Tuesday-August 15-Tonight-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live-”Singin’ in the Rain”-Video-Gene Kelly

Get out your umbrellas, put on your rain slicker and goulashes and dance on down to the Erotic Literary Salon, because you do not want to miss this packed evening of ‘steam.’ Internationally renowned spoken word poet Ainsley Burrows, The Sensual Life’s Monica Day, ‘Walter,’ approximately 20 attendee readers, plus Ainsley’s pre -reading talk on who he is, how he got there, and how you can too, along with Walter and my discussion on homophobia. WoW!


Self-Esteem – Sexuality – Relationships – Dove Patch for women

Start the conversation. Self-esteem affects men and women, and ultimately relationships and sexuality.


I believe and studies confirm, intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with self-esteem, the women in the video were not dumb, they had low self esteem. …and yes, the mind is an extremely powerful tool that can be brainwashed, manipulated, and influenced into believing almost anything. We control our perceptions in life and that is what creates self-esteem, how we perceive who we are. Then the domino syndrome begins – good self-esteem, happiness,  high sex-esteem, … The model is not quite that simplistic, but certainly a framework.

Philly Poetry Day-April 12-Saturday-Today

What It Is

Philly Poetry Day is a demonstration of the abundance and enthusiasm for poetry in Philadelphia — all in one day.

On April 12, 2014, poetry blooms in Philadelphia: on porches and street corners, at diners and cafes, in laundromats and on the trolleys. Poetry everywhere!

From midnight to midnight on April 12, anybody who loves poetry is invited to attend or create a short poetry performance in any venue across the city.


