Fine Art Sex David Steinberg / Poet Lenore Kandel

Several years ago I heard David Steinberg give a lecture on his unusual photos. I purchased several of his books, they are intriguing in terms of subject matter, plus he is a fine photographer. He makes no claims concerning erotica or pornography, they are labeled fine art sex. He’s also a journalist and writes an interesting blog.

In today’s blog he offers a sacred sex poem from an poetess who recently died.

San Francisco poet Lenore Kandel, perhaps the most lucid voice ever when it comes to sacred sexuality, puts it like this:

“I am naked against you and I put my mouth on you slowly… I have longing to kiss you and my tongue makes worship on you you are beautiful… your face above me is the face of all the gods and beautiful demons your eyes… love touches love the temple and the god are one”

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about my photos and my blog. I didn’t know that Lenore Kandel had died. A great loss indeed.

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