Erotic – erotica –, con't

Journal writings from imbakeowski continued. These words were read at the very first Salon held in May 2008

dogs in bed with youand your new girl

> thankfully she putsthem out at 630

> to run and shit

> and when she getsback

> you have a surprisefor her

> its over too quick

> the first timeususally is

> you resign yourselfto the fact

> then flash back tolast nights conversation

> in which sherelated that the first time can make or break

> a relationship

> you build it up somuch

> and shes had threeyears of flirtaceous buildup


> the coffee isnt sotasty anymore

> you mention that anap would be nice

> she concurs

> you spoon and

> surprise!

> she notices that anap inst appropriate

> that somethingneeds attention

> and she climbs on

> and does her best

> she has greatcontrol of her hips

> as you lay back andenjoy

> 15 minutes latershe sweatily cracks

> “you’re makingme earn it”

> so you lick hertits a little to make it interesting

> her writhing tellsyou its working

> and suddenly youMUST be on top

> and youre nailingher to the bed in a perfect coordination

> of violence andvelocity

> shes confides laterthat shes never seen someone so fast

> bunnyfucking iswhat thats called

> for a minute, youwonder if she meant the first time was

> fast

> and you realize itreally doesnt matter

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