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Free Sample-Orgasm Command-Erotica Audiobook, Next Tues-Jan 19-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Irene Reinke will dance while balancing this scimitar on her head.


Remote control vibrator in sync with erotica books. My friend Essemoh Teepee narrates his ebooks, free sample of Orgasm Command (He has an unbelievably sexy, British accent.)


Recommended For Women

Narrated by Essemoh

Come hard for me now! Let ‘The Master’ guide you on a journey of pure pleasure. You can try to resist your lover’s command if you want, but it is futile. Besides, why would you want to? Writhe, beg, plead but you will give in and be very glad that you did. Part of the Original DEV series, this early audio helped shape DEV© into the pleasure powerhouse it is today.


Reminder – Next Tuesday, January 19 – The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Featuring Fusion Tribal Belly Dancing and Flamenco – Sword Dance by Irene Reinke.

2 FREE Videos-Sex Inside The Vagina & New York Public Library’s Erotica Collection

NSFW Video – “There are lots of ways to watch sex in this world, but here’s a unique and illuminating perspective: sex from inside a vagina. Highly informative, yet in no way safe for an open-office floor plan, this clip — narrated by scientists who explain the body’s various contractions, secretions, and reactions…. The final result is a video that was made purely for scientific study, showing every moment of their encounter.

More at:


Lifting the Veil on the New York Public Library’s Erotica Collection

***, the symbol was called.

When *** was handwritten on books and periodicals in the New York Public Library’s permanent collection, it meant one thing: supervision required.

The triple-star code, created some time in the first part of the 20th century, identified the printed works that were considered too hot for the general reader to handle.

Playboy was once classified with a triple star. So were raunchy pulp novels, fliers for Times Square massage parlors, business cards offering phone sex for $2 a minute, even playing cards with illustrations of naked women.

For decades, they were kept in locked cages, accessible only with special permission and viewed in a small, secured area in the main research library.

More recently, hundreds of works that make up the triple-star collection have been liberated from the restricted controls. An adult with a library card can simply fill out a request and peruse the material on the premises. (The library maintains a filter system to restrict access to erotic materials on the Internet.)

“Erotica was not something we were particularly going after, but we needed to collect life as it was lived,” said Jason Baumann, a collections curator. “We needed to understand and document for history what the city of New York was like. That meant collecting the good and the bad. It was always part of our mandate.”

The triple-star collection is a miniature version of the vast archive of erotica at France’s National Library. That collection, called “L’Enfer” (“Hell”), dates from the 19th century, when the library, in Paris, isolated any work considered “contrary to good morals.” In 2008, the National Library mounted its first major exhibition of highlights from the collection. It drew record crowds; no one under 16 was admitted.

The New York Public Library, by contrast, has never had a similar exhibition. The materials are not as rich, and the standards of what is considered proper for an exhibition in a public institution differ in France from those in the United States.

And unlike France’s National Library, whose sexually explicit material is contained in one archive, only a part of the Public Library’s erotica was designated triple star. The rest is dispersed in other collections in the building, including in the Berg Collection of English and American Literature (rare books and manuscripts) and the Spencer Collection(artists’ books and illuminated manuscripts).

A guided visit to the library revealed some of the richness of its erotic (or pornographic, depending on who was doing the classification) material. The works are hidden treasures, many of them awaiting discovery. Not even the curators and librarians know everything that is there.

“There were many materials in the library’s special collections that I had never seen before,” Mr. Baumann said. “The range and depth of our collections never ceases to astonish me.”

The main building of the Public Library had such an impact on the neighborhood that there was once a massage parlor a block away on West 43rd Street named the Library. A 1976 flier in the *** collection advertised its $10, tip-included service, with “7 Beautiful Librarians to Service You.” The flier shows a longhaired “librarian” dressed in a necklace and high heels. A large bunch of feathers covers her private parts.

As part of the library’s mandate to collect life as it was lived, small teams of librarians were dispatched in the 1970s to Times Square pornography shops to scoop up representative samples of the latest erotica. Among the paperback titles in the collection: “Animal Urge,” “The 48-Hour Orgy,” “Beach Stud” and “All Day Sucker.”

“The bookstore owners hated it when we showed up,” said Christopher Filstrup, a former librarian who was part of the shopping brigade. “But we loved it. Books and magazines were organized just the way librarians do it, by subject — fetish, S and M, black and white, that kind of thing. Since I was head of the Oriental Division my assignment was Asians.

“Oh, I did chubby, too.”

