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Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale Talks Kink – FREE Video

Please watch this short video by Rev Bev, last month’s featured presenter at the Erotic Literary Salon. It will become very clear why you missed a most enlightening evening. http://www.beverlydale.org  http://www.incarnationinstitute.org


Rev Bev Receives Community Service Award at

Diabolique Ball – fundraiser.

Press Release – November 18 – Featured Reader Erotica Author Emerald

Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon, Featuring Erotica Author Emerald, Along With Attendee Readers, Tuesday, Nov. 18.


Monday, October 27, 2014





PCSalons@gmail.com – contact: Susana Mayer, Ph.D., Salonnière,

PCSalons@gmail.comreserve a time slot to read at Salon (5 min max)

www.theEroticliterarysalon.com – guidelines for reading.

www.theEroticliterarysalon.com – blog: events, Salon notices, erotica, and guidelines.


The Erotic Literary Salon will be held Tuesday, November 18.  Emerald will read from her first single author books, If…Then: a collection of erotic romance stories and Safe: a collection of erotic stories, published by 1001 Nights Press.


Emerald is an erotic fiction author whose short stories have been featured or are forthcoming in anthologies published by Cleis Press, Mischief, Logical-Lust, and Sweetmeats Press. She is an advocate for sexual freedom, reproductive rights, and the rights of sex workers, and she serves as a Facebook group moderator and assistant newsletter editor for Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW). http://thegreenlightdistrict.org/wordpress/


Prior to Readings – Adult Sex-Ed: The Joys of Sex

Topic – Sex Has No Expiration Date, or Does It?


Approximately twenty attendees will also entertain with their 5-minute erotica, sex memoirs, rants, short stories and poetry.


PHILADELPHIA: The Erotic Literary Salon, unique in the English-speaking world has launched a growing movement mainstreaming erotica. Salons attract a supportive audience of 65 or more individuals. Approximately 20 participate as writers, readers, storytellers, spoken word performers of original works/words of others, the rest just come to listen, enjoy and applaud. Frances, our resident nonagenarian (97 years young) occasionally recites her original erotica.


Salons gather the 3rd Tuesday of every month at TIME (The Bohemian Absinthe Lounge), 1315 Sansom Street, Center City, Philadelphia. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (limited seating), for cocktails, food and conversation. Adult Sex-Ed: The Joys of Sex between 7:00-7:30, readings begin at 8:00. Admission is $10, discounted for students and seniors to $8. Salon attendees must be 21.


Creator of this event, Dr. Susana, is Philadelphia’s best-known sexologist. She lends her voice to the Salon by offering relevant information to support the discussions that arise in the Salon and blog.


…surprisingly comfortable….Salon devotees praise her for the space she has created….”

“I think Susana is doing a very brave thing.”

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 10, 2010


“There are laughter and tears along with the hot rush of blood – to the face.

Daily News, March 15, 2010


“I never knew such a life of honesty could exist. I finally found a home I can be comfortable in…this event changed my life.

First-time attendee and reader 2013



REAF – Rochester Erotic Arts Festival – Submissions – Prize $300 1st Place

Submit your art by March 1 to the REAF Art Show and Sale & Erotic Art Show – Digital Display. REAF Festival Store entries accepted by March 15 and Artist Booths Available.

Information taken from REAF website:

REAF Regional Erotic Art Show and Sale

  • Submit by March 1, $30 per entry (up to 5 pieces)

This show is a regional juried exhibition. Work must be hand delivered on March 27, or March 28 with prior permission.

We are in search of high quality original works that are creative, erotic and thought-provoking. Accepted media include drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, collage, digital art, photography, film, and sculpture, for exhibition and possible sale. 20% of the sale price of art will go to Rochester Erotic Arts, Inc. (works do not have to be offered for sale). Artists must be 18 and over. Artists accepted for the Regional Erotic Art Show are also encouraged to submit work to the REAF Festival Store.

Prizes: 1st Place, $300, 2nd Place, $200, 3rd Place, $100.

