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‘Fear of Flying’ Erica Jong – 40 Year Anniversary

I came across my rather musky copy of “Fear of Flying” recently and memories of the read came flooding back to me. It was a permission giver for many women and reinforced my notion that women were as sexual as men, at least I was. Think I’ll read it again, and see how much my response to her words has changed.

Article in The Washington Post ‘Style’ section.

‘Fear of Flying’ author Erica Jong zips along 40 years after dropping her literary bombshell

By , Published: October 7
Sure, you got your stories that deliver your pop-culture one-liners. You got your “Make my day,” or “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” or your ironic “Vote for Pedro.”

Rarer is the phrase that catches some of the zeitgeist and holds it there, beating and alive, in its tiny little word count. Here resides “Greed is good” from the cash-obsessed late 1980s; “Big Brother,” from the late 1940s fear of totalitarian regimes; and “Catch-22,” from the authorities-are-idiots 1960s. (Note irony to today’s headlines!)

 Add to these Erica Jong’s 1973 two-word manifesto from “Fear of Flying,” which we can only print as “Zipless F—.”
The ZF — that ’70s icon. The guilt-free, pulse-pounding sexual escapade. Man and woman meet, go at it with glee and gusto, then trot back to their careers, marriages, kids, whatever. And the woman — free, liberated, maybe a little sweaty — owes nobody anything, least of all an explanation.

“The [ZF] is absolutely pure,” exults Isadora Wing, the 29-year-old heroine, in one memorable passage. “It is free of ulterior motives. There is no power game. The man is not ‘taking’ and the woman is not ‘giving’ . . . The [ZF] is the purest thing there is.”

It has been 40 years since “Fear” and its glamorous author landed like feminist blonde bombshells on American culture, selling 20 million copies here and abroad. The book mocked the idea that chaste was something smart women had to be, ridiculed the notion that children were the meaning of a woman’s life, and showed, both by narrative and by example, that the turbulent life of the artist was not only for men.

“I was aware I was committing a rebellious act,” Jong says down the line from her New York office, now 72 and still writing up a storm — essays, memoirs, poetry, fiction. “And I was sure no one would ever read it, no one would publish it.”

Is she kidding? Everybody read this. Women. Men. Teenagers, flipping through their mom’s paperback, looking for the dirty parts. John Updike famously reviewed it, comparing it to “Catcher in the Rye”; Henry Miller, who knew about sex in print, said it would make “literary history.”

It did, for there are two commemorative editions out to mark the anniversary, in both hardcover and paperback. The book continues to serve as a 1970s time capsule and, in its satire of the constraints still felt by professional and artistic women, still inspires.

“It was a cultural touchstone in the way that few books ever were, or can be now,” saysJennifer Weiner, whose own “Good in Bed” caused a sexual stir in 2001, and who wrote the introduction for one of the new editions of “Fear.” “If you asked women [of a certain age] about that book, most of them will have a very clear memory of it.”

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, an English professor and director of the American studies program at Stanford University, rates it as a direct descendant of Walt Whitman, in celebrating the body — but, in this telling, a woman’s body.

“It wasn’t unusual to have sex talk in a book,” Fishkin says. “It was unusual to have it in a woman’s head, in a woman’s point of view.”


Free. Think. Love. Frankenstein. – Burlesque Ballet

I just purchased tickets for this new production directed by Anna Frangiosa – you know it will be spectacular. Performances 3 nights, Nov 15-17, I shall be attending Nov 16 – join me!

“Percy and Mary Shelley’s literary works and lives inspire this all new burlesque ballet.
You will see visions of anarchy, monsters, love and death. Directed by Anna Frangiosa and Choreographed by Christine Fisler.
Featuring Lelu Lenore, Louise LaTease, Rene Rebel, Jerry Rudasill, Kelly McCaughan,  and Lady Katie Kay. Costume design Anna Frangiosa, Lighting design Andrew Cowles, Sound design Row Walters.

This is the premiere show of the brand new company, The Cabaret Administration.
The Cabaret Administration is a brand new a Philadelphia theater company founded by genre veteran Annie A-Bomb in 2013. This collective strives to develop new entertainment which is engaging, satirical, sensual, and visually stunning.”

Purchase here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/456697

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SlutWalk Philly: A March to End Rape Culture – TODAY – Philadelphia

Today, September 28 at 11AM, at LOVE Park, 1599 John F. Kennedy Blvd. March to end rape culture.

1) How should I dress?
However you are comfortable! The route is two miles, so keep in mind that if you are planning to walk with us you should wear shoes that you are willing to travel that distance in. At past SlutWalks folks have chosen to attend wearing very little, in order to make the statement that rape is never the fault of the victim, regardless of what they are wearing. You are welcome to come scantily clad the march if you like, but you are under no obligation to do so.

2) Does it cost any money to participate?
Nope! There will be t-shirts, buttons and other items available in exchange for donations to cover the cost of the walk, so you are welcome to bring a few dollars to spend, but you are under no obligation to spend any money.

3) Who is invited to participate?
EVERYONE! Regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, nationality, political affiliation, etc. Come and bring your friends!

4) Should I bring anything with me?
The current forecast for Saturday is high of 75 and low of 60, with plenty of sun! So consider bringing a bottle of water and maybe some sunglasses or other sun protection if you are sensitive. You are also welcome to bring a sign to carry with you! If you need ideas just google “slutwalk signs” and a ton of images and ideas will come up! Here’s one of the better links:http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-30-best-signs-at-slutwalk-toronto. We’ll also put up a separate list with sign ideas, so check that out too!

5) What time will the march start and end?
The march will start shortly after 11 AM at Love Park. Arriving early will allow you the chance to write something on a speak out sheet, talk to other attendees, and check out some of the things we’ll have available in exchange for donations! The route should take 40 or so minutes to travel and will end in Thomas Paine Plaza (where all the board game pieces are). There we will have a few speakers from local like minded organizations. Their remarks will probably last around half an hour. There will also be tables there from a few organizations, where you can pick up information and ask questions. You should feel free to hang out and socialize!

6) How will I know where to go?
There will be a crew at Love Park, on the side where the stage is, near the suburban station building, waiting for everyone to gather! When the march starts there will be banner at the front and folks with megaphones leading chants and kicking things off! There will be marshals at most, if not all of the turns on the route, pointing the march in the right direction.

7) Will there be interpreters present?
Yes! There will be American Sign Language and Spanish interpreters!

 Is the route wheelchair accessible?
Yes! The entire route and both parks are wheelchair accessible.

9) Will there be photographers and people filming? What do I do if I don’t want to be photographed or filmed? Can I take pictures and/or film?
Simply inform the person who is attempting to film you or take your picture that you do not wish to have your presence at the march documented and they will respect your space. If they do not oblige your request, please speak immediately to an organizer or a marshal. A general announcement will be made at the start and finish of the march that this is our policy. Do keep in mind, however, that we are moving through a public space, so there will likely be plenty of bystanders around that we will not have control over. If you have a camera, you are welcome to record or photograph the event, as long as you have consent (c;

10) Do I have to do the whole route? Do I need to stay the whole time?
Absolutely not! You are welcome to attend the march or the gatherings before or after, or any segment of the event overall that you are willing and able to take part in.

If you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed in this list, please feel free to contact us via facebook, twitter (slutwalkphilly) or email (slutwalkphiladelphia@gmail.com