The pulp novels and sexually explicit how-to books were printed on such poor-quality paper that the bulk of them were preserved on microfilm; the original books were discarded.

But hundreds were kept, including books disguised as sociology whose aim was titillation. They had titles like “Mass Orgasms: A Study of Group Sex Activity” and “Fornication and the Law.”

The library was one of the first major American institutions to invest heavily in the collection of erotic gay and lesbian literature, and it now boasts one of the country’s finest collections in American gay history. “We collected in the heyday of midcentury gay erotica,” Mr. Baumann said. “Looking back, we were pioneers.”

The library’s collection was enhanced in 1988 when it was given the archives of the New York-based International Gay Information Center, much of which dealt with gay and lesbian sex and sexuality.

The library has highbrow erotica as well. Deep in the Berg rare book collection, for example, is a work that has never been publicly displayed: William Faulkner’s pencil drawings of him and Meta Carpenter Wilde, his mistress, having sex.

Ms. Wilde gave the drawings to the library on condition that they remain inaccessible until the death of Faulkner’s daughter, Jill Faulkner Summers, who died in 2008.

“No researchers have been in to see them, but they certainly could do so,” said Isaac Gewirtz, the Berg’s curator of literary manuscripts.

Asked why the library had not publicized the availability of the drawings, he replied, “I thought it would be unseemly, since we know the identity of the persons in the drawings. They’re listed in our catalog for anyone to see.”

Mr. Gewirtz displayed the drawings on a long table along with other prizes in his collection, including Henry Miller’s typewritten manuscript for “Tropic of Capricorn,” with his handwritten edits; a 1947 humorous, pornographic cartoon by the novelist Jack Kerouac; a first edition of a pornographic poem by W. H. Auden; a first edition of Vladimir Nabokov’s English-language novel “Lolita,” published in Paris in 1955 after Nabokov failed to find a publisher in the United States.

Also in the Berg Collection, in the archived papers of Terry Southern, the writer, is a carbon copy typescript of the comic, erotic novel “Candy,” with emendations in Southern’s hand.

Nipple Orgasms-Fine Art of Penis Thrusting-Sacred Orgasms-Unusual G-Spots-Power of Oral Sex

You’re wondering, “why read these articles, this is a site about erotica?” Great material to use in your writings, plus you can follow some of the suggestions that appeal to you. Writing from the personal is always welcomed at the Erotic Literary Salon. A side effect of reading these articles might be an adult sex-ed experience new to you and your sex partner.



When your lover is playing with your nipples the same region of the brain will be stimulated as when your clitoral, vaginal or cervical area is been stimulated.


Evidence #2

When your lover is playing with your nipples the same region of the brain will be stimulated as when your clitoral, vaginal or cervical area is been stimulated. The research behind this can be found here: the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 8, 2011. This is an excerpt from the study:

Female participants were asked to lie inside an fMRI machine and alternate between stimulating the clitoris, vagina, cervix and nipple. An experimenter instructed the women to “comfortably” stimulate one of those body parts for 30 seconds, then to rest for 30 seconds before repeating the process with a different part of the body. All participants were asked to simulate themselves in the exact same way to keep the results as constant as possible (e.g., when it came to nipple stimulation, women were asked to use their right hand to “tap the left nipple rhythmically.”)

The researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix. What this means is that women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way. In light of this, it is not at all surprising that many women are aroused by having their nipples touched and that, for some, this may be enough to lead to orgasm.

STEP 1 – Squeeze

Your lover should squeeze the fingers together so that he/she raises your nipples slightly

STEP 2 – Lick

With the tip of the tongue he/she should lick your nipple in circular motions.

STEP 3 – Suck

After a few minutes of licking, he should pucker the lips around the nipple and suck gently, then more firmly with vacuum sucking motions.

STEP 4 – Intensify

Save the most intense sensation until the end.

Hint: As with every sexual activity it is important not to make any major changes to the technique as the orgasm reaches. Makes sense.

The Fine Art of Penis Thrusting

Faster…harder…deeper…slower…the man who learns to vary his thrusting technique during penetrative sex will not only be able to last longer, he will be rewarded with greater arousal and delight for both himself and his partner.

#1 The Memorable First Thrust

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Many women, once aroused, consider the very first penis thrust to be one of their most favourite parts of intercourse. Make it amazing and send her soaring by asking her exactly how she would like your first stroke.

