Erotic Haiku – winner Haiku Buckaroo Contest, Take Two!

While searching the internet I stumbled upon this erotic Haiku. I do enjoy the brevity of this form of erotica. The constraint of writing with few words lends itself to much creativity.

Most Erotic Haiku

Caress, snuggle, breathe
mouths explore, hands hold, eyes close
a shuddering moan

Submitted by JerseyGirl89 at Dirty Little Secretwinner of One HOT pack courtesy of Gretchen at Bananas and Toddlers

3 comments on “Erotic Haiku – winner Haiku Buckaroo Contest, Take Two!

  1. Dr R.K.Singh says:

    I wish friends also visited my site and read some of my erotic haiku.
    R K Singh

    • admin says:

      As soon as my son has free time I will ask him to help me post links to sites on my blog, yours will certainly be mentioned.


  2. R K Singh says:

    You might like to add my blog on erotic poetry.
    R K

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