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April 4 – Friday – FREE – Author Reading/Comic Book Signing – Ship of Soiled Doves

Tales of Historic Prostitution and Futuristic Bigotry: comic talk & Signing  @ Locust Moon Comics (34 S. 40th St, Philadelphia PA) April 4th, reception 7pm, Presentation 8pm FREE To the Public

To celebrate the 5th issue of McCloskey’s monster fighting comic, Top of the Line, Daniel McCloskey and Nils Skeletonballs are coming to Philly. In the dual artist talk Skelletonballs will share his research of the unbelievable historical event in which a steamboat was filled with prostitutes during the American Civil War and never allowed land and the graphic novel he wrote to bring this history to life, Ship of Soiled Doves. Daniel McCloskey will discuss the process of writing and producing  Top of the Line, a sci-fi indie serial comic made possible though overwhelming Kickstarter support, and a short history of himself as an artist. McCloskey is the author of the hybrid novel A Film About Billy, and is the founder of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers project.

Comics from the artists will be available, as well as original art. McCloskey and Skelletonballs will be available for signing at the event.

Praise for Skeletonballs’ Ship of Soiled Doves:

“#1 with a  bullet!” – Kitty Wolfgang “The Dallas Book Depository Review”

“There are certain events which, owing to the fact that they don’t contribute to a broader understanding of anything, fall through through the cracks of history- never to be talked about again. Mr. Balls has sat himself on the shores of one such crack -pen in hand- and preserved for us an unforgettable glimpse.”

– Nicholas Gurewitch “Perry Bible Fellowship”

“Civil War era debauchery aboard a Mississippi steamboat as a rowdy troop of loose womens commandeer a  downriver voyage on a Union-commissioned vessel. Balls composes Soiled Doves with a Carol-Tyler-ish combination of wispy gesture, long-nosed caricture and involved historical referencing. The result is historical fiction constantly on the edge of “romp”. – Quimby’s Bookstore

Praise for Daniel McCloskey

“Dan McCloskey is one of these new creators whose craft and level of

talent increases with each successive page. It’s a pleasure to watch him

grow right before my eyes.”

Ed Piskor -Brain Rot, Wizzywig, Hip Hop Family Tree

“McCloskey’s work subverts and skitters.  You think you’ve pegged him as a comic.  But

then you understand he’s challenging himself and his readers to stretch the limits of what

storytelling can do.”

Yona Harvey –Hemming the Water

Praise For McCloskey’s comic series Top of the Line

“Crazy stuff… Like manga morphing into art comics”

Charles Forsman  -Oily Comics, EOTFW

“I like it. It’s like scrolling.”

Frank Santoro [on the format]- Storeyville, Pompeii