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Reprint of wonderful poem read at the first Salon.

DeVo Nelson

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DeVo Nelson

it’s true what they say
it really isn’t the size that matters
second only to how you use it –
is girth

that thickness
that fullness
that broadness
that heaviness
that obtuseness

that auspicious attribute
that satiates the hunger for being full
that seductive monster

that wideness that pushes against the edges
the sides of the cheeks, labia, anal canal
creating that sweet unruly friction
just letting in enough air past and through to the sweetspot
popping bubbles of supreme ecstasy
making you gasp for just the right amount of breath
(it’s your only reason for living anyway)

“This one’s too long,” Goldilocks might say
or perhaps: “This one’s too short”
but you know when she heeds and says
“This one’s just right!”
it will be the fattest member 

a chunky slab of salty meat
that strong rooted trunk
lying in a bed of coarse, chlorine-smelling bush
a veiny shaft on which to sit
to feel yourself being ripped apart, gaping open
only to be put back together again

feeling empty
when he pulls out
leaving you with torn tissue
legs wide open
eyes spread
feeling that septor rule you for the rest of your day

Cougars – Snow Tigers – Women enjoying younger men

I have just been informed of the following new termonologies for women who enjoy younger men.

40-60 year old women are considered Cougars

60+ year old women are considered Snow Tigers

I’m still getting conflicting numbers as to how much older a woman has to be than a man to be given this title. 10 or 20 years? If anyone knows please comment.

Erotic Tooth Fairy – Video – How to write Erotic Poetry – Alan Ardy

I truly enjoy researching content for this blog, sometimes my morning is just filled with laughter.

Alan Ardy reads his erotic poem – Erotic Tooth Fairy, in honor of his dentist.

Erotic Haiku – winner Haiku Buckaroo Contest, Take Two!

While searching the internet I stumbled upon this erotic Haiku. I do enjoy the brevity of this form of erotica. The constraint of writing with few words lends itself to much creativity.

Most Erotic Haiku

Caress, snuggle, breathe
mouths explore, hands hold, eyes close
a shuddering moan

Submitted by JerseyGirl89 at Dirty Little Secretwinner of One HOT pack courtesy of Gretchen at Bananas and Toddlers