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December 13, 2013 – Continuation of Dec 28th interview:

Was SLIXA involved in the case?


SLIXA currently has a small presence in the Canadian Market. We have no role in the current changes there. Organization such as Maggies in Toronto and the amazing activists and women who saw this case through are the champions.


Its phenomenal and my hope is that America will take a cue from our neighbors to the north. I think/I hope that SLIXA can be a part of us moving in this direction. I think when you normalize/humanize the experience and give agency to the people in the industry it makes it harder to create an us vs them conversation.


You don’t have to agree with someone’s choice of occupation, yet at the same time you can agree that its a profession, and that people in this industry deserve the same rights and protections in their work that anyone else does.


There are so many amazing organizations working hard in the US to move this agenda forward.. SWOP, DESIREE, Coyote, Esplerp…  Just to name a few!


We are young and can hardly say that we have come close to doing the work these organizations have done however, SLIXA is in a unique position to lend our space and through our blogs and or social networking presence, network to tell our audience  about these organization and to tell the world about the important work they have been doing for many years.


It shows that you genuinely care, and want to offer something smart and polished.


Well, the people who advertise with us are professionals in their fields and deserve to be treated that way as well as presented that way. I also think our overall site design and functionality re-enforces this idea. The environment is light, modern, sophisticated, easy and effortless to navigate. It is absolutely a professional experience just like the people who advertise with us.


People in Philadelphia are greatly enjoying the blog.  Can you tell us more about the overall site? What exactly is SLIXA?


SLIXA is an online adult advertising platform for entertainers offering private adult services.

We are a primarily female owned and operated company with principals and staff, including writers that have a history in the adult industry.  Our corporate offices are in Canada, however we have additional staff all over the United States.


The cyber sex ad market seems oversaturated in many ways.  Why did SLIXA decide to start up in such a competitive environment?


When looking at the current private entertainment adult advertising landscape we saw an opportunity to do it differently and frankly, to do it better. We wanted to create a platform that felt sophisticated, modern and that drew the focus exclusively to our advertisers.  Our ad environments are light, clean and easy to navigate, our profiles are bold and beautiful. Our blogs reinforce the idea that we are here to highlight voices of our advertisers and to give our viewers a better understanding of the people in the industry.



An awkward feminist conundrum seems to be whether or not it is okay to consensually “sell” or “rent” yourself.  Does SLIXA really benefit the women advertising?


We have created an environment that normalizes and humanizes the experience. I have mentioned in other articles that we have created a platform that looks more like Park Avenue and nothing at all like the red light district. We think this is very important. We feel that this can be a part of what changes the face of treatment and conditions for our advertisers. They deal regularly with huge social stigma for the work they choose to do and we want to be a part of changing the conversation. These are normal people with regular lives who happen to work in this industry and by giving them space to tell their stories its gives them a voice. In the end, we strongly feel that what we can do to benefit them benefits us as well.


When people think of the sex industry, instantly there is the assumption that it is all easy money.  If it is not impolite to ask, is this a profitable venue?


We have set the bar ( and continue to raise it.


The ongoing question to ourselves is not just are we profitable, but are we successful? We have succeeded in creating a new evolution in online adult advertising and we continue to succeed in being a game changer. In less then a year we have over 3000 advertisers and have been recognized by mainstream media and now by Xbiz for having accomplished something truly unique within this industry. We have set the bar and continue to raise it. In our eyes, we’re successful when our advertising entertainers profit most by our success.



I think it is exemplary that SLIXA success is not entirely defined in profit, but also in the essence of it’s presentation, and seemingly a desire to offer a safer, better platform for the entertainers.  Does SLIXA have an actual “mission” statement?


Our Mission? To innovate new and amazing ways to connect our viewers with our advertisers. To listen and immediately act on feedback. To pay attention to and anticipate the trends affecting the industry and to continually create a platform that meets an ever expanding and changing environment. Ultimately to be the best at cultivating an effortless and meaningful exchange between the amazing people who choose to advertise with us and the vast and varied  market seeking their services.


Settling into year two, where  do you see the site headed in 2014?


We will continue to add features that offer more opportunities for our advertisers to clearly express their message and to find new and exciting ways to reach a larger audience. We will continue to support the community through sponsorship of meaningful and relevant industry events and direct charitable funding of organizations that also support the endeavors of the community we serve. We will write about the things that matter the most in regards to this industry as well as informational articles that seek to educate our audience.


Glad to hear about the platform for informational and entertaining articles! Good sources for industry updates, along with health and legal trends are vital;  for entertainers, along with the audiences and connoisseurs who appreciate them!



Do you think SLIXA will be evolve into a broader market? Is there a  five year goal?


In  five years? Right now we are have been focused primarily on the US Market with some locations in Canada and Australia. In 5 years you can bet we will be global. Our plans include finding ways to connect our advertisers across those borders creating a strong network of support that transcends more than just a space to advertise.


Without giving away any trade secrets, are there any new features or special promotions in the mix?


Yes! We have many exciting plans including the implementation of brand new features not seen in the industry and improving on existing industry standard features. We keep details close to the vest, but suffice it to say that we’re certain our advertisers and users will find these roll-outs to be very innovative and useful.


Gotcha – Sweet! I’m excited to see how this all evolves.


As we grow so does our ability to give back to the community. From the beginning we have been emphatic about supporting events that facilitate stronger foundations within the industry. Event and organizations like the Desiree Alliance, SWOP and Catalyst con. We’ll continue to pinpoint those events and groups that are doing remarkable things and that share the same values by lending them our network to get their messages out. Whether that be through sponsorship of their events or exclusive space on our blogs.


So SLIXA will be traveling city to city for VIP events?


Absolutely! For the first time ever an online adult advertising platform has been ( for an Xbiz award.  Specifically, “Progressive Company of the Year.”


Industry trade shows?


There are very few private adult entertainment trade shows but you can bet any event that focuses primarily on our community, SLIXA will be there.  in the past we have sponsored events such as Catalyst Con and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and we want to continue to support events like these as well as events that are there exclusively for our advertisers.


Great – Hey – If any SLIXA folk find themselves in Philadelphia, please let Salon know, we would love to put SLIXA on “The List” or have affiliates share their stories on the open mic.


Absolutely. Thanks!


So – With all that in the happening, what is on the horizon?


Total world domination? Dylan love of Business insider coined us as“ a Facebook for escorts”  – ( Not too shabby – not too shabby at all. Facebook has a presence in the daily lives of people all over the world. That is what our horizon looks like – We like to think BIG!



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