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Reminder Next Tuesday June 18 – The Erotic Literary Salon / Adult Sex Ed Live – Featuring Spoken Word Author – Flenardo, Directed Erotic Visualisation©

Please don’t miss this Salon, Flenardo returns to Philadelphia especially for the Erotic Literary Salon.

Want to have a “thought” orgasm? If you are interesting in hearing words that arouse and have the potential to create an orgasm then Essemoh Teepee’s Directed Erotic Visualisation© site is for you. There are generic audio ones and then the opportunity to have one created personally to fit your personal specifications and desires. My personal audio worked when nothing else did. Personal audio –  https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=19542337. Generic audio – http://esensualwellbeing.com

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing some wonderful words at the next Erotic Literary Salon, June. 18.