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April 6 – Sunday – Dr. Sketchy’s – “UNBEWEAVEABLE!” Beehives, Flips and Bouffants with model Dahlia Derriere

Come to sketch or just as voyeur, but do come and enjoy!

Model Dahlia Derriere (Baltimore)



Hairstyling is a tremendous art form and medium that our friends at Salon Rock Paper Scissors (Mt.Holly, NJ) tackle every day. The salon team is joining up with Dr.Sketchy’s to transform the bodacious Dahlia Derriere with teasing combs, bobby pins and hairspray to get the hair closer to the heavens! Her looks will span history from the flips of the 50’s to the Mohawks of the 80’s.

Event held Sunday, April 6, at Arch Enemy Arts at 109 Arch Street  856-904-0633

4-5pm Free Themed Still Life Sketch

5-8pm Session with Models / Tickets available at the door

$15 General Admission/$12 Students/$10 Voyeurs

No Photography

Bring your own art supplies

April 2 – The Femme-mynistiques – Tonight

Host kick-off event for the Poet-Tree En Motion Spring Performance Series:

Press Release

Philadelphia, PA – Local artist Gabrielle de Burke’s seasonal series, Poet-tree En Motion, will be held at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia this spring, hosting Wednesday night performances April 2nd, May 7th & June 4th. Events begin at 7pm and include performances from a range of Philadelphia local artists, including April’s featured act, The Femme-mynistiques. Together, The Femme-mynistiques are a righteous storm creating a innovative niche on the music scene with their awe-inspiring original fusion of Lyrical Poetry, Omnipotent Raps & Siren Vocals set to dynamic variety of conscious hip hop, tribal house, down-tempo & electronic music.

“Then, just when you think you’ve had all the stimulation and estrogen you can take, local lady trio the Femme-Mynistiques will enchant you with their mystical vocals…”

-Philadelphia Weekly


The Femme-mynistiques are a unique force bringing together the skills of Plum Dragoness, Lady Omni & Alexa Gold. Performances blend their respective skillfulness in music production, dance choreography, theater arts, poetry as performance and song writing into an illuminating blend of ancient rites that celebrate the modern spirit of freedom, unity and love.


The Femme-mynistiques Host kick-off event for the Poet-Tree En Motion Spring Performance Series


April 2nd, 2014!




Rarely will you find a group like this, powerfully present, aesthetically pleasing, keepin’ it real and esoteric and fun. These three women set the stage on fire every time they grace it with their musical stylings…”

Nicole Connor (Performance Artist)


As participant and host of this ongoing seasonal event known as the Poet-tree En Motion performing arts series, Plum Dragoness’ collaborative community outreach encompasses the energy of the entire series as an inventive source of life for the multi-dimensional hub of talent alive in the Philadelphia area. Poet-tree En Motion works to inspire both artist and audience to connect and work together towards cultivating the arts community in Philadelphia, welcoming artists of all kinds to experience performances local to the neighborhood, and offering the opportunity at each show for community participation to sign-up in the all-genre open mic/stage component of the events. This event series features a variety of dance/movement/theater mediums, live electronic/acoustic music, vocalists & poetry/spoken-word presentations, circus/fire/flow arts performances, community art creations, live painting & VJ projections…& more!}


The upcoming April 2nd, Poet-tree En Motion event celebrates “the feminine mystique,” presenting a program of all female artists, featuring fresh beats and lyrical poetics from The Femme-mynistiques. In honor of The Femme-mynistiques, DONATIONS will be accepted @ Door & RAFFLE tickets will be sold for Prizes (Art/Goods/Services) to help fund their recording project for the debut EP “Here She Comes…!” Supporting acts range from live vocals, music & painting to visual projections, word-smithery/story-telling, flow artists & tribal belly dance that includes; Angela Williams, Ayumi Perry, GhettoSongBird, Irene Reinke, Lux Arati, Jan Jefferies & Marcy of Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.), Monica Day, Naeemah Maddox, Nicole Cirone, Rachel Rota, VJ Spooky & Kaleema Poles. Check the venue or artist websites or facebook groups & event details on May 7th; Spring Fire Lights the Night & Lunar Celebrations & June 4th; Summer Festivities & Plum Dragoness Annual Fundraising Auction (performers TBA)!


