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Journal writings from imbakeowski continued. These words were read at the very first Salon held in May 2008

dogs in bed with youand your new girl

> thankfully she putsthem out at 630

> to run and shit

> and when she getsback

> you have a surprisefor her

> its over too quick

> the first timeususally is

> you resign yourselfto the fact

> then flash back tolast nights conversation

> in which sherelated that the first time can make or break

> a relationship

> you build it up somuch

> and shes had threeyears of flirtaceous buildup


> the coffee isnt sotasty anymore

> you mention that anap would be nice

> she concurs

> you spoon and

> surprise!

> she notices that anap inst appropriate

> that somethingneeds attention

> and she climbs on

> and does her best

> she has greatcontrol of her hips

> as you lay back andenjoy

> 15 minutes latershe sweatily cracks

> “you’re makingme earn it”

> so you lick hertits a little to make it interesting

> her writhing tellsyou its working

> and suddenly youMUST be on top

> and youre nailingher to the bed in a perfect coordination

> of violence andvelocity

> shes confides laterthat shes never seen someone so fast

> bunnyfucking iswhat thats called

> for a minute, youwonder if she meant the first time was

> fast

> and you realize itreally doesnt matter

Erotica – imbakeowski

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While in testing mode for transferring of date from old site to new, thought I’d post one of the pieces read at the first Salon. I recall Harry racing home during the intermission to retrieve his journal and read a passage during the second half of the Salon. Here is what he read:


class=”MsoNormal” style=”mso-pagination:none;mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none”>its really kind of lateto develop a moral sense after

> treating someonelike a sperm receptacle for weeks

> but i just dontfeel like fucking you anymore

> its just not worthit

> not worth the shityou make me deal with

> and fucking forfuckings sake is fine

> but not with you

> i know you too well

> i know that you aresecretly investing worth into the act

> even as you protestyou arent

> i see behind thoseeyes

> and know that youare playing an awful wating game with me

> waiting for me tocome around

> to snap out of it

> o realize yourworth

> and myworthlessness

> it is beneath you

> to lay beneath me

> acting as afucksicle

> the patient woman

> all suffering

> you really buy intothat role

> im not

> im not going to letyou degrade yourself by submitting to

> my carnal demands

> we both said itmeans nothing

> if it meansnothing, why do it?

> so im not gonnafuck you anymore ive suddenly decided it

> must have meaningsex is sacred

> my temple is closedworship someone else

> leave me the fuckalone


WEAM – World Erotic Art Museum

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach, Miami. Amazing!. This collection is only 16 years old, 4 years in the museum and prior to that time in the owner/curator’s home. Naomi Wilzig built this collection after her elder son asked her to purchase some erotic pieces for his home. The rest is history.

I have never seen so many erotic pieces in one site. From huge paintings and sculptures to the tiniest of jeweled carvings. It was rather overwhelming and truly demands several visits. I felt on overload after several hours.

Their website:

If you decide to visit the museum do stop in to say high to Naomi, she is most accessible and truly a lovely woman. Do tell her you heard about the museum through the Erotic Literary Salon Blog.

My favorite piece was a cane, the curved end was a female devil and the straight end of the cane was shaped as a phallus impaling the devil. The carving was spectacular.


Susana Mayer, PhD

Salonnière & Muse

Custom Erotica

While working on my new website, – very much in progress, I came upon two sites that offer custom erotica.

Disclaimer, I honestly do not know anything about these sites, but they look handsome and well thought out to be authentic. Sometimes I just go with my intuition.