Is she in the mood to be teased with a few shallow thrusts, having you enter her only an inch or two?  Would she prefer you enter her halfway while circling your hips? Or does she like one luscious thrust right to the hilt? Once she shares her preference with you, respond accordingly.






http://mytinysecrets.com – Home site

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5:30-6:30: Session B: Everything you Wanted to Know about Women’s Orgasms, but  {had} no one to ask (MIND)

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IMPORTANT: Use Code SEXXEROTIC for 15% discount – good for one workshop, one day, or all weekend.
Student & Senior discounts on website.
SEXx Interactive is a multi-day sex-positive conference featuring workshops, academic presentations, art galleries, and performances. We seek to celebrate the mind, body and soul of sexuality.
Conference Schedule :

6:00pm- 8:00pm Registration and Mixer at Sexploratorium- 317 South St. 10:00 pm- 2:00 am Bob & Barbara’s Drag Show -1509 South St.

Friday- 1st Unitarian Church- 2125 Chestnut St

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10:00am- 12:00pm TED Style Talks:

10:00a- 10:07: Erin Crabill: How to be a Good Consumer of Sexual Services (MIND)
10:09a- 10:16: Leah M. Morgan Anderson: Taboo Secrets (MIND)
10:18a- 10:25: Katie Starrantino: Cancer and Sex (MIND)
10:27a- 10:34: Deb Hinchey: Active, Informed, and Enthusiastic Consent and its Roots in BDSM (MIND)
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10:45- 10:52: Mallory Rhodes: The Afterglow (HEART)
10:54a- 11:01: M Dante: Romantic Love of Erotic Labor (MIND)
11:03a- 11:10: Sarah D’Andrea: Finding Body Positivity from My Menstrual Cup (MIND)
11:12a- 11:19: Susana Mayer: What is Your Recipe For Sexual Ecstasy? 6 Word Sex Memoir (MIND)
11:30pm- 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm- 1:45pm TED Style Talks Pt 2:

1:00p- 1:07: Susan DiPronio: Surrender (HEART)
1:09p- 1:16: Annalisa Castaldo: SM is Not D/s (and Why it Matters) (MIND)
1:18p- 1:25: Messy Potamia: Messy Analysis of Penile Biodiversity (HEART)
1:27p- 1:34: Laura Weiner: PTSG: Post Traumatic Stress Growth and the Power of Vulnerability (HEART)
1:36p- 1:43: Bevin Branlandingham: Reclaiming Sexuality From a Society that Wants You Disappeared (HEART)
1:45pm- 2:00pm Break

2:00pm- 3:30pm 90 Minute Workshops

Session A: Ignacio Rivera: Trans-Queering your Sex (BODY)
Session B: Ashley Netanel: Storytelling Sex: Crafting Narratives to Share Experiences and Build Community (MIND)
Session C: Morgan Thorne: Demystifying Asexuality (MIND)
Session D: Louis A. Ortiz-Fonseca: Screening of the Gran Varones “Our Legacy is Alive.” (HEART)
3:30pm- 3:45pm Break

3:45pm- 5:15pm 90 Minute Workshops:

Session A: Rachel Kramer Bussel: Erotica 101 (MIND)
Session B: Steve K. D. Eichel, Ph.D., ABPP: Picking a Sex-Positive Therapist: Hints From a Survey of Local Psychotherapists (MIND)
Session C: Morgan Thorne: Building Better BDSM Communities (MIND)
Session D: Susana Mayer: Ageless Sex: Does Sex Have an Expiration Date? (MIND)

5:15pm- 5:30pm Break
6:00pm- 7:00pm 60 Minute Workshops:

Session A: Susana Mayer: Everything you Wanted to Know about Women’s Orgasms, but {had} no one to ask (MIND)
Session B: Kathy Turnowchyk: Don’t Wait till the Sex Bomb is Dropped: Creating a Community of Askable Adults (MIND)
Session C: Jermel Wallace: Crazy Sh*t People Say- A Dialogue to De-stigmatize HIV (MIND)
Session D: Tammyrae B: Breaking the Barrier (HEART)
Session E: Pierre CorVair: Boylesque 101 (BODY)
Session F: Sonalee Rashatawar: I Like ‘Em Fat Like That: The Implications of the Fat Positivity Movement on Sexuality (MIND)
Session G: Goddess Thain: How to Talk to Your Client About Kink/Poly/LGBTQIA Issues (specifically for sexual & mental health professionals) (MIND)
7:00pm- 7:15 pm Break

7:15pm- 8:15 pm Keynote Speaker – Carlos Decena

8:15 pm- 8:30 pm Break

8:30pm- 11:30pm Performance & Film:

