Reminder – Salon this Tuesday, November 17, new starting time, new venue. Erotic-Erotica – Laani's – In My Father's Bed

The following post was written about the first piece ever read at the Salon. Laani a striking young women not only read her piece beautifully, but was dressed to entertain. If memory serves me correctly it was a tight black dress with high, high heels – perhaps red in color. The story follows. Laani’s blog can be found at:

May 2008 revisited post: Laani started off the salon’s original readings with this marvelous story. It took great courage to read this in front of strangers, and set the tone for others to come forth in a space of comfort. I thank you Laani and all those who followed with their stories.

I want hot cinnamon kisses
Sprinkled down my back
Some sweet pepper smack
And a handprint on my ass

My Father’s Bed

i’m playing with my pussyon my father’s bed. i have found his porn and toy stash, and i have beencumming for the last hour. The magazines are spread around me and there is avideo playing soundlessly on the TV. The hard, red plastic vibrator has been inmy cunt and, slowly, inserted into my ass, with no real effect. It was quicklydiscarded. my fingers are pressed to my soaking wet clit, my ass moving up anddown, grinding another orgasm out of my exhausted body. i am sweating, the heatof my body radiating from me, steaming the sheets and pillows. my eyes aresqueezed shut, my brow is furrowed, i am about to go over the edge yet again.

i want my father to find me like this. Cumming on his bed. Panting and flushedafter imagining him fucking me. i want him to become aroused at the sight of mythighs slick with my own fuck. my cramped glistening fingers curled up on thepillow beside my head. i want him to see between my legs, my still pulsingclit, shuddering under his gaze. i want him to touch me there. He’ll wethimself with the juices of my cunt, and straddle me. He will press his cockagainst my breastbone and gather my tits together. He will fuck me that way,the head of his cock popping into my mouth with every thrust. And when he cumsit will be in my hair, splashed across my tits, pooling in the hollow of mythroat.

i will be used. i will be desirable. i will arouse. i will be wanted.

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