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Tomorrow-Oct 21-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live,New Format Presented – Book Censorship

Another cycle of growth and change for the Salon, driven by the attendees. What to do when 35 people sign up to read? All good news, but demanding new format.

Reminder: Dr. Lynn Hoffman will be featured presenter: Love poems

Interesting article by one of the most outspoken Sex Therapists, Dr. Marty Klein.


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Banned Books Week Ends, But Censorship Doesn’t

You may not know it, but Banned Books Week just ended.

Sponsored each year by the American Library Association, National Coalition Against Censorship, and other groups, Banned Books Weekcelebrates the freedom to read. It highlights the value of free and open access to information—access that is currently limited in some way in every single state.

Each year, hundreds of books and plays are banned in American schools, libraries, and theaters. Some of the most frequently-banned are classics of Western civilization, such as 1984Catch-22, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—all, coincidentally, about the dangers of following authority blindly. “Dangerous” books like these are surely banned in Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia as well.

But U.S. censors don’t simply want to keep adult books out of people’s hands; each year, the most-often banned books are wildly popular books written for children. These include Robie Harris’s It’s Perfectly Normal, the Harry Potter series, Judy Blume’s books, and this year’s “winner,” The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

It’s easy to deride the impulse to censor as the product of paranoid or repressed Right-wing minds. But the Left has a strong impulse to censor as well. Let’s look at some of the institutions of censorship championed by the Left on college campuses these days:

* Trigger warnings
Professors are being increasingly pressured to warn students of any words they may hear in lectures or read in books that “trigger” strong feelings in students, including incest, virgin, Holocaust, and yes, tornado. Predictably, some professors are whitewashing their lectures and reading lists to accommodate, rather than challenge, students’ lack of abilities to handle life. Rather than demanding personal growth, this policy will assure that such students remain victims.

* Speech codes
Most universities now have speech codes prohibiting students or anyone else on campus from saying things that hurt others’ feelings. While often described as creating a “safe campus environment,” this restricts spirited debate, makes sure students won’t be challenged, discourages anyone from learning rhetorical skills, prevents students from learning how to deal with hurt feelings, and gives the Administration the power to expel almost any student they wish.

* Challenging controversial campus lecturers or graduation speakers
The heckler’s veto is a key tool on campus these days. It is now dressed up as political speech. Condoleeza Rice withdrew from speaking at Rutgers after a student sit-in involved police and a shattered glass door. The Consul General of Israel was prevented from speaking at a San Francisco area college by a small group of pro-Palestinian students. Warren Farrell was prevented from speaking at the University of Toronto by a group of so-called feminists who misunderstood his truly feminist message—before he spoke.

Apparently none of these groups who so passionately oppose “oppression” and “privilege” see the irony in their oppressive bullying of their fellow students.

* Ignoring female students’ binge drinking 
While RAPE IS NEVER THE VICTIM’S FAULT (is that clear enough?), it is baffling that tens of thousands of college women drink to the point of incapacity weekend after weekend when this behavior is a proven risk factor for rape. It is even more baffling that anyone who mentions this is attacked as a rape apologist.

We helpfully tell each other to stay out of certain neighborhoods at night because they are dangerous (especially to women traveling alone). So why is it wrong to say “don’t deliberately get roaring drunk in certain neighborhoods at night because that’s dangerous”? Yes, of course, men need to be sternly addressed and they need to change. But at the very same time we can ask women to think about how and why they deliberately risk putting themselves in harm’s way.
* * *
For short videos of John Waters, Whoopi Goldberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and others participating in Banned Books Week, including a wonderful clip from Dav Pilkey about what to do if you hate a certain book, click here.
* * *
For more on campus censorship (including their devastating critique of how the U.C. Berkeley Chancellor has dishonored the Free Speech Movement), see http://www.TheFire.org.


Sex and Cupcakes: A Collection of Juicy Essays by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Come to the next Salon and meet with the author of Sex and Cupcakes, Rachel Kramer Bussel. She will be interviewing attendees regarding their thoughts on the Salon. October 30 her article on the Erotic Literary Salon will appear in her new City Paper Column – Let’sgetiton: Sex of all Stripes.


Her new book Sex and Cupcakes was just published this week. A must read!


Scorching Stories Contest – Ardent Books

Deadline July 15th.

Announcing The 2014 Ardent Books “SCORCHING STORIES” Contest


What erotic fantasies do you yearn to write? Here’s your chance to share them with the world! Ardent Books is announcing our SCORCHING STORIES Contest for 2014! Review and follow the rules listed below to take advantage of this great opportunity. We’re ready to slip into your erotic mind and take a journey to somewhere seductive!


