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This Tuesday, July 15 – The Erotic Literary Salon Live with Heidi Champa and 20 readers.

Comical video reminds all parents of the awkward moments when kids want to know about procreation. My advice – be prepared.


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Next week-July 15-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live, How to Lose Your Virginity-Video-only $4.99

Erotica Author Heidi Champa, featured presenter will read from her new novel next week. You don’t want to miss her steamy words.

Rent video for 24 hours for only $4.99 How to Lose Your Virginity.

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Lillian’s Last Affair – Sue Katz – Book Signing

Join me Monday, July 7: 7:00 pm. I’ve read the book – great read.


JC Anderson Apartments: Community Room

251 South 13th St, Philadelphia 

Reading and book signing followed
by a reception with light refreshments


Consenting Adult Press 2014, $9.99

A unique collection of short stories about the love lives of older people

 “If I’m going to go after one more affair of the heart at 84, I’d better get my ass in gear,” says Lillian, speaking for all the characters in these six stories.

Ruby has a run-in with a waterbed and Catherine tokes her first joint in the bathtub with Victor. Elegant Anna’s introduction to kinky sex is bittersweet. And then there’s the neighbor with the strange attachment to the grocery cart. Sue Katz’s hilarious, tender, and impeccably written stories confirm that age fails to erode our eccentricities or dull our ardor.

Sue Katz’s stories are full of pleasure, pain, and humor, with carefully drawn, superbly evoked characters. –Richard Schweid, Oscar-nominated documentarian and author of Che’s Chevrolet

Buckle your seatbelt for an exhilarating ride. Lillian, Ruby, and other habitants of Sue Katz’s deeply irreverent stories… are touching, shining, tawdry, and sometimes hilarious. — Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, author of The Return of Desire

Sue Katz is a wordsmith and rebel who has lived and worked on three continents: first as a martial arts master, then promoting transnational volunteering, and currently teaching fitness and dance to seniors and elders. Katz is an experienced and popular public speaker and event M.C. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in anthologies, magazines, and online. She writes on a range of topics; the issues of aging and sexualities have long been a theme. Lillian’s Last Affair was a three-year labor of love. She now lives in Arlington, MA. Her email:

Free – Hour with Psycholotherapist Esther Perel on Marriage, Sexuality, and Intimacy

Esther Perel is the ‘in’ therapist dealing with intimacy and sexuality these days. She has turned some major sex therapy notions on their head.


The Radio Times Interview with Marty Moss-Coane is excellent. Marty is one of the few interviewers that can handle sex conversation without silly comments and laughter to hide discomfort.