EventBrite, July 21 reading:


In order to attend and read at the Erotic Literary Salon on-line, you must purchase a ticket first.


Ticket number must be stated in the email. to sign-up to read, this can only be done in advance of the on-line Salon.


Important – There is a 5 minute time limit, which is enforced.

2 1/2 pages typed double spaces, 1 1/4 pages typed single space, or approximately 500-600 word count (Depends on  how fast you read and how often you pause.).

All readers must offer a backstory, the story behind your piece, either to be given before or after the reading. The backstory is what makes the Salon readings most unique. (One minute or less, not included in the 5 minute reading.)

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to read.


Hope to see you at the On-Line Salon,

Susana Mayer, Ph.D.
Founder & Host

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