The Start Time The Person The Place The Address The Neighborhood The Details
8:30 DT Germantown Artists Roundtable poets Yolanda Wisher, Michelle Nzadi Keita, Trapeta Mason & more Rose Petal Cafe in am and Maplewood Mall at noon 322 W. Chelten Avenue Philadelphia, PA Germantown Morning Haiku: writing and reading haikus together; Hanging Out With Poetry at noon-bringing our favorite poems to read and hang on a clothesline in the mall
11:00 DT Lillian Dunn and Anna Badkhen // Open Reading Corner of 9th and Christian Streets 919 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Bella Vista Pablo Neruda Tribute: Bring Your Favorite Pablo Poems And Read Them Among The Vegetables
11:00 DT Diane Sahms-Guarnieri and g emil reutter Lions Park in Fox Chase 7900 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111 Fox Chase Reading poetry about Philadelphia’s people and places in the Gazebo at Lions Park
11:00 DT (2) 34th Street Poets: Deidra Allen, B.E. Kahn, J.C. Todd, Barbara Russell, & Lamont Dixon The upper landing of the indoor central staircase(Double-check at reference desk in case of location change) 1901 Vine St. Phila. PA 1918 Philadelphia, PA Free Library of Phila.,The Parkway, Center City The Literature Dept. at Parkway Central Library is pleased to host a pop-up Poetry Reading
12:00 DT Leonard Gontarek Green Line Cafe – Outdoors 43rd & Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA West Philadelphia Poetry Reading
12:00 DT Poets here and gone. 19125 everywhere, yo. Philadelphia, PA Fishtown, primarily famous, not-so-famous, and just plain delicious poems will be posted on trees, windows, bus stops, store-fronts, grocery carts, gas pumps, park benches, etc.
12:00 DT The Poeticians 1324 S. Cleveland Street 1324 S. Cleveland Street Philadelphia, PA Point Breeze Poeticians Launch Party and Open Mic
12:00 DT Germantown poets and neighbors Maplewood Mall Maplewood Mall ,Greene St between Chelten & Maplewood Philadelphia, PA Germantown Hanging Out With Poetry: Afternoon Poetry Cafe
12:00 DT Germantown residents, all ages, G-town Artists Roundtable Maplewood Mall 12-1:30 Greene Street at Maplewood Mall, 19144 Philadelphia, PA Germantown Bring your favorite poem to read and hang on our Germantown poetry clothesline
1:00 DT B.E.Kahn, Wendy Schermer, Bruce Kramer, Peter Krok, Tom Mallouck, Diane Sahms-Guarnieri , J.C. Todd followed by open mic Amphitheater/Camp Fire area at the Pennypack Environmental Center, 8600-A Veree Rd, Philadlephia, Pa 19115 Philadelphia, PA Fox Chase/Bustleton The Fox Chase Reading Series presents Poets @ Pennypack Park
1:00 DT The Osage Poets Osage Avenue 4221 Osage Avenue – Front Porch Philadelphia, PA West Philadelphia Poetry Reading
1:00 DT Patricia Mary Hearons, Laura Spagnoli, and Anne-Adele Wight Rittenhouse Square (northwest corner) Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, PA Center City Just Passing Through — Poetry Reading
1:00 DT James Andrew Freeman Newtown Bookshope 110 South Eagle Road Philadelphia, PA Newtown Boro, PA A Poetry Reading and BooK Launch for “Temporary Roses Dipped in Liquid Gold”
1:00 DT Frank Sherlock, Jenn McCreary, Chris McCreary, and Pattie McCarthy Port Richmond Books 3037 Richmond St, Philadelphia PA 19134 Philadelphia, PA Port Richmond Poets & Wieners: A backyard reading with hot dogs & beer!
1:30 DT Autumn McClintock, Martha Webster, and Rachel Brown 4627 Hazel Avenue, front porch Philadelphia, PA West Philadelphia Poetry reading and lemonade, on the porch.
1:45 DT Clark Park Poets Clark Park 43rd & Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA West Philadelphia Flash Mob Poetry
2:00 DT Paul Siegell, Frank Wilson, Chris Brennan, and John Timpane Philadelphia Inquirer, 801 Market St., Philadelphia PA 19101 Philadelphia, PA Poetry reading/open mic — our own poetry and others’ … ringers invited
2:00 DT Chris Alexander and Kristen Gallagher Penn Book Center 130 S. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 University City Poetry Reading
2:00 DT Victoria Peurifoy, RuNett Nia Ebo, Sagacious Pen Black Writers Museum (in the library) 5800 Germantown Ave Vernon House Philadelphia, PA NW Philly- Germantown 19144 Random Bursts of Poetry
2:30 DT Spells Writing Lab Students Spells Writing Lab 2526 N. Alder Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133 Fairhill, North Philly Outdoor performance of poems written during our Perform a Poem workshop earlier in the day
3:00 DT Helen Mirkil, Kelly McQuain, Juditha Dowd Philadelphia Sketch Club, Exhibition Gallery 235 South Camac Street Philadelphia, PA Center City Poetry Reading
3:00 DT Hila Ratzabi, Sonia Petruse, Shevaun Brannigan, Effie Kong, Mabel Lee, Davon Loeb, Rachel Urbano, Anne-Adele Wight On the lawn near the Fairmount Water Works gazebo 640 Waterworks Drive Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130 Philadelphia, PA Fairmount DERAILED: An Eco-Poetry Reading on the Schuylkill. In tribute to this large body of water, the main artery of Philadelphia, which just barely survived devastation during the January 20th oil train derailment, local poets will come together on April 12th, Philly Poetry Day, to read environmentally themed poetry. We will honor this river running through us, and raise awareness of how our actions affect our habitats. Event is free and open to all. Meet at 3pm on the lawn near the Fairmount Water Works gazebo. Hosted by Hila Ratzabi & Sonia Petruse.
3:00 DT Bucks County Poets Laureate, Friends and Family Orangery, BCCC, Newtown, PA 18940 275 Swamp Rd., Newtown, PA Philadelphia, PA Bucks County Community College A Celebration of the Life and Poetry of Pam Perkins-Frederick
4:00 DT Maryan Captan, Geoffrey Waterman, Brittanie Sterner, TBA Clark Park Philadelphia, PA West Philadelphia Reading + Open Mic
4:00 DT The super sexy writers of Bedfellows: www.bedfellowsmagazine.com Adobe Cafe – back room (bow chika bow ow) 1919 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 East Passyunk / South Philly Join Bedfellows magazine for some afternoon delight! Writers featured in Bedfellows 1, & soon to appear in issue 2, will read their favorite poems about sex/desire/intimacy, & share their own related work.
5:00 DT Leonard Gontarek, Charles Carr, Ekaterini Nakos Royal Pizza 42nd & Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA West Philadelphia Poetry Reading
5:00 DT Community members Casa Monarca 1448 S. 17th St. Philadelphia PA 19146 Philadelphia, PA South Philadelphia Community members are invited to an open door event to read and share poems in Spanish
7:00 DT Robin Becker Musehouse: A Center for the Literary Arts 7924 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA Chestnut Hill Reading from TIGER HERON & Booksigning
7:00 DT Anna Evans, Rachel Bunting & Leonard Gontarek, plus singer-songwriter Katie Barbato Media Borough Hall, in the Mansion Parlor 3rd & Jackson St., Media, PA 19063 Philadelphia, PA Media, Delaware County A Little Spring Madness, featuring poetry readings and original music based on the poetry of Edna St.Vincent Millay
7:00 DT Diane Sahms-Guarnieri and g emil reutter Gorgas Park Gorgas Park 6300 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 19128 Roxborough Reading poetry about Philadelphia’s people and places in the Gazebo at Gorgas Park
7:00 DT J Michael Corcoran Firinji 54 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA Philadelphia, PA Ardmore Reading and Open Mic
7:00 DT Lamont B. Steptoe on Jayne Cortez Brandywine Workshop 728 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA Rittenhouse Join Lamont Steptoe in discussing Jayne Cortez and other artists who have brought together the arts of language, visual art and music. Jayne Cortez was an African-American poet, activist, small press publisher and spoken-word performance artist whose voice is celebrated for its political, surrealistic and dynamic innovations in lyricism and visceral sound. Her writing is part of the canon of the Black Arts Movement.There will be an open reading where participants can read their favorite poems by Jayne Cortez and their own work that focuses on or is inspired by visual art or music. On exhibit is Stockpile, a print by artist Mel Edwards and his wife, poet Jayne Cortes. Lamont B. Steptoe is an American poet, photographer and publisher. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he is the author and/or editor of fifteen poetry collections, the latest of which is Meditations in Congo Square, and publish/founder of Whirlwind Press. Lamont is the winner of an American Book Award and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts. From April 4 to May 2, 2014, the exhibit, Artists and Writers/ Words to Wall will be presented in the Gallery of Brandywine Workshop, 728 S. Broad Street, to highlight the collaborations and connections visiting artists at Brandywine have made between the two distinct art forms. An installation of prints from the Brandywine Workshop Archives that incorporate artist collaborating with the work of authors and poets. Images are inspired by the writings of activists Anna Akhamatov, Hortense Spillers, and Zora Neal Hurston; the folklore and mythology of diverse cultures: research of historians and journalists; and the experiences of artists, which may be rooted in their journals and sketchbooks.
7:00 DT Charlotte Boulay Big Blue Marble Bookstore 551 Carpenter Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19119 Mt. Airy Book Launch: Foxes on the Trampoline
7:00 DT Nic Esposito and Scott Daughtridge The Head & The Hand Workshop 2012 Sepviva St. Philadelphia, PA 19125 Fishtown Two Indie Presses, One From Philly, One From Atlanta, Converging in This Very Special Reading 


