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4 Major Myths About Penises

Thought I would start your weekend with a bit of Sex-Ed. It is not only good personal information, but might be of interest if you are an erotica writer. Enjoy the read.

Don’t fall for the hype!


You’ve probably seen a penis or two by now—and yet, some misconceptions persist. Below, a rundown of the most common myths and the raw (and, yes, occasionally disappointing) truth. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Shoe size is a good predictor of penis size.
No, it’s not. In fact, there is no good predictor. And it’s not for lack of research—studies have examined correlations between penis size and race, height, build, and the size of a man’s feet, hands, and even butt.

You can’t break a guy’s penis, since boners don’t contain bones.
“There’s no bone, but there is something called the corpora cavernosa—fibrous tissues that carry blood supply, protected by ligaments. Those can rupture,” says Harry Fisch, M.D., a clinical professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, who reassures us that the injury is rare. “I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, and the last time I saw one was as a resident in the ER.” A fracture in the structure of the penis (which will feel slightly less painful than a broken leg) is an emergency—one that requires surgery. The usual culprit is misalignment during woman-on-top sex, so be careful up there, just in case.

There is a pill/cream/device/surgery that will make a penis larger.
While there’s no way to become bigger, he can make the most of his natural state by getting as hard as humanly possible. “Heart-healthy behavior is penis-healthy behavior,” says Fisch. “He should quit smoking, eat more low-cholesterol foods, and get plenty of regular cardio exercise—particularly squats, hip thrusts, and leg lifts—to send blood rushing to the pelvic and gluteal area. Supplements and medications like Viagra can increase nitric oxide, which improves blood flow. Think of it like inflating a tire.”

If he stays erect after sex, he wants another go.
Not always. Sometimes erections remain even after he’s ejaculated. How long a guy can stay hard afterward depends on the quality of his blood flow, his level of arousal, and whether he has the help of a little blue pill. Some men are able to perform again within five or 10 minutes, some dudes need a half-hour, and others require a full day to recover.

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