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Reminder-Tuesday, June 19th-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live, “Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes” – webinar with Reverend Dr. Bev Dale

Lola LePaon will be the featured reader this Tuesday, not to be missed. A choose your own adventure style erotic book reading.

Press Release for –

Pastor Challenges 2000 Years of Christian Anxiety about Sex

Christians Can Be Both Faithful and Sexual


Philadelphia, PA, June 5, 2018 – The Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith (IISF) announces the release of a webinar series that will teach people how to live a sex-positive Christianity. Entitled “Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes,” this webinar series is the work of Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale, a Disciples of Christ pastor.


“The Christian church’s teachings that have fueled the purity culture, which prizes virginity before marriage, have been destructive for women and sexual minorities who have been captured in its guilt, fear and shame.” said Rev. Dr. Dale, a professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary. “This has got to change.”


The four-part webinar series includes the topics: “Introduction to Christian Sex Negativity: The Beginnings,” “Discerning Truth, Discerning Culture,” “Sex in the Bible: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly,” and “Sex: Whether, When, and How.” The webinars can be accessed through the websitehttp://www.incarnationinstitute.org.

Dale’s work is science-based and theologically grounded in scripture. Dr. Beverly Whipple, a researcher who helped to identify the G-spot and female ejaculation, is on Dale’s Advisory Team. Whipple said of her work on its behalf: “I am honored to be an advisor for this organization as a way to encourage the faith community to be involved in positive sexual health.” Another Advisor is Dr. Virginia Mollenkott, a Christian theologian whose focus corrects the trans and homophobia within Christendom has sought to empower the sexual minority communities. She calls the work of the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith an “imaginative and gifted ministry”!

About the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith (IISF)


The IISF provides training for professionals in the fields of theology and sexuality and offers resources and presentations for the general public that focus on inclusivity and science while also being grounded in traditional Christianity and biblical scholarship.


About Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale


The Founder and Chair of the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith (IISF), Dr. Dale served as a campus minister for over two decades at an Ivy League university, where she saw firsthand the damage of the hook-up and sexual ignorance and the impact of the purity culture. Her book “Advancing the Sexual Health of the Christian Client” co-authored with sex therapist Rachel Keller, will be published by Routledge Publishing in 2019.




Beverly Dale

Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith




Sex-Positive Christianity – Webinar

Rev Bev Dale founder of the Incarnation Institute for Sex and Faith and frequent attendee and past featured reader at the Salon, will be offering her first webinar series. Enroll in only 1 class or all 4. Listen in person and ask questions or order the tapes and listen at one’s leisure.

The dates and topics:

Oct 4:Introduction to the Bible and Sex-Negativity

Oct 18: Discerning Truth, Discerning Culture

Nov 1: Sex in the Bible: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Nov 15: Sex: How? When? Under What Circumstances?


Now you don’t have to go to a conference to learn from Rev Bev about a sex-positive Christianity. You can now learn from her online!

Four webinars this fall will help you connect  your sexual life to your faith and learn about incarnation in new ways that will have an immediate, meaningful impact on your intimate life.

The first session explains why Christianity became so sex-negative (and why it doesn’t have to be that way!) on Sunday, October 4 followed by session two on October 18, when you will learn a time-honored discernment tool tor determining your own spiritual and sexual truth. Then, in the third session on November 1st she will explain the ways sex is viewed in the bible – positively and negatively and will conclude on November 15th with instruction on moral and ethical sexual-decision-making.

No judgment. No guilt. No shame. We promise.

Each webinar is on a Sunday from 5-6:30 p.m. (EST) A package of all four webinars is offered for $60, or classes can be purchased a la carte for $20 each. Students get 25%off!
To learn more or to register go to  incarnationinstitute.org.

Polyamory Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Polyamory Dating and Relating

Part of the Polyamory Educational Webinar Series:

“In polyamorous relationships we are often breaking new ground. Etiquette is not about having good table manners but about treating our partners, loves and metamors with respect and consideration. How do we bring in a new partner? How do help a new love know they are important and matter? How can we be respectful of our partners when we are enthralled in the euphoria of NRE. This webinar will ideas and potential solutions for real life situations many of us face in our everyday polyamorous relationships.”