  • SCORCHING STORIES contest submissions accepted from June 1, 2014 through midnight (U.S. Eastern Time), July 15, 2014
  • All subgenres of erotica accepted including cyberpunk, steam punk, historical, romantic, bdsm, ménage, contemporary, and anything in between.
  • Manuscript must be complete
  • Word counts accepted: full length (50,000 to 100,000 words)
  • You must note “2014 SCORCHING STORIES Contest” and book title in subject line of your submission email
  • One SCORCHING STORIES contest submission per author
  • Follow ALL Ardent Books submission guidelines at ArdentBooks.com
  • All submissions will be judged by Ardent Books imprint editors and acquisitions editors


SCORCHING STORIES Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • Assent Publishing contract including all benefits offered through Assent Publishing: professional editing, professional cover design, print and ebook formatting, distribution, intense marketing training through the Assent Academy, and the unparalleled Assent Publishing commitment to author success
  • A SCORCHING STORIES GRAND PRIZE WINNER promotional announcement blitz ($500 value)
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  • 10 two hour sessions of one-on-one author marketing coaching with Author Success Coach and dean of the Assent Academy, Deborah Riley-Magnus ($2,000 value)
  • $100 toward membership in a writers organization or guild of the winner’s choice
  • A Kindle Fire



SCORCHING STORIES Finalists will each receive:


  • Assent Publishing contract including all benefits offered through Assent Publishing: professional editing, professional cover design, print and ebook formatting, distribution, intense marketing training through the Assent Academy, and the unparalleled Assent Publishing commitment to author success
  • SCORCHING STORIES WINNER promotional announcements for the author and their book ($100 value)
  • Scorch us with your story! http://www.ardentbooks.com/Default.aspx

May is Senior Sex Month

I’m not certain who decided May is Senior Sex Month, but I’m sure glad. Helps promote my specialty. www.susanamayer.com

Excerpts from a talk I gave last week to seniors, as part of Osher, The Life Long Learning Center at Temple University. If you are interested in having me speak at your event or school email – pcsalons@gmail.com.  I’m also in the midst of writing a book on this subject. Send me your email address and I’ll keep you up to date on publication date. pcsalons@gmail.com

harold and maude it's maude 615

Harold and Maude – film

“Take Your Pleasure Seriously” a quote from designer Charles Eames, has become my leitmotif for “Ageless Sex: The New Sexuality for Adults.” It is all about pleasure.


Now you might be thinking, but I have no one to enjoy pleasure with or my sex partner is no longer interested in sex or possibly you thought yourself too old, till you read the title of this workshop. Certainly, 22 year old actress and singer Miley Cyrus, Disney symbol turned sex symbol with her twerking, she feels you’re too old. She was interviewed by Today’s Morning anchor Matt Lauer, and said “I heard when you turn 40 things turn a little less sexual, so probably around 40 I heard that’s when people don’t have sex anymore.” Really


Then you have the other extreme. 66 year old movie actress Suzanne Somers appeared on The Talk, she was asked how often she and her husband of 36 years, Alan Hamel, get it on, and her answer completely debunks Miley’s theory. “He’s on hormones and I’m on hormones,” before revealing that they have sex “a couple times a day.” Well certain hormones can create the innate sex drive of a 20 something year old, but, is that really necessary for sexual satisfaction?


What about sex without hormones: I founded and host a monthly Erotic Literary Salon where people share their erotica and sex memoirs, plus there is an Adult Sex-Ed component. This is the first story ever read at the Salon almost 6 years ago. It is part of an ebook collection, entitled “Sensexual: A Unique Anthology Volumes 1 and 2,” it has a similar format as the Salon readings. I shall read not only the story, but my notes as editor at the end of the piece.


Backstory for the piece, I searched my mind and came up with a recent picture of myself and my almost new boyfriend. So, I wrote my first story, and offered to write only one. However, its presentation at the Salon was a success. (I think the idea of sex when someone is 90 was something new to the group, and their enthusiasm asked for more.)

So here it goes—I am Lily‚ there he was, the man, standing by the pool of our senior community. My eyes stood still and my breath slowed down. I hadn’t seen a white haired man who could touch my heart for almost a lifetime. We reached for each other and agreed to meet the next week.

Without shame, I lay naked on the bed, eagerly separating my legs as the man knelt before me. My body warmed in a new way. Ripples of movement ran through me‚ and music by Vivaldi.

My skin smoothed out and was flooded with rosy coloring. I was a painting by Rubens and the man said I was beautiful.


* * *

My notes: Lily had forgotten to mention the title, but after being cued, she blurted out “First Date.” Upon hearing this the audience gasped, she immediately said, “We’re old, we don’t have that much time.”


Several years later Lily appended the story.


Her Backstory: The first story, “First Date,” written several years ago, included the excitement of our meeting. The next story, several years later, is a more realistic assessment of where we both are in life.


First Date, continued


I look forward to seeing the man again, renewing our friendship and our love.

There he is standing on my doorstep—now aged 97—very skinny and very frail. We sat on the couch like two kids on their first date until I suggested we go into the bedroom.

When the man delivering my life call emergency machine interrupted us, we pulled ourselves together and looked quite innocent—actually we were—almost.


It is the almost comment that I would like to address. What made them almost innocent, or almost not innocent? What changes as we age? And what needs to change as we age if we are to be satisfied with almost.


The truth is I created the label new sexuality for two reasons, one – marketing, to get your attention, but most importantly if I used the term outercourse, many of you would not have known what I was talking.