April 6 – Sunday – Dr. Sketchy’s – “UNBEWEAVEABLE!” Beehives, Flips and Bouffants with model Dahlia Derriere

Come to sketch or just as voyeur, but do come and enjoy!

Model Dahlia Derriere (Baltimore)



Hairstyling is a tremendous art form and medium that our friends at Salon Rock Paper Scissors (Mt.Holly, NJ) tackle every day. The salon team is joining up with Dr.Sketchy’s to transform the bodacious Dahlia Derriere with teasing combs, bobby pins and hairspray to get the hair closer to the heavens! Her looks will span history from the flips of the 50’s to the Mohawks of the 80’s.

Event held Sunday, April 6, at Arch Enemy Arts at 109 Arch Street  856-904-0633

4-5pm Free Themed Still Life Sketch

5-8pm Session with Models / Tickets available at the door

$15 General Admission/$12 Students/$10 Voyeurs

No Photography

Bring your own art supplies

A Guide to Sex Toy Safety

Excellent article on sex toys, tools that can aid in bringing much pleasure.

By  for US News/health

You’re building an intimate relationship with this item. Choose wisely.

Sexual pleasure is your birthright. It’s a vital life source, and it deserves to be accepted, understood, cherished and nurtured.” That’s how Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, a sex toy retailer with locations in Seattle and New York, defines the attitude behind “sexual positivity.” This movement is partially about recognizing that sex is a “very big part of a healthy, happy life,” she says. And what better way to spread happiness than with toys? Toys that vibrate! Toys that strap on! Toys that look and feel like flesh, and toys that look like sleek, James Bond gadgets! Options abound these days.

Whether you consider yourself the FAO Schwarz of sex toys or can’t whisper the word “dildo” without turning the electric pink of some vibrators, we could all use a little refresher on the ins and outs (sorry!) of sex toy safety:

Know your toys. There’s no government regulation for sex toys and their safety, so do your homework on which materials are safe, and which are not. For example, safety concerns have emerged over phthalates – chemicals found in sex toys and other products to soften plastic and increase flexibility. Some research suggests a lifetime exposure to these chemicals may potentially cause cancer and harm reproductive systems, testes and liver, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. While no agency is verifying “phthalate-free” claims on sex toy packaging, Cavanah and Oakland, Calif.-based sex and relationship coach Charlie Glickman say this indication is a good place to start. While examining the package, also look for materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl and jelly rubber, which often contain phthalates, according to a Kinsey Confidential article. And remember, phthalates soften plastic, so bendable toys with a jelly-like feel are suspect.

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Speaking of soft toys, consider porosity. The squishiness of a toy doesn’t always indicate the presence of phthalates, but it does mean the toy can harbor bacteria in its pores. “The concern with porous toys is that you can’t get them 100 percent clean,” says Glickman, who is also the co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure.” But don’t worry: Assuming you go for a phthalate-free toy, there’s no need to skip on porous pleasures. There’s a workaround to ensure good, clean fun with these types of toys: “If you cover the toy with a condom, you know you will have a nice, clean surface every time you use it,” Glickman says.

Glickman points out that soft, jelly-like toys are often less expensive than those made of silicone – the nonporous, sanitizable favorite. So if you’re new to The World of Vibrators and Dildos and feel uneasy investing in a silicone toy, save money by trying a plastic toy with a condom first. “If you decide it really isn’t for you, then you’ve only spent $30 instead of $80,” he says. “If you decide you really like it, you have the option of purchasing a body-safe silicone product later.”

Buy from a trusted company. Given the lack of regulation, hazy marketing terms and the fact that these items will likely, you know, go inside you, it’s important to buy from retailers that are “thoroughly interested in your pleasure and your health,” says Cavanah, who is also co-author of “Sex Toys 101″ and “Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex.” Stores such as Babeland and San Francisco-based Good Vibrations are “missionary” in their intent, she says. “We want people to not only enjoy their sex lives, but also get rid of every inhibition they may have,” she says, “including, ‘What is this toy going to do to me?’”

