which will greatly enhance our knowledge of this important aspect of human sexuality. You will also have an opportunity to reflect upon your own fantasies.

Compensation: There is no direct compensation for participation; however, participants will have the option of entering a raffle to win an Amazon.com gift card at the end of the survey by supplying their email address. If you choose to provide your email address, it will be stored separately from your responses to the survey questions in order to ensure anonymity. Upon completion of data collection, a drawing will take place for one $100 gift card, four $50 gift cards, and eight $25 gift cards.

Confidentiality: All data will be collected anonymously. Data will be encrypted and stored in a secure on-line database. When research results are reported (which may be online or in other publications), responses will typically be aggregated (added together) and described in summary; however, individual fantasies will also be reported in conjunction with minimal demographic information (e.g., gender and sexual identity).

Participation and withdrawal: Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may refuse to participate without penalty or loss of benefit to which you may otherwise be entitled. You may quit at any time without penalty or loss of benefit to which you may otherwise be entitled.

To continue:



Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Erotic Literary Salon, tonight in Philadelphia.



AS A KID, Ela Darling fell in love with the idea of virtual reality. This was the late ’90s, early 2000s; Johnny Mnemonic and the Nintendo Virtual Boy had already come and gone, and VR had moved from brain-busting sci-fi concept to schlocky punch line to faded cultural footnote. But still, Darling was an avid reader and D&D player, and the idea of getting lost in an immersive world—“making visual what I was already losing myself in books for,” as she puts it—was something she found not just exciting but romantic.

Not surprisingly for an active reader, Darling went on to get a master’s degree and become a librarian. Perhaps more surprisingly, she then stopped being a librarian and started acting in pornographic movies. (Yes, that means she officially became a sexy librarian. Fun fact: She has the Dewey decimal number for the Harry Potter books tattooed on her back.) And after a few years of bondage scenes, masturbation videos, and girl-on-girl movies, Darling attended the E3 videogame trade show and tried an early version of the Oculus Rift, the headset that jump-started the current VR revolution. “The first thing I think of when I hear of new technology,” she says, “is ‘How can I fuck with it?’ or ‘How can I let people watch me fucking on it?’ Usually there’s one or the other application if you think hard enough.” With Oculus, Darling didn’t have to think too hard at all; now, at 28, she’s busy forging a future as creative director (and star performer) of VRtube, a nascent online studio and distribution center for VR porn.

It’s not just enterprising actresses who think this way. Call it Rule 34a: Whenever a new media technology appears on the horizon, someone pops into a comment thread to say, “I can’t wait to see what the porn industry is gonna do with this.” And indeed, from VCRs to CD-ROMs to streaming video, nearly every home entertainment platform of the past 40 years was either popularized or downright pioneered by companies that could help people watch other people getting freaky. It generally works out well for everyone: If half of all videotapes for sale in the US in the late ’70s hadn’t been X-rated, it might have taken VCRs a lot longer to reach critical mass in the early ’80s.

Yet no visual technology has ever been so perfectly suited to sexual applications as VR. Yes, video brought sexually explicit content from theaters into homes, but virtual reality promises to eclipse even that shift. Historically, we’ve found titillation at a remove. In erotic woodcuts, DVDs, even streaming webcam shows, there’s a frame—whether a book, a Polaroid border, or a screen—through which we experience whatever it is that turns us on. VR is more than just another iteration. It doesn’t just change the frame. VR erases it. It allows us to exist inside the environment. The NSFW possibilities are endless. Yes, we’re at the dawn of this thing, and all the easy points of reference—Star Trek’s holodeck, the Matrix, Community’s Dreamatorium—are years of refinement and R&D away. The real question is what we’ll do in Year One.