8:30- Sebastian Cummings
8:55 – Jacqueline Mary – film
9:40 – David and Rachel – Comedygasm
10:20 – Clark Mathews – film
10:50 Jefferson Bare
10:30pm- 11:30pm DTF: The Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour (free for attendees, $10 for others)

11:30pm- 2:00am SEXx Dance Church (dance party)

Saturday -1st Unitarian Church- 2125 Chestnut St

8:00am- 9:00am Registration

9:00am- 10:00am Second Keynote- Feminista Jones

10:00am- 10:15am Break

10:15am- 11:15am 60 Minute Workshops:

Session A: Deborah Hinchey: Rope Bondage Basics: How to be Knotty (BODY)
Session B: Ashley Netanel: What Do You Mean by “Kinky”? A BDSM Primer for the Sexually Curious (MIND)
Session C: Alex Bove: The Trouble with Hairy Palms: A Brief History of Male Masturbation (MIND)
Session D: Caitlin Murphy: DeTox: Eliminating Toxic Ingredients and Materials from Sex Toys, Lube, and Sexual Wellness Products (MIND)
Session E: Rough RydeHer: Dragging and Passing (BODY)
Session F: Al Vernacchio: Pizza: The Key to Stopping Sexual Assault and Promoting Sexual Justice (MIND)
Session G: Jessica Rosenberg: Sex as a Spiritual Practice (HEART)
11:15am- 11:30am Break

11:30am- 1:00pm 90 Minute Workshops:

Session A: Morgan Thorne: Canadian Prostitution Laws: The Repressive New Regime (MIND)
Session B: Lorena Olvera: Fighting Oppression Through Theater (HEART)
Session C: Jefferson Bare: Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire & Romance (HEART)
1:00pm- 2:30pm Lunch

2:30pm- 4:00pm 90 Minute Workshops:

Session A: Lex Loro & Emmett Patterson: Not Your Average Sex Talk: Creating Inclusive Peer-to-Peer Sex Education on College Campuses (MIND)
Session B: Leela Sinha: Telling the Sexy Truth: authentic communication from the body outward (MIND)
Session C: Terri Clark and Susana Mayer: Touch Me…Touch Me Not: Relationships and Skin Hunger (BODY)
Session D: Goddess Thain: Sharps Play: Needleplay & Staplework (BODY)
4:00pm- 4:15pm Break

4:15pm- 5:15pm 60 Minute Workshops: Session A: Takeallah Rivera: Fast-Tailed Girls: Modesty and Sexuality in Black Female Culture (MIND)
Session B: Tibbie X: GASH UNIVERSE- Uniting Sexuality, Rock-n-Roll, Family, Spirituality out and proud in a Conservative Nation (MIND)
Session C: Sebastian Cummings: Sex: Learning To Unlearn (HEART)
Session D: Sonalee Rashatwar : Decolonizing Sex Positivity (HEART)
Session E: Francisco Zavala: Working with LGBT Youth (BODY)
5:00- 7:00 “Looking” Opening Reception at Albominium (1318 Walnut St, 3rd Floor) Exhibiting the work of artists: Kiera Westfall, Peter Checchia, Tara Lessard, Laura Weiner, Susan DiPronio, Leah Appleton and Albo Jevons. Closing May 10 1-4 pm.

5:15pm- 5:30pm Break

5:30pm- 6:30pm 60 Minute Workshops:

Session A: Timaree Schmit, Ph.D.: Vampires, Leatherface & Girls in their Underwear: Sexuality in Horror Movies (MIND)
Session B: Erin Crabill: How Sex for Money Became a “Social Evil” (MIND)
Session C: Katelyn Regan: Media Influences on Western Pubic Hair Removal Practices: The Demise of the “Natural” Look (MIND)
Session D: shay(den) n. gonzalez & Ignacio Rivera: Advancing Poly Caucus (HEART)
Session E: Sonalee Rashatawar & Sukriti Dabral: Mindfulness for your Everyday Life (BODY)
6:30pm- 6:45pm Break

6:45pm- 7:45pm Third Keynote Speaker- Ignacio Rivera

7:45pm- 9:00pm Dinner Break

9:00pm- 2:00am Evening Events: Aviary at William Way Center (1315 Spruce St); Stimulus: Back2Basics at Tabu Lounge (200 S 12th St); Gabriel Martinez’s Art Performance “Iniciación” at Bike Stop (206 S Quince St), to be followed by Candela Queer Latino dance party, featuring live performance by Lady LaBelle (free for attendees, $5 for others)