Erotic/sexual material for writing – Middle Sexes

Most people don’t think twice about marking a sheet asking for their sex; male or female. But what would you think if the third option was “other”?

How do you think middle sex people feel when there is no “other” to mark? Not all people define their gender as male or female.

As muse for this site I think it would be interesting to put yourself in the shoes of the Middle Sex. Watch this HBO series of videos and you will most certainly have interesting information for your next erotic story.

Fine Art Sex David Steinberg / Poet Lenore Kandel

Several years ago I heard David Steinberg give a lecture on his unusual photos. I purchased several of his books, they are intriguing in terms of subject matter, plus he is a fine photographer. He makes no claims concerning erotica or pornography, they are labeled fine art sex. He’s also a journalist and writes an interesting blog.

In today’s blog he offers a sacred sex poem from an poetess who recently died.

San Francisco poet Lenore Kandel, perhaps the most lucid voice ever when it comes to sacred sexuality, puts it like this:

“I am naked against you and I put my mouth on you slowly… I have longing to kiss you and my tongue makes worship on you you are beautiful… your face above me is the face of all the gods and beautiful demons your eyes… love touches love the temple and the god are one”

CONTEST – writing erotic words for Mainstream Erotica

An attendee sent me this information, seems legitimate. If you decide to enter the contest, please don’t forget to mention where you heard about it.

What a great way to get exposure for your work.

Erotica Writers Contest at The competition is rolling until- November 2010

Erotica Writer’s Contest: Writers of Erotic Stories, Erotic Fiction, Short Fiction Stories and Erotic Literature

Mainstream Erotica is looking for additional excellent erotica writers, and we’re putting on a contest to achieve this objective!  Writers will be able to submit their work to us NOW for posting.  Starting on November 1st, 2009 M E has been posting the best ten stories submitted each month and they remain on the site for one month as our readers rank them. We think this process will help us identify more and better writers of erotic stories but also help us discover more about the type of erotica our readers like, thus a win/win for us all.

Submissions must be a minimum of 1000 words, with no maximum; and the ten best monthly stories posted to our site will be compensated a flat rate of $30.  In addition, each monthly winner, of those 10 stories, will be hired by M E as a freelance writer to write erotic stories and/or fiction for our publication. One writer from each quarter will become a quarter-finalist. This person’s work will be juried by our M E staff and decided upon based upon merit and writing skill. That person becomes a quarter-finalist and at the end of the year each of the four quarter-finalists will go head-to-head and submit new work to be judged for a final first place prize, which will include $1000.00 in cash and prizes, as well as the title of Mainstream Erotica’s Erotic Stories Writer of the Year!

Please post your submissions to Please label all submission with the following “EROTIC FICTION WRITERS CONTEST/ DATE”. All work must be new and unpublished on any other online or print publication.  Each monthly erotic stories winner will be asked to submit a new piece to M E for us to publish (writer will be compensated for these pieces) At which time we will have you sign a contract stating all of our terms and conditions.  Please only send one entry per person, per month.  We appreciate all your hard work, and let the games begin!


Interesting article in the BBC World News American Magazine on an award given to bad sex in fiction. Among the past nominees are Philip Roth, Salmon Rushdie, John Updike, Ian McEwan.