Here’s what we’re not going to do: pull a Lawnmower Man. That is, we’re not going to put on full-body haptic suits, climb into gyroscopes, and transform ourselves into shimmering posthuman forms that overcome our bodily shackles and merge with one another in a transcendent liquid singularity. A huge part of the reason VR has finally tipped into mainstream consciousness is that it’s lightweight and low-­footprint: a headset display, some sort of input controller, and sound. Sure, the libidinally aspirational can shell out for omnidirectional treadmills and mo-cap harnesses to facilitate Peak Air-Hump. Japanese sex-toy company Tenga has even helped design a complicated prototype that syncs a virtual sex simulator with … well, you can imagine with what. But for the foreseeable future, VR will be aural and visual only; if localized tactile feedback is what you’re after, you’re gonna need to handle that yourself. (Good riddance, “teledildonics.” You’re the worst word ever, and you’ll be despised long after your passing.)



We’re also not going to lose ourselves in a panoply of CGI flesh calibrated to our every kink and whim. Not that people ­haven’t tried: The past two years of VR game development are littered with the husks of abandoned projects with names like Sinful Robot. The problem is, as their developers learned, creating a fluid 360-degree video­game is already difficult—and making it stereo­scopic and photo-realistic complicates things exponentially. Players can handle the janky facial animations in an action game like Far Cry 4 because they’re secondary to the purpose of the game (i.e., Shoot Everything). Certainly, depictions of sex can be arousing at low fidelity, as erotic comic books and vast swaths of hentai anime suggest. But obliterate the proscenium the way VR does and suddenly those lossy signals lead straight to the uncanny valley, that very unsexy place where things look sorta real but not real at all. The vast majority of VR-­capable “adult games” are Second Life–like knockoffs with graphics that look like waxy (and waxed) blow-up dolls. While a VR version of phone or FaceTime sex isn’t tenable yet—even if you could see each other, you’d have headsets on—the most promising avenue appears to be 360-degree 3-D video, like the kind some people are using to produce VR concert experiences or the projects showcased at Sundance’s New Frontiers program in January.

When Ela Darling and her collaborators filmed some test footage for the Oculus RIft, what they found wasn’t just titillating, but human.
When Ela Darling and her collaborators filmed some test footage for the Oculus Rift, what they found wasn’t just titillating, but human.

Regardless, what we are going to do is find something virtually (sorry) unheard-of in pornography: intimacy. The thing that’s going to take us there is “presence,” that phenomenon that occurs when head-tracking latency, screen quality, and processing wizardry combine to trick your brain into thinking that you’re existing in a virtual space, rather than just watching a screen that extends past the edges of your vision. If your brain believes it, your body reacts in kind—with all the responses that come along with that.

So if you’re standing at the edge of a skyscraper in VR and you lean over the side, you experience vertigo. If you’re in a darkened corridor on an alien spaceship and you hear a rustle behind you, you freak the fuck out—full, heart-pounding fight-or-flight response. If you’re sitting in a musician’s apartment while he noodles on a piano, his dog sleeping behind you on the hardwood floor, you feel serene. (This isn’t speculation; I’ve done all those things in various VR environments—some CG, some video—and I’ve had all those reactions.)

The big question is whether sexual content in VR will induce the same reptile-brain response. Ela Darling would certainly like to know. She found like-minded colleagues last year when they posted on Reddit about wanting to make VR porn. They flew her from California to Maryland last April; in true tech startup fashion, they turned out to be 20-year-old college students. (“It was very Weird Science,” Darling says.) Nonetheless, they shot a test scene in their dorm room. Rather than invest in an array of pricey high-end Red cameras like many other fledgling VR video companies, they went decidedly DIY, taping together two GoPro cameras to create a stereo­scopic 3-D image with a wide field of view on the cheap. (Again in true tech startup fashion, Darling initially wore an R2-D2 swimsuit.) After she flew back to LA, one of the students emailed her; he’d finished processing the test scene and was so blown away by the result that he wanted her to be a partner in the venture. “This is unlike any porn I’ve seen,” he wrote. “It’s like I’m watching an actual person.”

More great articles: http://www.wired.com/2015/02/vr-porn/