Erotic Lap Dance

Hoping all lovers of erotica had a most Happy Thanksgiving.

One of the short, short pieces I read at the salon in June of 2008. Contemporary work.

Lap Dance ‚2003 by Jill

The petite blonde pulled my knees apart, drivingher lithe, lean body between them and driving a wedge between my inhibitionsand my need.¬† Swaying to the music, she pressed into me, giggling,”Let’s give them a show.”

My tongue slid between her breasts, up herneck.  Dropping to her knees, pulling me forward, she forced her face upmy skirt.  My head went back, my hips arched upward.  Every man inthe club applauded, waving bills in the air, drowning out my screams.

Only we could taste the truth, the essence of myclimax evident in her final kiss.



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