The Erotic Literary Salon – Tuesday's event

I would like to share a comment from an attendee who posted to the Erotic Literary Salon’s meetup group.

“Good seeing, meeting, hearing feeling and tasting all of you tonight and look forward to the next installment.

(For those who did not attend the Salon, please -feeling & tasting is not to be taken literally, rather tame event, only verbal erotica.)

I encourage everyone to bring their own original real new raw inspired hot

intimate words to share. And while sharing, have a Death in the

Afternoon: Absinth + Champagne”

The Erotic Literary Salon – Angel Hogan

I would like to thank all that attended last night’s Salon, what a wonderful event. A dozen plus readers and one Spoken Word by “Mouth”, a magnificent presentation. Angel Hogan our featured presenter for the evening was her spectacular self, truly fine words playing together to create such marvelous poetry.

Angel sent this one particular piece she presented yesterday, welcoming comments and feedback from all attendees and readers of this blog.

Many Distances

The problem with the heart,
a tool of time, is want can never speak.

-Willis Barnstone
And then there is this offer of a mouth

A layering of tongues

Teeth breath, lips, with-with

Barely an idea, a trick

Flickering in the corner of your eye:

Your lover awaits life from your gaze

Your breaker baits a heated barb

Your beloved dies and rises beneath you

Your keeper sinks to your hips

Your warden walks the mighty yard

Your sweetie stays in the strange

Your crush stands in the wind.

Your mistress lifts one aching calf

And bites the tender skin.

Now there are fingers

A layering of flesh,

The almighty touch, a whisper…

Now a flame:

Your lover says your name

Your honey sets the blaze

Your teacher wets your belly

Your partner parts your thighs

Your escort knows your secrets

Your precious lights your skin

Your guide finds you adrift and tangled

then sails you home again.

-Angel Hogan

I also wish to thank Mina Smith-Segal for her lovely watercolors that adorned the Salon last night.

Susana Mayer, PhD

Salonnière & Muse

Tonight – The Erotic Literary Salon event in Philadelphia

Another month has passed, whoosh, hard to believe. For all you folks who have been reading the blog contemplating attending, tonight is the night. The Press Release says it all – under Categories to the right.

If you have attended but never written or read, bring in a piece you enjoy reading at home, or one you have written to a lover. We don’t need to know that if you are shy, but participation is always fun. At least that is what many have said. Then there are others that just enjoy cheering and applauding the brave folks who have bared their sexual souls.

Hope to see you tonight.

Susana Mayer, PhD

Salonnière & Muse

Presents for the HOLIDAY SEASON, ART for SALE, each less than $100

Reminder, tomorrow is the next Salon. Surprise, Frances has changed her flight to Florida to attend one last Salon before she departs for the winter.

Also, please bring extra cash or check. Artwork will be for sale, each piece less than $100. Great presents for the holiday season.