DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour-Tonight-July 10

Tonight, July 10, join Timaree, Ph.D. (Sex with Timaree) at her hour long event.


8:30pm – 9:30pm
Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
Bring friends, a date, or just your sexy self to the world’s best sex ed/comedy/game show!

Join us in our new home, Franky Bradley’s, at our new EARLIER SHOW TIME OF 8:30! Come early for dinner, stay late for dancing. Or both. Or neither. Whatever. Just keep it consensual.

This month features special guests comedian David James and G Philly’s Bryan Buttler!


The Charge Station – Thursday – July 9

The Charge Station™ was founded by Olga S. Pérez based on one focus — Self Empowerment. Meet our featured guest speaker Exclusively 
@ The Charge Station™ – Susana Mayer


Be inspired by Clinical Sexologist Susana Mayer, Ph.D. is an adult sex-educator, relationship mentor and founder/host of The Erotic Literary Salon. Dr. Mayer is an advocate for ageless sex and conscious coupling. At the Charge Station™ she will introduce her model of Personal Path to Pleasure to create an authentic sex life.

Get life long insights from the “sex expert”  at The Charge Station™

Get a FREE drink with your ticket and enter to win Giveaways and raffle prizes. Event specials: $4 Beer | $4 mix drinks | $5 appetizers

$6 Parking Discount with validation*

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Location: Room12 Lounge 1200 Samson street, Philadelphia PA 19107


Why Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Matters to Straight People

I like Dr. Marty Klein’s take on this subject –

Why Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Matters to Straight People


Alfred Kinsey said it best in 1948: the world is not so easily divided into sheeps and goats.

In his ground-breaking surveys of Americans’ sex lives, Kinsey discovered that many “straight” people were not entirely straight. This finding has been confirmed many times by subsequent studies of both men and women.

Back then, you were either 100% hetero-erotic in behavior, fantasy, and curiosity, or you were “queer,” a bucket of miscellaneous identities at the edge of the world. But Kinsey realized that sexual orientation isn’t that simple. And so he devised the Kinsey Scale, on which sexual orientation is not a fixed binary, but is rather located on a continuum.

Suddenly, we had more ways to describe ourselves.

Now multiply that by time—who we are sexually at 40 is often slightly different than who we were at 20. Now add the uncertainty of the future—we don’t really know what opportunities, challenges, contingencies, and near-death experiences lay around the corner for us.

As people say on those dating sites, “it’s complicated.”

And that’s why the whole gay-transsexual-queer-whatever thing matters to straight people.

Because those “other” folks are paving the way for everyone else to accept themselves as they are, rather than each of us searching for a sexual category to squeeze ourselves into.

And that’s true not only of sexual orientation regarding gender, but of other sexual categories. “Kinky” and “queer” are the new non-categories, used by thoughtful and lazy people alike. No problem. Terms like “bottom” and “slut” are also getting used, twisted, and are in the process of becoming meaningless as well.

Sex is one of life’s few arenas where we really can create our own story and evolve our own truth. Except for that pesky little detail of unintended pregnancy, sex has very little objective reality. We can configure it as we wish, collaborating with a partner to create forms of expression that suit who we are, or wish to be. There’s no need to select an off-the-rack sexual identity—“bisexual,” “eco-sexual,” “vanilla,” or anything else.

And so straight men watch porn of men sucking each other’s penises. Straight women fantasize about kissing a woman when they want to climax with their husbands. People do, or imagine, sexual activities that don’t fit into “normal” categories. They’re sometimes troubled by this. As long as behavior is consensual, they needn’t be. Fantasies don’t even have to meet that requirement.

And remember, you don’t have sex with “men” or with “women,” you sleep with George or Maria (or with as many unique individuals as you do). No one sleeps with all men, so we don’t need to categorize you as “a person who sleeps with men.”

So what do you call a lesbian who has a weekend fling with a man? Sonia. What do you call a guy who likes to spank his partner one night, and be spanked the next night? Morgan. What do you call yourself? Anything you like—and you don’t need a category.

Access to Sexual Intelligence a FREE newsletter by Dr. Marty Klein


Press Release – July 21 – Olga Pérez – Grand Slam 2010 First Person Arts Winner

Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon Will Feature Olga Pérez, Winning Storyteller – 2010 Summer Grand Slam First Person StorySlam, Along with Attendee Readings, Tuesday, July 21.


Tuesday, May 23, 2015




PCSalons@gmail.com – contact: Susana Mayer, Ph.D., Salonnière,

PCSalons@gmail.comreserve a time slot to read at Salon (5 min max)

www.theEroticliterarysalon.com – guidelines for reading.

www.theEroticliterarysalon.com – blog: events, Salon notices, erotica, and guidelines.


The Erotic Literary Salon will be held Tuesday, July, 21. Olga S. Pérez will deliver heart-warming tales about her incredible journey with Carlitos her faithful strap-on. Her award winning true story is not to be missed. Olga is a motivational speaker, life strategist and founder of The Charge Station™ Empowerment Happy Hour events. http://www.thechargestation.net


Prior to Readings – Adult Sex-Ed

Topic – TBA


Approximately twenty attendees will also entertain with their 5-minute erotica, sex memoirs, rants, short stories and poetry.


PHILADELPHIA: The Erotic Literary Salon, unique in the English-speaking world has launched a growing movement mainstreaming erotica. Salons attract a supportive audience of 65 or more individuals. Approximately 20 participate as writers, readers, storytellers, spoken word performers of original works/words of others, the rest just come to listen, enjoy and applaud. Frances, our resident nonagenarian (98 years young) will recite her original erotica/sex journals.


Salons gather the 3rd Tuesday of every month at TIME (The Bohemian Absinthe Lounge), 1315 Sansom Street, Center City, Philadelphia. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (limited seating), for cocktails, food and conversation. Adult Sex-Ed between 7:00-7:30, readings begin at 8:00. Admission is $10, discounted for students and seniors to $8. Salon attendees must be 21.


Creator of this event, Dr. Susana, is Philadelphia’s best-known sexologist. She lends her voice to the Salon by offering relevant information to support the discussions that arise in the Salon and blog.

…surprisingly comfortable….Salon devotees praise her for the space she has created….”

“I think Susana is doing a very brave thing.”

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 10, 2010


“There are laughter and tears along with the hot rush of blood – to the face.

Daily News, March 15, 2010


“I never knew such a life of honesty could exist. I finally found a home I can be comfortable in…this event changed my life.

First-time attendee and reader 2013