Visit The Rotunda’s website (www.therotunda.org) for more details on this year’s spring series & Join the Facebook Group to find Events for Poet-tree En Motion (www.facebook.com/groups/116980678334215)!



For information on The Femme-mynistiques visit:






Media enquiries please contact dragoness@earthtones.com

Tonight-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live – February 18 – Monica Day & Tango

Celebrate Valentine’s Day once again with Monica Day, third year as featured presenter along with Tango mini-performance, Argentinian dancer Damian Lobato and Sarah Chung. 20+ readers will fill out the evening with steamy words. An evening not to be missed.

Damian Lobato – http://www.artemisdesign.co.uk/portfolio/design/damian-lobato/


CANCELLED – POWER OUTAGE – to be rescheduled – FREE – Poet-tree En Motion-Feb 5-Tonight

CANCELLED – CANCELLED – CANCELLED – POWER OUTAGE – to be rescheduled. You don’t want to miss this fabulous event, and it’s FREE. Donations gladly accepted and well deserved. Please support Plum Dragoness, an attendee at the Salon, in her on going effort to bring much joy to Philadelphia through various forms of artistic expression.

Poet-tree En Motion

2014 Winter & Spring Performance Series!




Feb 5th, April 2nd & June 4th!


From 7-10pm (except June/11:30pm)

@ The Rotunda

4014 Walnut Street, West Philly, PA 19104


A FREE community event (but donations are always appreciated)!


This ongoing seasonal event series features a variety of dance/movement/theater mediums, live electronic/acoustic music, vocalists & poetry/spoken-word presentations, circus/fire/flow arts performances, community art creations, live painting & VJ projections…

Plus an Open Mic/Stage & Jam Sessions!

(Sign up Begins & Doors Open @ 7pm)



Featured acts include…


February 5th: Lunar New Year Salutations & Celebrations!


  • Bill Fieger– This marks my 35th year as a guitar player. When I started this

Journey I had no idea where it would take me. As a teenager my dreams of playing in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands came true how cool is that? After I got tired of playing in rock bands I decided on a more personal approach to music. Composing electronic music under the name Oblivious Solitude. Later I was performing and recording with Heather Lind as Stares to Nowhere. I’ve also performed with Mike Hunter as Mayakara, as well as recording and performing solo acoustic music, sometimes modifying and creating new instruments to take the music to new places.





  • Shannon Hayden-a classically trained cellist who has never been content

to stay strictly within the confines of the traditional course of study. Having achieved early success in competitions both at home and abroad she quickly began to experiment with other forms of music as well as other instruments. Working with renowned cellists such as Janos Starker and Aldo Parisot, with whom she began a graduate level course of study at the age of 18 at the Yale School of Music, did not keep her from playing lead guitar in rock and experimental bands or writing music for electric cello. She feels that musicians who want to consider themselves artists should go beyond mere craftsmanship and constantly look to expand the repertoire of their instrument, fulfilling the needs of the era within which they actively participate. When not performing her own pieces, Shannon focuses on 20th century and contemporary works and has enjoyed working with composers Ezra Laderman, David Lang, percussionist/composer Andy Akiho and tours occasionally with Eric Genuis. Having completed her studies she is currently supporting her first album with shows around the United States and hopes to meet other artists with similar interests whose focus is continuing to stretch the boundaries of virtuosic classical music by embracing technologies which she feels are underutilized. Shannon also shares her parent’s passion for sustainable living and alternative energy and spends as much time as she can at the family’s off the grid organic vegetable farm.





