Who attends the Erotic Literary Salon? – Anyone over the age of 21. It is an extremely diverse community of men and  women who enjoy sharing erotica and sex memoirs.

I’m single and shy, not very sexually experienced, will I feel comfortable at the Salon? – Absolutely. The attendees are very friendly. If you come early (doors open at 6:30) I will introduce you to other singles if you are interested.

We’re a large group, can we sit together?

Email me your needs and I shall try to arrange seating.

I just want to come to listen? Is that OK? Will I be pressured to participate? – You are welcome to come and enjoy without reading. No one is ever pressured to present material. Interested readers sign up to present their work the evening of the event. If you are not called to read, your name will be at the top of the list the following month.

Is there handicapped access? – Truly sorry, this event takes place on the second floor of TIME restaurant, at their Bohemian Absinthe Lounge. There is no elevator.

How about blindness? Will it be difficult to maneuver in the space? Will I feel awkward attending? – I can only answer this based on several blind readers and one blind featured presenter who attended. None of them seemed to have any difficulty. A featured reader came with her sighted husband, who assisted her with her preparations. Individuals who came alone were either assisted by me or one of the attendees. This is an extremely friendly group of people.

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