Tonight – The Erotic Literary Salon-Live with Monica Day (Power of One Program) and the Femme-Mynistiques

Roads all clear in Center City, Philadelphia after a dusting of snow. Just enough to look like a winter wonderland and hide all the grime of the city.

So very excited about this evening’s entertainment, plus the readers of the Salon.

The Femme-Mynistiques are back with their powerful a cappella voices. Combining hip hop, tribal house, down-tempo, electronic music – and for those who don’t usually appreciate hip hop, sit back, relax and open your ears to some of the best sounds around.


Monica Day will be sharing her erotic life, fearlessly and totally uncensored for this her fourth Valentine’s presentation at the Salon. Monica is an artist, writer, performer, workshop leader and personal coach, plus the founder of The Sensual Life and the Power of One Program.

We have all experienced the power of both sharing and witnessing the intimacies of others at the Salon. People’s lives transform when they are able to share themselves in intimate ways with a room full of strangers. We have a fundamental need to be seen, and an equally strong desire to hear about the inner lives of others to validate our own experience.
Once, we sat around fires, and we shared ourselves with one another — deeply, creatively, vulnerably. It forged our ties as a family, a tribe. But today, we have made artists the keepers of our collective stories and experiences — and for many of us, it has limited our access to their power to transform and heal us.
Monica Day’s program — The Power of One — seeks to reclaim the power of expression, and return it to the source. To place the brave person willing to speak themselves into the world, onto the stage.
We have become a world of watchers. Television, movies, theater — we go, looking for ourselves in that mirror. Wanting to be moved, inspired, turned on — by the artists we employ to act out our cultural narrative.
The entertainment value may be incredible — but often, the real, raw, vulnerable truth is missing.
We have watched Monica Day explore this theme at the Salon for many years now — both in her own readings, as well as those she works with in her workshops. The Power of One is her most ambitious program yet — 5 people will take 10 months to create their own, individual, solo show, which will be professionally staged, performed, and filmed in NYC the first weekend of December.
She is currently interviewing candidates for the program, so if you are interested, contact her. We would love there to be a few local participants who might share their words with us as they develop them.
The Salon has witnessed the transformation of several participants from Monica’s previous workshops. It was awe inspiring for the attendees to watch her students evolve and grow on so many levels.
Don’t forget to come hear Monica read at the Salon tonight.


The Erotic Literary Salon-tomorrow-February 17 Tuesday, Philly Shade of Erotica-Philly Daily News

The program for tomorrow’s Erotic Literary Salon is huge, 2 presenters – Monica Day and the Femme-Mynistiques, plus approximately 20 readers. I love snow, but hopefully not too much tomorrow. If there will be a cancellation I shall post tomorrow at this site or you can email me directly at

Jenelle Janci, who attended the last Salon and interviewed a few attendees, had her article published in the Philadelphia Daily News. Do add your comments to the only two presently on their site, “gross” and “interesting.” I would love for someone to answer their observations via article.


A SEXY young woman wearing a slinky black dress and red patent-leather heels approached Susana Mayer before the first Erotic Literary Salon, in 2008.

“Can I really read anything?” the woman asked. She then asked to go first and shared an original piece about her “daddy” – and she didn’t mean her biological father.

“That really set the pace,” said Mayer, the salon’s founder. “I couldn’t have planned it to be better, because then people thought in their minds, ‘I can read anything.’ And in fact, somebody did. Someone who lived close by said, ‘I’m going home and getting my diary at intermission.’ ”

The Erotic Literary Salon is an open mic for authors and fans of original erotica. Mayer hosts the event on the third Tuesday of every month upstairs at Time restaurant, on Sansom Street. It’s 21-plus and there is an admission fee. The next salon is Feb. 17.


Mayer is a professional sexologist who advises clients on sexual matters and has studied sexuality from a variety of angles. She created the Erotic Literary Salon after conducting focus groups for her doctoral dissertation and finding that many middle-age women were experiencing difficulty becoming aroused.

When Mayer suggested reading erotica, some women balked because they perceived it as demeaning. Keep in mind, this was pre-Fifty Shades of Grey.