  • Kalamandir Dance Company– a contemporary dance ensemble that

uses the vocabulary of classical Indian dance to explore new spaces of artistic expression. Instead of diminishing the foundation of our classical styles, we look to investigate their communicative potential when merged with Western dance traditions. Using Odissi, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Capoeira, Flamenco, Modern and Ballet training, our dancers collaboratively converse with movement and create dialogue with expression. We are driven by creativity, human emotions, and a desire to be released from the four walls of our daily existence. Our movement vocabulary is a collective effort that aims to create a reachable area for all people to participate and communicate. Artistic Director, Malabika Guha presents the piece “The Love That Remains”. Based on the Portuguese word “saudades,” this piece explores the fervent state of longing by channeling the painful sweetness of remembering a loved one from whom we have been separated while reveling in the joy that they may return (see link above for more info).





  • Kaleema Poles– her natural creativity comes with focus, inspiration &

discipline. She loves using natural or recycled materials in most of her Jewelry, Visual & Fashion Art with inspiration coming from life cycles, family, culture, spirits, friends, dreams, the earth & sky.




  • Oriental Fitness Institute– (T’ai Chi Chuan Demonstration) Its philosophy

is dedicated to helping people implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  By providing information about different kinds of exercise and diet we design a program to meet each individual’s specific needs.  We draw on the wisdom and practices of both ancient and modern traditions. East & West Come Together To Maximize Health & Well-being.



  • Plum Dragoness (a.k.a. Gabrielle de Burke) – Native to West

Philadelphia, Plum is a multi-talented thespian, dancer, martial artist, instructor, poetess and writer who has been involved with performing arts since childhood. She is known for her poetic style, vocal performance, fire dance, flow arts and choreographic flair throughout Philadelphia and abroad. Over the past 15 years, she as toured not only as a solo artist but also as founding member/core performer/assistant artistic director with groups like Archedream & Be Tru Dance Crew among many others. She has also independently released 2 albums of original work with the project Plum Dragoness & the Elements, known for its fusion of multi-media, live world beat musical infusions & spoken word vocals & lyrical poetry. Currently, she’s in collaboration with a music project known as the trio, The Femme-mynistiques. Since 2007, she’s been a resident performance artist & organizer for this ongoing community arts series @ The Rotunda known as Poet-tree En Motion.




  • Text Rich (a.k.a. Ali Richardson)– an artist of many talents and gifts. His musical mastery includes working with traditional acoustic and electric

instruments such as djimbe, guitar, bass, piano, drums, and more. His range of vocal interpretation covers singing, emceeing, beat boxing, scatting, and performing poetry. Text Rich’s musical background started with Hip Hop music as it developed through the 80’s and 90’s and once introduced to the guitar he took to learning blues, jazz, rock, and funk. He brings all these elements of music and expression to the stage, to classrooms where he teaches music, and in the community as a known griot/troubadour openly sharing musical inspirations with others. Known well in the community as Ali Richardson, Text enjoys spending a large portion of his time creating musical learning experiences for all ages. He is also committed to providing quality educational experiences for youth through workshops and classroom education.




  • VJ Spooky (Space Pirates, I<3 Industrial, Stimulate, Smack)-is a

Philadelphia based VJ that enhances a multimedia experience for various events and has worked with such acts as Axwell, Laidback Luke, Headhunters and Steve Aoki.




March 2nd & 8th: Community Outreach Workshops!

Dance/Movement, Poetry/Song Writing & Theater Arts

(Pay What You Can/Suggested donation $5-20)

Follow Event for details: facebook.com/events/425380820927264


April 2nd: Spring Rites & Femme-mynistique Fundraising Plights!


June 4th: Summer Festivities & Plum Dragoness Fundraising Activities! 


To keep Updated on Coming Events …

Join the Facebook Group for Poet-tree En Motion (facebook.com/groups/116980678334215)!