REAF Erotic Art Show – Digital Display

  • Submit by March 1, $20 per entry (up to 10 pieces) 

This show is an international juried exhibition. We are in search of high quality original works that are creative, erotic and thought-provoking. Accepted media include drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, collage, digital art, photography, film, and sculpture, for exhibition on 70-inch HDTV. REAF will promote your web site and online sales sites. Artists must be 18 and over. Artists accepted for the Digital Display are also encouraged to submit work to the REAF Festival Store.

REAF Festival Store

Entries for the REAF Festival Store will be accepted until March 15, 2014. There is no submission fee. 20% commission on all work sold.

The REAF Festival Store is looking for art that is both erotic and marketable, packed and priced to sell.

You don’t need to have your original art work juried into the REAF Erotic Art Show and Sale to sell your work through the REAF Festival Store, although it is advantageous to have exposure in both places.

Artist Booths Available

A very llmited number of 8×10 booths will be available for artists to display and sell their work themselves. The cost will be 50% off the normal vendor rate, and the booths will be located in the center mezzanine with all the other artwork.

For more details on submitting, registering and applying for the above:



Sexy beasts: Why ‘monster porn’ needs love too – CNET

“Why deprive the imagination of a great romance just because the protagonist happens to live for 600 years or has the occasional bout with fleas?”

Leda and the Swan by Peter Paul Rubens

Excellent article in CNET regarding the epublishing industry’s controversial handling of beastiality and erotica.

“Do romance books with sexy dinosaurs, centaurs, Cthulhu, and aliens send your heart racing? After some such e-books get yanked by online booksellers, Crave’s Bonnie Burton explains their appeal.

“It’s easy to mock book titles like “Boffing Bigfoot,” “Taken by the Tentacle Monsters,” and “Sex With My Husband’s Anatomically Correct Robot,” but there’s a growing market for erotic fiction by amateur writers that involves something a bit more unusual than an oversexed pirate or kilted warrior.

If romance e-books with sexy Yeti, mermen, Cthulhu, and aliens fill your tablet or e-reader and send your heart racing, the increasingly popularity of books featuring non-human love interests will come as no surprise. However, many may have been introduced to so-called monster porn for the first time thanks to a recent Business Insider piece on e-book retailers cracking down on this literary genre that’s gaining a wide following online. One of the titles in question, “Moan For Bigfoot” by Virginia Wade, has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

As a lifelong geek and hard-core fan of horror and fantasy books, I totally get the appeal. Let’s face it — an affair with a rich sultan or a fascinating count probably isn’t going to happen in real life, so why not read about a flirty fling with a centaur instead?

Aliens dominate this erotic thriller by Alice Xavier about an abductee that might enjoy probing too much. Aliens dominate this erotic thriller by Alice Xavier.

The Business Insider story by Eric Spitznagel points out that amateur self-published authors suddenly found their erotica e-books featuring Bigfoot, dinosaurs, and minotaurs no longer offered by sellers like Amazon because of their explicit sexual content. At the same time, erotica books by more established authors that featured vampires, werewolves, aliens, and other similar creatures remained untouched.

Many of the removed erotica e-books were published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing self-publishing system, which clearly states in its content guidelines that “we don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts.” A representative of KindleDirect Publishing told CNET that the KDP’s quality department “reserves the right to make judgements about whether or not content is appropriate; this can include the cover image or the content within the book. If the book contains mature content, it will not be surfaced in our general product search results.”

Some authors of recently rejected e-books realized that the quick solution to getting their titles back up on Amazon was not to alter their racy content but simply to change their e-books’ titles and cover art. That’s exactly what monster erotica author Alice Xavier did with her “Serpent God’s Virgin” e-book when it was pulled from Amazon. “They flagged it because it had virgin in the title,” Xavier told Business Insider. After she renamed the same exact book “Serpent God’s Maiden,” it appeared back on Amazon’s virtual bookshelves.

The disappearance and reemergence of some of these books points to online booksellers’ evolving standards when it comes to monster erotica. That is a story unto itself, but for some readers, the Business Insider piece probably also raised the question: what makes monster porn — also known as “cryptozoological erotica” or “erotic horror” — so intoxicating?”

Read more: