Tonight-FREE – The Virgin Erotic Literary Salon On-Line – This Tuesday-April 21-6:45

CLICK on blog title to open site for Zoom meeting link. Once opened you will find the link under the invitation. I hope to see you at this first ever on-line Salon. Remember next month, May 19, the Salon celebrates 12 years strong.

You are invited to attend the virgin Erotic Literary Salon On-line. To be held this Tuesday, April 21st, 6:45 (not 6:30, explanation below.)
Invitation to the Erotic Literary Salon On-line


IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT share this link and password on social media. You can invite people you know, but please make it clear they are also not to share on social media.  


Zoom meeting over


A guide to participating in the Erotic Literary Salon on-line


You do not have to do anything but show up, however, the Salon is at its best when people become involved. I encourage you to follow all or a few of these directives, and become part of the first ever Erotic Literary Salon on-line.


Important: You must email your answers and sign-up to read prior to the event.


  • Answer one or both of the following questions. (Your answers can be extremely brief or lengthier, but not more than 1 ½ pages, single spaced. Your name will not be attached, and someone else will be reading it. Unless you would like to use these as a prompt and read your piece at the Salon, in which case, follow the guidelines below to sign-up to read.)


  • Describe the best s+x you had or wish you had had during this time of sheltering in place (solo or with partner/s.)


  • Fantasy – Describe in graphic detail a s+xual scene using robots, vampires or other extreme characters.


  • Send an email to to sign-up to read during this Zoom event. You can read an original work (fiction or non-fiction, any style – spoken word, poetry, short story, excerpt from larger work, journal, rant, etc., or a piece by someone else. You can also present articles about interesting topics pertaining to s+xuality. Important: If you are a new presenter, please follow the guidelines to read.


  • Adult S+x-Ed Question: Send an email to with any questions about s+xuality (you can ask more than one question.) Your name will not be read at the Salon. It might be helpful when the audience answers your question, to know your approximate age and gender.


The following are examples of past questions asked at the Salon: My husband doesn’t get hard, how can I please him?, My wife says she hurts when we have s+x (intercourse), I don’t want to hurt her. What can I do to please her?, I want to open up our relationship, how do I ask my partner?. Nothing is off limits. The audience answers the questions and so do I, your host Susana Mayer.


  • Send an email to with a caption for this cartoon. You can offer more than one caption.





  • I encourage you to take part in the lively Adult S+x-Ed session. The attendees have the opportunity to answer the anonymous s+xuality questions.



Instructions for the Erotic Literary Salon on-line


I know it says 6:30 on the invitation, however, Jon (my cohost for the event) and I need to take a few minutes to settle in. Please sign in after 6:45 so we can work out the kinks (an intentional reference.)  We will officially start at 7, which gives you 15-minutes to meet and greet others in the Zoom chat room.


We ask that you be patient with us, since it is our first time offering a Zoom Salon.  If there are any problems on your end, please mention it in the chat room. You can private message or ask everyone for help.



  • You do not have to have a Zoom account to join this event, but you will be prompted to download the software.


  • Laptops and mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads have webcams and speakers built into them. Try to log in via computer rather than a mobile device for greater functionality and visibility.


  • You can attend the Salon incognito. After entering the event turn off the video icon at the bottom left. You can also change your name by clicking on the Participants icon at the bottom of the Zoom window. Next, hover your mouse over your name in the Participants list on the right side of the Zoom window. Click on “rename.” Enter the name you would like to appear in the Zoom meeting and click on “OK.”


  • You will not be able to unmute yourselves, only Jon and I will have that ability. The only time attendees will be able to speak, is when they are answering a question during the Adult S+x-Ed session or when presenting their readings.


  • Use the simulated hand raise, when participating during the Adult S+x-Ed session of the Salon. After you have been temporarily unmuted please lower simulated hand.



If you are entering after 7pm and attending a Zoom event for the first time:


  • You know you have entered the event when you see this toolbar at the bottom of the window. (It may look slightly different, depending on the device you are using.)


  • There will be a red slash mark through the microphone icon, it will be turned off. You will not be able to unmute yourself. Either Jon or I will unmute you if you have signed up to read or wish to answer a question in the Adult Sex-Ed session.


  • If the video has a slash mark, press on it to start. Click on the arrow to the right of the video icon to change your video settings and background. You can also leave the slash mark and keep your video turned off.


  • When you click on the Participants icon, you can see who is currently in the meeting. You can also hover over your name to change it as it is seen in the participants list and on the video window.


  • The Chat icon will allow you to chat with everyone. You are encouraged not to use it while others are speaking except if there is an emergency. Until the Salon officially starts at 7 and during a brief 10 minute intermission you will be able to chat with specific individuals. The chat room is not audible, it is a white space to the right of the video where you can type your remarks.
  • Similar to the Salon, there will be no recording.


  • Video layout is in the upper right of the Zoom window. You can switch between active speaker view and gallery view.


  • The enter or exit full screen mode is on the top right of the Zoom window. You can also exit the full screen by clicking on Esc.


  • You can leave the meeting at any time by clicking on the “Leave Meeting” option at the lower right corner of the Zoom window.

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