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Murmuration Classical Improv

Another fabulous steamy night at the Salon. Standing room only, great readings and much applause. Thank you all who attended, read, and applauded. Your support makes this event happen every month. Save the date, August 20th. The reading list is almost filled, yikes!  This has become a most popular event.

Murmuration Classical Improv

“Hallmark Holiday” Sounds from last Valentine’s Day.




FREE Directed Erotic Visualizations – Tomorrow-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Well-known erotica author Emerald and bawdy musician & singer Jonathan Pfeffer will be featured presenters at the Erotic Literary Salon-Live in Philadelphia tomorrow. Details at the top bar menu.

Essemoh Teepee’s DEVs – Directed Erotic Visualizations are like no other books you have ever read. You are not only creating images in your mind while reading, you are experiencing them physically. Several FREE samples can be found here. http://www.smotp.xxx/Downloads/downloads.html