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Bible Belt – Porn Problem?

Stats – “4 percent of the million most trafficked sites on the Web were sex-related, while 13 percent of searches were for erotic content.” Hope someone is observing those stats and viewing this site.

The bible belt’s “porn problem”: Religious cities watch as much porn as non-religious cities

Excerpt from David Holmes’ article in Pandodaily:

Apple’s got a porn problem. Xbox? Huge porn problem. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest? Just three giant pornproblems, basically. And with a name like Wii, you know it’s got a porn problem. And the biggest porn problem of all? Tumblr, of course. But now that’s somebody else’s problem.

Jared Keller collected these panicky links in a January 2013 Business Week story about Vine’s “porn problem.” In summary, Keller writes, “Life finds a way, and porn finds the Internet.” And indeed porn is truly “platform-agnostic,” having penetrated (sorry) all corners of the Web, though some sites do more to fight it than others. High estimates put the percentage of Web activity devoted to porn as high as 30 percent. Of course that figure comes from the erotic giant YouPorn, which has an incentive to pump up the numbers. A more conservative estimate comes from neuroscientist and porn statistician Ogi Ogas who told Forbes that 4 percent of the million most trafficked sites on the Web were sex-related, while 13 percent of searches were for erotic content. Either way, that’s a lot of ass.

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Tomorrow – Body-Friendly Christianity – Rev Bev – Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Rev. Dr. Beverly “Rev Bev” will be teaching a  course called “Introduction to a Body-Friendly Christianity,” At the Mt. Airy Learning Tree, Philadelphia, May 14th, registration still available.

This class is designed to subvert the sexually repressed teachings in Christianity by presenting a body-positive, inclusive biblical interpretation and theological views that promote gender and s+xual equality as well as an ethically grounded s+xual exploration.

“If the Creator pronounced the creation as ‘very good’ then that means our s+xual bodies are blessed as well.  I think it is time the church started teaching that without the repression,” said Dale.  “Although the central teaching of Christianity is supposed to be the incarnation, that is, God-in-the-flesh, positive teaching about s+xuality is in short supply.”

“What would the world look like if we worried less about sex and celebrated it more instead?” Dale asked.   “I think we should not try to control s+xuality but channel it.   But we can’t do that until we can embrace it as good.”

The class is Tuesday May 14, 2013 at Hagan Hall, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 7300 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA at 7:00 p.m.  Advance registration is recommended.

Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, also known as “Rev Bev”, is a published writer, vocalist, and performer, in addition to being an ordained minister.  Her ministry has taken her from being a pastor in a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) parish in Illinois for 6 years to 21 years of campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania.  She tours her original theater piece “An Irreverent Journey from Eggbeaters to Vibrators” for largely secular audiences and leads s+x positive workshops, usually within a Christian context.  Rev. Dale is the 2012 recipient of the Diabolique Foundation Community Service award.


URL:  https://learningtree.ccwis.com/CourseStatus.awp?&course=13STW04

Beverly Dale – Out of the Head, Into the Body, then Out of the Body into Ecstasy

This Sunday, 5/12/13 Dr. Reverend Beverly Dale, an attendee of the Erotic Literary Salon, will offer the sermon – Out of the Head, Into the Body, then Out of the Body into Ecstasy. Dr. Rev Bev Dale as she is affectionately, has a wonderful website with some great FREE videos. http://www.beverlydale.org/home/

Sometimes we think too much. This can easily get us into trouble both in the bedroom and on our faith journey. Thinking too much in the bedroom can become what is known as ‘spectatoring’,  the practice of watching intimacy rather than experiencing it. And, in our spiritual lives faith and religion simply get reduced to a list of things to believe and becomes a series of platitudes. (Yawn!) But, just as we can experience sexual ecstasy by getting out of our heads and into our bodies, this parallels the spiritual journey as well. We can be moved to experience the immeasurable greatness of God’s power and the unity of spirit that Jesus prayed for by shifting our attention in this same way. And in so doing it just might help us experience what the mystics have known through the centuries in all religions; ecstasy as a spiritual reality.

If this interests you, check out Rev Bev’s sermon at 10:00 a.m. at Tabernacle United Church, 3700 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA or watch their website for the audio recording. www.tabunited.org