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Best Women’s Erotica – Audiobook – Violet Blue – Cleis Press

Excerpt from article at BMW Books.

Violet Blue has truly outdone herself this time with her latest collection of romantic and heart-pounding thrills. Best Women’s Erotica 2014 delivers stories that revel in adventure, from the sparks between strangers to the knowing caresses of long-time lovers. Blue’s wide-ranging anthology is a celebration of sensations, from falling in love to the electrifying thrills of passion. From adventurous tales with sushi that will leave a taste of sashimi in your mouth, to a midnight romp in the woods that leads to a fairytale encounter, and even transit trysts that evolve into a night of fun for three, each adventure will have you aching for more. In Blue’s own words, “This edition of Best Women’s Erotica is a luscious example of what it looks-and feels-like when we demand more, more, more and richer, more sublime than the last.”

Lucy Malone narrates the new audiobook – find it on Audible.

Read more: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwbooks/article/Cleis-Press-Releases-Audiobook-of-Best-Womens-Erotica-2014-20131227

Read more about Cleis Press Releases Audiobook of Best Women’s Erotica 2014 – BWWBooksWorld by www.broadwayworld.com

Violet Blue:  http://www.tinynibbles.com

Words Dance – Literary Sexts Anthology

Fabulous Salon last night. As promised information regarding submission for new anthology by Words Dance Publishing.

Literary Sexts will be a modern day anthology of short love poems with subtle erotic undertones edited by Amanda Oaks & Caitlyn Siehl, set to be published by Words Dance Publishing with hopes that will be available for preorder in time for Valentine’s Day 2014!

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Underused Sexting Abbreviations 

Examples for sexts from the editors:

The rush you give me: The way a blade of grass must feel when splashed with a cloud’s cry after days of screaming for rain. – Amanda Oaks

You are laying beside me and my hand is splayed like a starfish across your chest. I can feel the ocean in my fingertips. – Caitlyn Siehl

Your thigh brushing mine is like a thousand doors moaning open all at the same time. – Amanda Oaks

I’m kissing your mouth and it feels like telling the truth. I’m kissing your neck and a volcano is waking up after 100 years of silence. – Caitlyn Siehl

Due date for submissions: January 10, 2014

Contributor Payment:

Each accepted contributor will receive one copy of the anthology upon release.

There are two ways you can submit to this anthology: You can submit for free or pay a small fee to get a 3-5 day response to your submission. All payments made are going to help us pay for the contributor copies! So even if you are not concerned with how long it takes us to respond to your submission, know that you will be supporting this small press & its writers, a feel good act! Every little bit helps, thank you! (If you opt out of payment, it WILL NOT affect how we view or the result of your submission, we’re good people over here & we get it.)

For more details on submitting:


7 Places to Promote Your Free Kindle Erotica

Website: Ashly Lorenzana – Promoting Books for “Grown Up” Readers

By Ashly Lorenzana on December 11, 2013

While I have a strong suspicion that 50 Shades of Gray was probably quite tame by the standards set by true erotica, I can’t say for sure since I haven’t actually read the book.

I don’t care to, I have a feeling it would be disappointing and lame for someone like me who is hard to impress when it comes to adult-themed content in general.

Given my background in the adult industry, I may be a bit desensitized to mainstream stuff that excites and even shocks your average person. But aside from all of that, I don’t like Amazon’s inconsistent policies regarding what is “offensive” content according to their publishing guidelines.

While they remain unclear about what they find objectionable, the fact remains that free kindle erotica is being downloaded by the thousands on a daily basis and has a huge and hungry audience of readers. For these reasons, it’s a highly profitable genre to experiment with.

Here’s one ridiculous example which got a lot of press recently. Check out this Kindle book titled Taken by the T-Rex, a dinosaur erotica about some fantasy world where dinosaurs apparently have semi-consensual sex with human females. Yeah, I’m still scratching my head over that one too.

But the thing is, it has tons of positive reviews and the author has published nearly twenty books and they seem to mostly all be under 10,000 words. The one I bought just to find out how terrible it probably was only weighed in at about 5,000 words. That’s like a freakin’ short story, not a book.

So anyhow, I recently shared some of my top picks for promoting your KDP Select free days on Amazon. Unfortunately, almost all of the mainstream sites are not erotica-friendly. However, there are a couple that have setup separate sites specifically for erotica books and there are some sites that even specialize in featuring erotica.

So today we’re going to take a look at my top 7 picks for promoting your free Kindle erotica books.

Free Erotica Dude

FreeBookDude is one of the mainstream sites for promoting your free days on Amazon, and they’ve setup a separate site for erotica book submissions.

Not much to say here, it’s free to submit and their site appears to list free books nicely with a cover image and they claim to have a large list of people who want to know when free erotica books are available on Kindle, so it couldn’t hurt.

One Hundred Free Books

This is another one of the mainstream free book sites and I recently discovered they have an erotica section hiding behind an age verification. This is one of the more popular sites too, so they have a big audience.

