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SenSexual: A Unique Erotic Anthology
eBook to Enhance your Sex Life
From the Erotic Literary Salon Press
Edited by Susana Mayer, PhD, founder of the Erotic Literary Salon


Deadline for submissions is Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012. Email submissions to: Enter Submissions in the subject line. Earlier submissions are encouraged. You will receive notification of acceptance or rejection approximately 3 months after submission of material. Projected publication date: Summer 2012.

You are invited to be part of this groundbreaking new anthology, the first ebook published by the Erotic Literary Salon Press. SenSexual is a collection of erotica and sexual writings by both acclaimed authors, writers, and  individuals who wish to share their words for the first time. These writings include genres not normally accepted by conventional anthologies and follow the guidelines of the Erotic Literary Salon.

Dr. Susana Mayer is a sex educator/consultant who often encourages her clients to read erotica to develop a better sex life. The Erotic Literary Salon – Live developed out of her sexuality research. Now she is creating the Salon in digital form. Using the template of the Salon event, the author is offering pieces with a wide range of intensities, a variety of styles, and individual authors’ backstories, never before presented in one anthology. If accepted, your work will be part of this unparalleled collection of sensexuala* and sexual writings. (*New term that bypasses all the old judgments around divisive labels like “erotica” and “pornography.”)

Another unique feature of this book will be the comment section, which will be located at the Salon’s website. The readers will have the opportunity to share their views on the various works presented in the anthology, creating a community of erotica enthusiasts, similar to some of the Salon events.

SenSexual is seeking submissions both fictional and non-fictional, including:

Short erotic stories                                                                                                                                                                    Short sex stories                                                                                                                                                                      Essays
Excerpts from longer works
Short plays or monologues
All forms of poetry
Blog posts
Personal confessions
Personal fantasies
Personal diary and journal entries
Phone sex transcripts
Correspondence, including emails, Tweets, letters

Pieces can be highly graphic and explicit, or rely instead on suggestion and innuendo–or fall anywhere in between. A full range of styles, from “soft-core” to “hard-core,” will be represented. Interesting stories or journals that are purely sexual in nature are welcomed. Samples of pieces read at the Salon can be found on the website,

The anthology is intended mainly to titillate and to educate, helping readers to normalize their feelings regarding both sexual acts and behaviors. The primary audience for this book will be heterosexual couples and individuals. Pieces incorporating a variety of sexual and sensual experiences, behaviors (e.g. creative and unusual positions, scenarios) and combinations of genders and sexual orientations are welcome. I realize that scat, bestiality, and incest might be part of some personal entries, however for this particular publication they will not be acceptable material. All characters must be 18 years or older.

Similar to the Salon, sensexual stories that purely entertain will be included in this book.

Acceptance of any submissions is wholly within the sole discretion of the Erotic Literary Salon Press. It may incorporate considerations including, but not limited to, literary quality, balance and variety.

Submissions Guidelines: All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

Please include your manuscript as an attachment.

Word document .doc format only (no .docx or rtf).

Title on saved file should read: your legal name and title of piece.

Text: Times, black, 12pt. font. Single spaced, one inch margins all sides, indent first line new paragraph .5.

Edit and spell-check based on US English.

Each piece must include a statement explaining the backstory (approximately 100-300 words, more or less): why you wrote it, whether or not it was used to work through any issues, how it evolved, and/or any pertinent information that might enhance a reader’s appreciation of your piece. Specify whether this information is best read before or after the piece.

Pieces should be no longer than 2,500 words; there is no minimum.

Please include on each manuscript:


Email address
Legal name
Pen name/pseudonym (if applicable; we will not use your legal name without your permission)Title
Word Count


Contributors will receive 2 copies of this ebook. If this edition sells well, in the future profits will be shared.

Legal Information:

Previously published work will be considered, provided it does not conflict with the original publisher’s reprinting policy, which is exclusively the responsibility of the submitter, and the author retains all reprint rights. Any work restricted by third party copyright will not be accepted.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please contact us immediately if your piece is accepted by another publication and you have lost rights to publish elsewhere.

Non-fiction correspondence that include more than one voice must have the written permission and signatures of all parties involved in the piece accompany the submission (scanned pdf).

Detailed contract will be sent upon request. email Contact enter Contract in the subject line.

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