That best-seller’s not on Mayer’s favorites list, by the way. She said it doesn’t properly represent the BDSM community.

“The content upset a lot of people who are into BDSM, because it basically said you have to be damaged goods to do it or want to do it, and that’s not true,” Mayer said.

Not for women only

After those focus groups, Mayer set out to introduce women to erotica through meetings where they would share pieces that interested them. These gatherings were intended for women only, but when the owners of the event’s original location said they couldn’t legally bar one gender, men were allowed in, too.

Those meetings evolved into a salon for those interested in sharing their own work, from twentysomethings to a 98-year-old woman named Frances who writes about her multiple boyfriends. Mayer said she doesn’t see or censor any of the material before it’s read, which she admitted is unusual, even for an event of this kind.

“There’s this fear that someone is going to get up there and read something really off the charts, and they do,” Mayer said. “We have things where people are sitting and squirming in their seats and their mouths are open and they’re going, ‘Am I really sitting here listening to this?’ ”

Before the juicy readings commence, Mayer hosts an “Adult Sex Ed” Q&A with guest speakers. Each month has a different topic; last month’s was the benefits of legalizing prostitution.

An education

The pieces read aloud aren’t always meant to be titillating. Mayer said that reading intimate works is healing for some participants, recalling a night when three women who hadn’t met before unexpectedly shared pieces about being raped.

Given the salon’s purpose, some attendees interviewed for this story didn’t want to go public. Dennis, who asked that his last name be withheld, said that he has been attending salons with his partner for 2 1/2 years. He said that education is an important component of the evenings.

“It’s a place to really have intellectual discussions about your sexuality,” Dennis said. “It’s getting an education that would have been nice to have under my belt before I was a 38-year-old man.”

That learning can happen through the Q&A or just by listening to readers.

“It allows people to have a chance to be introduced to concepts that they may or may not have thought about before,” said one woman who has attended for four years.

Readers shared an array of erotica at the January salon, from a piece lamenting the downsides of having too much “great sex” to variations on the X-rated limerick, “There Once Was a Man From Nantucket.”

A woman who identified herself as Mimi was a first-time attendee that night. Mayer requires “virgins” like Mimi to attend at least one evening before sharing their own work.

“I hope I’ll drum up the courage and be able to read someday,” Mimi said.

First-time readers get extra love from the audience, and Mayer also asks every reader to provide a backstory with their piece.

A performance artist who goes by Tommy D “Naked Man” shared his poem, “Balls.” He said that the salon fills a niche: “There’s no other place, really, unless you count private engagements or gigs and events.”

If someone is looking to be healed, educated or to share a secret, the Erotic Literary Salon can help, Mayer said. “The bottom line of what the salon is doing now is just validating people’s fantasies, people’s lives, what they actually do, and getting rid of shame.”

Shame, she continued, is “the killer of people’s, I would say, sex lives. And boy, the salon is a great place to get rid of that.”

Erotic Literary Salon, third Tuesday monthly (next one, Feb. 17), upstairs at Time, 1315 Sansom St. 21+. $10, $8 for students, seniors and military. Table reservation, 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Burlesque – FIN: Two Acts. 400 years. Vampires, Courtesans, and the End of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day again at the Salon, this Tuesday, February 17.

Don’t miss – Feb 14, 15 Fabulous Burlesque –

A Grand Burlesque. Two Acts. 400 Years.
Vampires, Courtesans, and the End of Love.

Saturday February 14, showtime 9pm
Sunday February 15, showtime 7pm
Doors half hour prior to show time.

Plays and Players Main Stage
1714 Delancey St,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Lelu Lenore, Renée Rebel, Annie A-Bomb, Dany de Ville, Gemini Rose, Vita La Dolce, Brettzo, Kelly McCaughn, Sebastian Syoncé Cummings , and Lauren Langley.

Written by Thomas Maxim Guerin
Choreographed by Christine Fisler
Directed by Anna Frangiosa

Celebrate Your Second Valentine’s Day-Next Tuesday-Feb 17-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Monica Day, The Femme-mynistiques – the next Erotic Literary Salon will be off the charts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!