Reminder-Next Tuesday-April 15-The Erotic Literary Salon Live-The Inquirer-Dr. Susana’s Letter

You do not want to miss this Salon. Ainsley Burrows from The Sweet Spot http://www.sweetspotnation.com The Masquerade Edition of The Sweet Spot will be in Philadelphia May 2nd. Come to the Salon next Tuesday for a mini-preview.

My letter posted in The Inquirer in response to “Female trouble: 50 plus.”

Letters Extra: Training to listen to women’s concerns

As a clinical sexologist I get to hear many complaints regarding vaginal pain (“Female trouble: 50 plus,” March 30). My experience is that women don’t talk to their health care providers about their sexual issues, since they haven’t found one who is comfortable listening to their problems. Plus most doctors have not been trained to ask the appropriate questions pertinent to menopausal women’s genital health.

I know this from the relief my clients (many in various stages of menopause) express at my comfort with their sexual issues. Sometimes the remedy is quite simple and I recommend specific suggestions based on their needs. Other times I advise medical intervention.

I know firsthand, as a patient of Dr. Susan Kellogg-Spadt, she is quite comfortable speaking about these issues and takes the time to understand her patient’s concerns. She is a rare find. As a sex therapist and educator, she had to participate in special training to become certified. The Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) program is designed to ultimately get professionals to become comfortable discussing their client’s sexual needs.

Health-care providers can learn all the technical aspects of dysfunction and pain, but without participating in a SAR they are unlikely to put their patients at ease. When the clinician expresses judgment or discomfort with sexuality, it is a rare patient that will discuss topics regarding pain during penetration.

Susana Mayer, Ph.D.
Sexologist: consultant/educator

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/inq_ed_board/Letters-Extra-Training-to-listen-to-womens-concerns.html#iUo837BcYp2pJfc6.99