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Erotic Video to Sell Beautiful Gifts-Lingerie-Love Poems-Flower Crown

Krystle, a contributor and regular attendee at the Salon, has embarked on a new venture – fabulous gifts inspired by women of color. But honestly, they are for women of all colors. Thank you to all who influenced the choices of product at the anya lust site, they are lovely. …and I’m this little (according to society mature) white chick who is definitely hoping I get one of these pieces as a gift.

Content taken from site:

A pretty girl pulled open her drawer to discover that she was missing the most luxurious lingerie.

She decided to scour the boutiques in her city to see what she could find. After an exhausting search, she came home, poured herself a glass of wine, and opened her laptop. And then she discovered…


Inspired by the sunkissed girls and dark beauties of the world, decadent sensuality, and intoxicating femininity, Anya Lust was created for free-spirited women to revel in pleasure. We dream of weekend trips to Paris, intimate nights in private, dancing on the beach, never-ending sunkissed skin, indulging in fantasy, drifting through lust and love, and discovering what makes life so incredibly beautiful.

Here, you’ll find a curated collection of the most gorgeous luxury lingerie for you to indulge in. We hand select from designers around the world who work with expert seamstresses throughout England, France, and beyond, using the finest lace and silk to create silhouettes that flatter the female form. We hope that you’ll treasure each and every piece.

Now that you’ve found us, you’ll never have to search again. Welcome to the land of lingerie dreams.


Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or lover is one of the best gifts you can give. She’ll feel amazing in anything you pick out for her and you get to enjoy every bit of it. Two things that you might not be sure of: her size and her style. Don’t have the luxury of sneaking into her room to discover what will fit her best? You might want to go with something a little flowy like a beautiful robe, an enticing babydoll, or dress. A gorgeous flower crown to complement her outfit or the dreamy words of Pablo Neruda are perfect additions, as well. As for style, even if you select lingerie that she wouldn’t normally buy, the thrill of trying something new is a gift in itself. If she tends to wear softer, feminine outfits, go for lace and silk styles. And if her style is more formfitting dresses and sexy ensembles, go for pieces with soft leather, mesh, and ouvert elements.


Maybe you’ve seen your girlfriend, wife, or lover dress up plenty of times, or maybe this is the first. Either way, you might have a better idea of her overall style and her size, giving you more free rein with your selection of gifts. But, still consider what she loves: Daring and seductive? Feminine and playful?

Visit: http://www.anyalust.com