Polyamory Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Polyamory Dating and Relating

Tomorrow: July 15 – 7PM Mountain Time

Presented by Robyn Trask and assisted by Jesus Garcia, Loving More Nonprofit

Robyn Trask

Robyn is the Executive Director of Loving More Non-Profit, a national leader for polyamory awareness, polyamory counselor, workshop facilitator and writer. Since 2004 Robyn has worked to expand media awareness of polyamory appearing in numerous articles, radio shows and TV. Robyn and Loving More were instrumental in the formation of Polyamory Leadership Network. A national speaker and advocate for polyamory she has been a speaker at conferences, taught at universities and been a featured keynote speaker. Robyn has been openly polyamorous for 23 years, raising three children in a polyamorous family. Robyn has been running polyamory support groups, teaching and facilitating relationship and sexuality workshop since 1999. In addition she counsels polyamorous individuals and families. Currently Robyn is working on two polyamory related books. Robyn’s Website

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia

Jesus Garcia is the Board President of Loving More Nonprofit, polyamory activist and leader in the community. He is a native of the San Francisco Bay area who began exploring alternatives to monogamy in 2004. In 2005 he attended his first Loving More Retreat. In September 2006 he was invited to join Loving More’s Board of Directors. He has worked at raising money for many worthy causes and continues to work tirelessly as Loving More Nonprofit’s volunteer Director of IT. Jesus has been presenting on polyamory at conferences, Universities and special events. He is a key coordinator for Loving More conferences and volunteers. In addition Jesus has worked in the computer information technology field since
1995 and is currently a senior systems administrator living in Colorado.



FREE Erotica Author’s Webinar – Sizzler Editions

This is a must webinar, offered by well respected successful erotica authors/editors. “Meet The Editors,” M. Christian, Sascha Illyvich and Jean Marie Stine. Free Live Interactive Webinar, Sat. June 29th, 5-6:30pm EST.

Get expert guidance from writing professionals – without having to drive to and from a crowded, noisy event facility and with no costly fees.

Participate from anywhere in the world through your computer’s microphone, webcam, or text

Current and aspiring writers of erotica, erotic romance, and sexuality-themed nonfiction won’t want to miss this live, interactive, online discussion and Q&A with three highly successful editors/authors, hosted by Sizzler Editions and Creative Sexuality.

• Hear expert advice on formatting, submitting, and publishing your book; Develop and strengthen your writing, plot development, and characterization;

• Learn the most effective ways to market and publicize your book;

• Have the opportunity to ask questions about the writing and publishing process;

• Be able to pitch your own erotic story, novel or nonfiction.

Editors M. Christian, Sascha Illyvich, and publisher Jean Marie Stine will provide insight into trends and taboos in the field, writing tips and tricks, and advice on marketing and promotion of your books.

All three panelists are writers as well as editors/publishers, with several decades of experience to their credit, and are well-versed in the craft and business of writing. They will address topics and questions such as:

• Trends in Erotic Romance and Erotica

o What are editors looking for?

o What do readers want right now?

o Who is the best audience for your book and why?

o Is your book idea a good one?

o How do you create compelling characters?

o …and vivid scene description?

o …and believable, attention-grabbing dialogue?

o How do you make it sexy?

o What’s the secret to choosing the best title?

o Who designs, assigns and pays for them?

o How do you know if a cover is really good?

• Promoting and Publicizing

o What if you want to design your own?

o OK, so you love this cover – but will it sell your book?

o What are the best ways (and the worst) to build readership with social media?

o What are virtual tours, and how can they help?

o How do you get your book on review sites – or get reviews otherwise?

o Should you pay for advertising? If so, what kind?

o What about contests, giveaways and other promotional events?

o Should you sell your books at romance, fantasy or science fiction conventions?

o How do you submit your book to publishers?

o How do you find publishers in the first place?

o Should you self-publish instead?

o What kind of contract – and royalties! – should I expect?

…and if you don’t see your burning questions here, don’t worry! These are only some of the issues to be covered in this multifaceted opportunity to interact directly with experienced editors.

More information: http://sexedforadults.org/categories/erotic-humanities/product/60-meet-the-editors