Larry Flynt – “One Nation Under Sex” – Free Library of Philadelphia

Unlike my evening listening to a very disappointing talk by Erica Jong, I didn’t save my money this time. Had no intentions of purchasing book, but after listening to an evening of past Presidential sexual exploits and how they impacted history, I immediately purchased the book he wrote with historian/professor David Eisenbach, Ph.D.

I handed him a flyer from the Erotic Literary Salon and said if it wasn’t for his efforts in keeping free speech alive my Salon would never be possible. He thanked me and mentioned if he was in town when the event took place, he would definitely attend.

Hugh Hefner: Crystal Harris Lied About Our Sex Life

Hugh Hefner: Crystal Harris Lied About Our Sex Life 

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

His runaway bride dissed his bedroom abilities – but Hugh Hefner isn’t taking the insults lying down.

After ex-fiancée Crystal Harris told Howard Stern that sex with the 85-year-old Playboy founder lasted “like two seconds” on Tuesday’s show, Hefner retaliated: That’s not the case, he says.

“Crystal lied about our relationship on Howard Stern but I don’t know why,” Hef Tweeted Tuesday night, although he has since removed the message from his account. “Maybe a new boyfriend?”

Hefner continued to call out Harris, 25, for what he pegged as dishonesty. “Crystal convinced me that she adored me,” he replied to another follower. “That was the first lie.”

The only sympathy he had for Harris, who has been spotted keeping close company with Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw, came in the form of another seeming dig. “I feel sorry for Crystal,” he continued. “She seems lost.”

Although insisting that he is “pro-Crystal,” Hefner said he’s “happy to be in a better place with new girlfriends Anna Sophia Berglund & Shera Bechard.”

But there’s one thing the iconic ladies’ man, who publicly moved on from Harris days after their wedding was called off in June, said is indeed true: his feelings for the Playmate when they were in a relationship.

“When I said, ‘I missed a bullet’ when Crystal left, I didn’t mean I didn’t love her,” Hef explained. “I meant that I realized she didn’t love me.”

By Alison Schwartz,,20513246,00.html

Women + noise, not always a consequence of Orgasm

Would like to have women send in the typical words they use during heightened sexual pleasure. Men, please write in all the sounds you hear your woman use. Interested in collecting sounds of sexual pleasure.

Arch Sex Behav (2011) 40:559–564 DOI 10.1007/s10508-010-9632-1
Evidence to Suggest that Copulatory Vocalizations in Women Are Not a Reflexive Consequence of Orgasm
Gayle Brewer • Colin A. Hendrie
Received: 16 August 2009 / Revised: 9 April 2010 / Accepted: 21 April 2010 / Published online: 18 May 2010 Ó Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010
Abstract    The current studies were conducted in order to investigate the phenomenon of copulatory vocalizations and their relationship to orgasm in women. Data were collected from 71 sexually active heterosexual women (M age = 21.68 years ± .52)    recruited    from    the    local    community    through opportunity sampling. The studies revealed that orgasm was most frequently reported by women following self-manipu- lation of the clitoris, manipulation by the partner, oral sex delivered to the woman by a man, and least frequently during vaginal penetration. More detailed examination of responses during intercourse revealed that, while female orgasms were most commonly experienced during foreplay, copulatory vocalizations were reported to be made most often before and simultaneously with male ejaculation. These data together clearly demonstrate a dissociation of the timing of women experiencing orgasm and making copulatory vocalizations and indicate that there is at least an element of these responses that are under conscious control, providing women with an opportunity to manipulate male behavior to their advantage.
Keywords    Orgasm

Aug. 16, Press Release – Jeremy Edwards & Helia Brookes

Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon, Featuring – erotic-fiction authors & couple Jeremy Edwards & Helia Brookes, Along with Salon Erotic Readings from Attendees. Tuesday, Aug 16.

Contact: Susana Mayer, Ph.D., Salonnière 215-840-5830
email: – reserve a time slot to read at Salon (5 min max) – blog of all things erotica, Salon notices, guidelines.

The Erotic Literary Salon will be held Tuesday, Aug. 16.  Part of the evening will feature two erotic-fiction authors who have been a married couple for over a quarter century, Jeremy Edwards and Helia Brookes. Widely published author Edwards, whose work has been described as “witty, charming, intelligent, raunchy, and wildly arousing” and whose erotocomedic novel Rock My Socks Off was released last year, returns to the Salon to read from his short stories.

Brookes, who has been writing erotica for several years and has been published both online and in print, makes her Salon debut this month. She will be reading her story from the recently published collection Gotta Have It. One copy each of two new anthologies containing stories by Helia and/or Jeremy—Gotta Have It and Nice Girls, Naughty Sex—will be given away in the course of the evening.

Helia will lead a discussion about the challenges of making time to write, revise, and submit when writing erotica is important to you but not always a top priority. This talk will be held at the end of the Salon for erotica writers and those interested in becoming writers.

PHILADELPHIA: The Erotic Literary Salon, unique in the English-speaking world has launched a growing movement mainstreaming erotica. Salons attract a supportive audience of 50 or more individuals. Approximately a dozen participate as writers, readers, storytellers, spoken word performers of original works/words of others, the rest just come to listen, enjoy and applaud. Frances, our resident nonagenarian (94 years young) often recites her original erotica.

Salons gather the 3rd Tuesday of every month at TIME (The Bohemian Absinthe Lounge), 1315 Sansom Street, Center City, Philadelphia. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. (limited seating), for cocktails, food and conversation. The event begins promptly at 8:00 p.m. Admission is $10, discounted for readers, students, and seniors (65+) to $8. Salon attendees must be 21.

Creator of this event, Dr. Susana, is Philadelphia’s best-known sexologist. She lends her voice to the Salon by offering relevant information to support the discussions that arise in the Salon/blog.

“…surprisingly comfortable….Salon devotees praise her for the space she has created….”
“I think Susana is doing a very brave thing.”
Philadelphia Inquirer, February 10, 2010

“There are laughter and tears along with the hot rush of blood – to the face.
Daily News, March 15, 2010