Reminder – December 15 Salon – Erotic story content – Israeli scientists solve ED

As the muse for this Salon I’m always searching for interesting material that can be used in writing erotica. The link below will give you the details on a study for correcting erectile dysfunction with electric shock treatments – this is not a joke. Sent to me by one of my professional listserves:

Erotic Short Short Story

I read this story at the June 2008 Salon.

How to Pick Watermelons by a Real Farmer’s Daughter byTeresa Blalock 2006

Exhausted, my husband and I worked in the field gathering watermelons.

I made the view interesting; skimpy shorts sans panties. Bending to gather the harvest, my own melons peeked out and my shorts rode high over my cheeks.

Thrilled at the sight of my tantalizing ass and tits, he stopped to rub his cock. I finished my row and slipped into the woods.

Steadied against a tree, I shoved my ass out, legs spread. He went in fast and hard! Five sharp strokes – a torrent of heat.

Fatigue faded, replaced with energy. The only way to pick watermelons!

Erotic Poem – Touch

The following poem was read at the Salon on June 17, 2008. A lovely poem. I think many women, as I have, can relate to this poem.


By John

It’s in the hands, Sir.

It starts with the hands.

I know you don’t realize this;

Or even understand it.

But it’s the hands, Sir;

It starts with the hands.

A caress of the face while looking in my eyes;

A stroking, along the side of the cheek; gentle, yet insistent;

The tips of your fingers against my skin.

Offering and taking at once. Beckoning. Welcoming.

A caress. A stroke.

It’s the hands, Sir. The hands.

When you feel my arms, do you brush against them?

Grab them? Squeeze them?

Or do you trace the length of them, finding each curve;

Awakening each nerve? Exploring…discovering?.

It’s the hands, Sir. The hands.

My soft and yielding breasts.

How do you meet them?

.Do you touch them? Grab them?Paw them?

Or is there a wonderment in your touching? An amazement.

At how this arrangement of curved flesh can bring so much pleasure;

Hold so much promise?

Is there wonderment in your touch? Gratitude? Caring?

It’s in the hands, Sir. The hands.

Hundreds have reached for me.

Grabbed me. Fondled me. Taken me. Been with me.

But only a few have known me.

Made love to me. Maybe evenloved me.

And I knew those few….loved those few.

Could feel their love

Even as they kissed me; lay with me; entered me.

I knew by their hands, Sir. By their hands.

It is in the touch.

The hands, Sir. It is in thehands.

Erotic Lap Dance

Hoping all lovers of erotica had a most Happy Thanksgiving.

One of the short, short pieces I read at the salon in June of 2008. Contemporary work.

Lap Dance ‚2003 by Jill

The petite blonde pulled my knees apart, drivingher lithe, lean body between them and driving a wedge between my inhibitionsand my need.¬† Swaying to the music, she pressed into me, giggling,”Let’s give them a show.”

My tongue slid between her breasts, up herneck.  Dropping to her knees, pulling me forward, she forced her face upmy skirt.  My head went back, my hips arched upward.  Every man inthe club applauded, waving bills in the air, drowning out my screams.

Only we could taste the truth, the essence of myclimax evident in her final kiss.