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French lose the accent of love…as the Irish lilt is voted world's sexiest

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French lose the accent of love… as the Irish lilt is voted world’s sexiest

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 7:52 AM on 03rd November 2009

There was a time when a Frenchman only had to order a pint of beer and women would collapse at his feet with desire.

Well those days, they are, ‘ow you say, fini!

The Irish accent was yesterday voted the world’s sexiest – knocking the Gauls off the top spot they’ve held for decades.

Helped by the likes of Colin Farrell, the Irish accent has knocjked the French off the top spot, no doubt to the dismay of Nicolas Sarkozy

Men with an Emerald Isle brogue, as promoted by stars like Colin Farrell and James Nesbitt, came top in a poll of 5,000 women worldwide.

The fall from grace of the French accent was laid firmly at the feet of president Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been accused of giving his countrymen a bad name by leering at women while married to Carla Bruni.

The Italian accent was deemed to be second most sexy followed by Scottish. The French only managed to limp into fourth place, just ahead of Australian. English was sixth.

The study also found six in ten women admitted they hade been succumbed to seduction by someone purely because of their accent.

And four out of ten said they would much rather go to bed with a man who had a nice accent compared with a gruff, harsh one.

The sexiest accents are: 1 Irish; 2 Italian; 3 Scottish; 4 French; 5 Australian; 6 English; 7 Swedish; 8 Spanish; 9 Welsh; 10 American.

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Spoken Word presentations

Starting November the Salon will introduce Spoken Word narrative and poetic works to its original formate. These can be either extemporaneous or memorized words, first person or fictionalized. Original readings or from works of others will still be included in the evening’s presentations.

Thanks for your patience with the new site that is still under construction.

Susana Mayer, PhD
Salonnière & Muse

Press Release – November

Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon, Unique in the English-Speaking World. Featuring- Philadelphia Writer Angel Hogan Reading Original Poems as well as Selections From I Smell Good on You, a Collection of Short Stories, along with New Salon Erotic Readings from Attendees. Mina Smith-Segal will also be Showing her Collection of Nudes and “Love” Watercolors.

Tuesday, November 17.

Wednesday October 28, 2009


Contact: Susana Mayer, Salonnière


PHILADELPHIA: The Erotic Literary Salon has launched a growing movement that is mainstreaming erotic literature—bringing its appreciation and enjoyment to adults in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The next Salon will be held Tuesday, November 17. Part of the evening will feature Angel Hogan sharing original poems as well as selections from I Smell Good on You, a collection of short stories. Hogan has been featured on WRTI’s Creatively Speaking, and she is the subject of the prize-winning 5-minute documentary Love and the Lamb. She is a member of the New Philadelphia Poets, Pigeon Arts Collective, Mighty Writers, and has performed at various competitive storyteller events and the 2009 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Her work can be found at

Mina Smith-Segal is one of Philadelphia’s well-known watercolorists. She is a member of the Plastic Club, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, founder & chairperson of the Philadelphia Plein Air Artists and various artist organizations. She has shown in over a dozen venues in Philadelphia and won numerous awards. Her work will be reasonably priced to sell; cash & checks only.

The Erotic Literary Salon is the latest flowering of a centuries-old source of literary innovation. Web research performed for the Salon indicates that it is unique in the English-speaking world as a forum where men and women gather to read their own and other’s literary erotica and join in commentary and discussion. Numerous literary and event blogs, newspapers and magazines now report on the Salon, raising the profile of erotic literature.

Monthly salons gather the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the charming entertainment venue of TIME (The Bohemian Absinthe Lounge) 1315 Sansom Street, Center City, Philadelphia. The Erotic Literary Salon allows men and women a ‘safe space’ to hear and present original and favorite authors’ erotic words. Past recitations, along with new works, contemporary and classic erotica are posted daily on

Salons attract a supportive audience of 45 and more individuals, while usually a dozen or more authors and readers recite erotica. Salon erotic readings have included short fiction excerpts from novels — some never before presented in public and several encouraged by best-selling authors — poetry, and love letters/emails.  There are also works in progress, and authors who encourage audience feedback to help refine their writing. Planned future feature presentations include plays, music and art.  Upcoming Salons will also feature published authors, writing instructors and independent publishers of erotica. Frances, our resident nonagenarian (92 years young) often recites her original erotica.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. (limited seating), for cocktails, food and conversation. The event begins promptly at 8:00 p.m. Admission is $10, discounted for F/T students and seniors (65+) to $8. Salon attendees ages 21+ are invited to recite original or favorite erotica; share distinctive authors, books, and websites; and join in friendly discussions — all pertaining to this most intimate and human of literary genres.

Salonnière Susana Mayer, Ph.D. is Philadelphia’s best-known sexologist and a specialist in challenges of the libido. She champions an Ageless Sex Life, educating her clients on typical lifespan sexuality changes. She lends her voice to the Salon by offering relevant studies, theories and facts to support some of the discussions that arise in the Salon.

Susana created The Erotic Literary Salon for writers and readers to explore the many aspects of erotica in a community forum. Future Salons will also discuss related topics such as: best Web sources for writing and reading erotica, where to locate English-language books on erotica and the intellectual, emotional and interpersonal benefits of reading and writing erotica. Her daily blog discusses all things erotica and publishes many works by International and national authors.

The following responses were taken from an anonymous questionnaire given to Salon attendees. They were asked what they liked most about the event:

Safe space for all sorts of different types (of erotica)

Freedom of expression, warmth of the audience

Variety and openness of crowd

Setting is great, involvement of audience like a real salon

Comfort level, daring!

The humor – The acceptance

Quality of work, comfort of atmosphere