It remains unclear how you are supposed to submit erotica books for that category, as they only seem to have one page for the “free book heads up” or whatever they call it. I suppose you would just use this form and mention that your book is erotica in the form or something, but not certain on that.

Just Erotica Books

Another example of a mainstream site that decided to create a separate erotica-friendly version to promote your free days on Kindle. This one asks for some social media love in exchange for submitting your book. Believe you are asked to like them on Facebook or Tweet about them or something like that.

Right now their form appears to be somewhat broken, but hopefully it will be fixed soon and I’d check back at this one as they seem to have a healthy email list to help spread the word about your free Kindle erotica.

Erotica Everyday

This site is devoted to erotica books only and one of the coolest reasons to post here is that they list ALL books, no matter how risque your book or cover is. I dig that a lot personally and encourage everyone who is planning a free promotion for their KDP free days to post their erotica books on this site because they WILL list it.

There is no reason not to take them up on that offer, so I say go for it. On the site it says that they are a division of Author Marketing Club, which I also highly recommend for indie authors.

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Free Excerpt – Olivia Glass – The Erotic Literary Salon – Next Tuesday, December 17th

The following excerpt  is from Olivia Glass’ erotic story Five Stages of Grief.”  Olivia will be the featured presenter at the next Erotic Literary Salon, Tuesday, December 17th.

Graphics from Unbound an Intimate Revolution

Dear Caroline,

The last time you fucked me, I was on the piano. Do you remember? You pressed me up against it and my palms slammed into the keys, the white ones and the black ones and the notes bounced all over, frenzied and high. And when you slid the fabric of my skirt away from my legs, the hand of mine that had steadied itself on the smooth expanse of wood slipped and struck the keys, again, and the chord that rang out was ragged and loud and followed the contours of my want so closely that I gasped.

You used your fingers, then. You didn’t have to search, didn’t have to wander; as soon as I gasped you slid them into me, two of them, down to your knuckles, and worked them in and out. I begged for a third, a fourth, and you gave them to me, gladly. You are a generous woman. I wrapped my legs around your hips as the notes of the piano died, wrapped a free arm around your neck, and watched as the muscles in your arm flexed with your fucking. I pulled you in and out of me and your hand was like a cock, warm and pulsing, but smarter, better. The sound of it: your groaning, the moans being dragged from my throat, the faint, wet noises of your fingers deep in my cunt that echoed between the floorboards and the ceiling.

So lost were we in that moment that we worried that your next student was going to knock at the front door, that middle aged man from upstairs who you were teaching to play “Für Elise” but he was bad, so bad. I would hide in our room while he played that goddamned arpeggio and chromatic descent over and over, that one that climbs like he’s orgasming and drops like he’s coming down from it, but then he’d fuck it up, Caroline, and plunk out some bad notes. It was awful. The third or fourth time he was practicing that damned section I decided that I’d try to get off to the sound, that if he could make that ascent and descent I’d come and everyone would be happy. So when he’d come over I’d disappear into our room, lie down on the bed that took up most of the space, slide my hand into my pants, and wait. I could always hear the muffled sounds of his voice on the other side of the door. I’d hear you ask him how his week was, offer him some water, the chatter of glasses in the cupboard, the sloosh of the tap. I could not actually hear him drink but I imagined it, imagined his throat undulating with each gulp. It was dry because he wanted you, wanted to bend you over the piano and pull his thick cock from his pants and slide it into your wet, hungry cunt.

His cock was one of those wide ones, not terribly long but the kind that could fill, and roped with veins as big as the ones on the back of his hands. And the head of it, Caroline, the head that he wanted to push inside of you, it was a knot of sensitive skin, purplish and hot to the touch. He wanted to take that cock and take you over the piano, hear your voice, normally reserved for mild admonishment and mild praise, tumbling around in the gutter. I bet he could even smell the sex in the apartment, the fevered heat of us clawing at each other, mouths on puckering nipples, that heady smell that fills the room when two women, soaking wet, furious, fuck each other, like no other smell in the world. And he would drink and drink, all of that water, and sit closer to the piano than he was supposed to in order to hide his growing erection, and play. And of course he fucked up, Caroline, because you distracted him, and I would slide my index and middle finger around my swollen clit and pull at it like it was a tiny cock and imagine hisard-on, and each time he would fumble I would give myself a brief respite from my growing arousal, and when he started again so did I. I would think to myself how, even with my clit, even with the fake cock in the drawer that we play with on Sundays, that I was more of a man than him, the only man you could ever want. And on the day when he finally did it, banged his way through that section with perhaps less subtly than the masters but striking all of the notes in the correct order and then moving through to the next part without pausing, that, Caroline, was the day that I reached the greatest orgasm that I had ever experienced, less a mountain ascent and a tumble from the peak than a long, drawn-out gasp, like I was being pulled behind a moving horse and every bounce knocked a different limb from my body. Whoops, there goes an arm. Uh-oh, now a leg. When I came to and the haze cleared and my vision returned I had all of my parts but I had soaked the bed with my coming.

And so, that last time you fucked me, we…

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