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Release! A Voyeuristic Celebration of the Id – Rachel Fogletto

Rachel reminded me of her new event, to be held August 16th. Sorry to be missing this, still out of town on my road trip. Please attend and tell me all about it.

Price $10

Bar – Cash Only

Smoking allowed

We’re all in need of release.

The pleasure we crave, the stress we feel, the tension we carry… it has to go somewhere.

Come…enjoy the things that make you tick. Confront excitement for what it is, in a society that makes it more and more difficult to be impressed by the vulnerability of others.

Let it all out Friday, August 16th at the Republican Club on Snyder Avenue. Relax, and let your hosts, Rachel Fogletto and Steve Slaughter, take you through a personally-guided tour of your own id.

The anticipation of seeing bare flesh, tied tight. The adrenaline released in the heat of physical confrontation. Those unexpected feelings of arousal once the pheromones start to flow. And the fear and excitement when a master performer has you in the palm of their hand.

But seriously, it’s a celebration…so have fun, enjoy the ride…and maybe we’ll cuddle with you afterward.


Performances by:

Rachel Fogletto and Steve Slaughter (your wicked hosts)

Plum Dragoness (smooth and sexy songstress)

Seraphina and friends (first-person bondage expression)

Ryan Shaner (standup comedy with a side of rage)

Slave Wendeena (paddled LIVE for your pleasure, with a foreword by Vanessa from Passional)

Provocative and Exotic Dance Grand Finale by the lovely ladies of the Burlesque persuasion, Jess Dragoness, Sweet Ki, Elysium, and more!

Plus fantastic giveaways all night long courtesy of Passional (now at their new location at 317 South St)!