A quality vendor will have researched and vetted the products for you, says Glickman, who adds She Bop and Sugar – based in Portland and Baltimore, respectively – to the list of reputable shops. One way to spot trustworthy sellers is by perusing their websites. “If you go to their site, they will tell you everything you need to know, because they want you to be happy with the toy,” Glickman says, citing cleaning and care instructions. “That’s the difference between shopping at those companies versus shopping at Amazon, where you don’t get any information.”

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Share with care. “Toys are not just for the lonely – that’s a common misconception,” Cavanah says. “Couples are using them all the time to have orgasms for the first time, or to have more orgasms or bigger, harder, wilder ones, and there’s nothing wrong with bringing toys into your relationship and bedroom.” But even with harder, wilder orgasms at stake, it’s important to use some caution. Know the sexually transmitted disease status of the partner you’re sharing with, advises Debby Herbenick, co-director of Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion. Cover toys with a condom before one person uses it, and then remove or replace the condom if a partner uses the toy, too.

Condoms are also important while using the same toy both anally and vaginally. Ideally, you’d have a dedicated toy for each part, but if not, “put a condom on a toy, and then when you take it out of one part – the anus or vagina – put a new condom on before going into the other part,” Herbenick says. “You don’t want to transfer bacteria from anus to vagina.”

Wash toys after every use.

Read more:


April 4 – Friday – FREE – Author Reading/Comic Book Signing – Ship of Soiled Doves

Tales of Historic Prostitution and Futuristic Bigotry: comic talk & Signing  @ Locust Moon Comics (34 S. 40th St, Philadelphia PA) April 4th, reception 7pm, Presentation 8pm FREE To the Public

To celebrate the 5th issue of McCloskey’s monster fighting comic, Top of the Line, Daniel McCloskey and Nils Skeletonballs are coming to Philly. In the dual artist talk Skelletonballs will share his research of the unbelievable historical event in which a steamboat was filled with prostitutes during the American Civil War and never allowed land and the graphic novel he wrote to bring this history to life, Ship of Soiled Doves. Daniel McCloskey will discuss the process of writing and producing  Top of the Line, a sci-fi indie serial comic made possible though overwhelming Kickstarter support, and a short history of himself as an artist. McCloskey is the author of the hybrid novel A Film About Billy, and is the founder of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers project.

Comics from the artists will be available, as well as original art. McCloskey and Skelletonballs will be available for signing at the event.

Praise for Skeletonballs’ Ship of Soiled Doves:

“#1 with a  bullet!” – Kitty Wolfgang “The Dallas Book Depository Review”

“There are certain events which, owing to the fact that they don’t contribute to a broader understanding of anything, fall through through the cracks of history- never to be talked about again. Mr. Balls has sat himself on the shores of one such crack -pen in hand- and preserved for us an unforgettable glimpse.”

- Nicholas Gurewitch “Perry Bible Fellowship”

“Civil War era debauchery aboard a Mississippi steamboat as a rowdy troop of loose womens commandeer a  downriver voyage on a Union-commissioned vessel. Balls composes Soiled Doves with a Carol-Tyler-ish combination of wispy gesture, long-nosed caricture and involved historical referencing. The result is historical fiction constantly on the edge of “romp”. – Quimby’s Bookstore

Praise for Daniel McCloskey

“Dan McCloskey is one of these new creators whose craft and level of

talent increases with each successive page. It’s a pleasure to watch him

grow right before my eyes.”

Ed Piskor -Brain Rot, Wizzywig, Hip Hop Family Tree

“McCloskey’s work subverts and skitters.  You think you’ve pegged him as a comic.  But

then you understand he’s challenging himself and his readers to stretch the limits of what

storytelling can do.”

Yona Harvey –Hemming the Water

Praise For McCloskey’s comic series Top of the Line

“Crazy stuff… Like manga morphing into art comics”

Charles Forsman  -Oily Comics, EOTFW

“I like it. It’s like scrolling.”

Frank Santoro [on the format]- Storeyville, Pompeii


April 2 – The Femme-mynistiques – Tonight

Host kick-off event for the Poet-Tree En Motion Spring Performance Series:

Press Release

Philadelphia, PA – Local artist Gabrielle de Burke’s seasonal series, Poet-tree En Motion, will be held at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia this spring, hosting Wednesday night performances April 2nd, May 7th & June 4th. Events begin at 7pm and include performances from a range of Philadelphia local artists, including April’s featured act, The Femme-mynistiques. Together, The Femme-mynistiques are a righteous storm creating a innovative niche on the music scene with their awe-inspiring original fusion of Lyrical Poetry, Omnipotent Raps & Siren Vocals set to dynamic variety of conscious hip hop, tribal house, down-tempo & electronic music.

“Then, just when you think you’ve had all the stimulation and estrogen you can take, local lady trio the Femme-Mynistiques will enchant you with their mystical vocals…”

-Philadelphia Weekly


The Femme-mynistiques are a unique force bringing together the skills of Plum Dragoness, Lady Omni & Alexa Gold. Performances blend their respective skillfulness in music production, dance choreography, theater arts, poetry as performance and song writing into an illuminating blend of ancient rites that celebrate the modern spirit of freedom, unity and love.


The Femme-mynistiques Host kick-off event for the Poet-Tree En Motion Spring Performance Series


April 2nd, 2014!




Rarely will you find a group like this, powerfully present, aesthetically pleasing, keepin’ it real and esoteric and fun. These three women set the stage on fire every time they grace it with their musical stylings…”

-Nicole Connor (Performance Artist)


As participant and host of this ongoing seasonal event known as the Poet-tree En Motion performing arts series, Plum Dragoness’ collaborative community outreach encompasses the energy of the entire series as an inventive source of life for the multi-dimensional hub of talent alive in the Philadelphia area. Poet-tree En Motion works to inspire both artist and audience to connect and work together towards cultivating the arts community in Philadelphia, welcoming artists of all kinds to experience performances local to the neighborhood, and offering the opportunity at each show for community participation to sign-up in the all-genre open mic/stage component of the events. This event series features a variety of dance/movement/theater mediums, live electronic/acoustic music, vocalists & poetry/spoken-word presentations, circus/fire/flow arts performances, community art creations, live painting & VJ projections…& more!}


The upcoming April 2nd, Poet-tree En Motion event celebrates “the feminine mystique,” presenting a program of all female artists, featuring fresh beats and lyrical poetics from The Femme-mynistiques. In honor of The Femme-mynistiques, DONATIONS will be accepted @ Door & RAFFLE tickets will be sold for Prizes (Art/Goods/Services) to help fund their recording project for the debut EP “Here She Comes…!” Supporting acts range from live vocals, music & painting to visual projections, word-smithery/story-telling, flow artists & tribal belly dance that includes; Angela Williams, Ayumi Perry, GhettoSongBird, Irene Reinke, Lux Arati, Jan Jefferies & Marcy of Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.), Monica Day, Naeemah Maddox, Nicole Cirone, Rachel Rota, VJ Spooky & Kaleema Poles. Check the venue or artist websites or facebook groups & event details on May 7th; Spring Fire Lights the Night & Lunar Celebrations & June 4th; Summer Festivities & Plum Dragoness Annual Fundraising Auction (performers TBA)!


Visit The Rotunda’s website (www.therotunda.org) for more details on this year’s spring series & Join the Facebook Group to find Events for Poet-tree En Motion (www.facebook.com/groups/116980678334215)!



For information on The Femme-mynistiques visit:






Media enquiries please contact dragoness@earthtones.com