Pete & Samantha’s Guide to Seasonal Sex Spring 2012 by Samantha J Hall & Peter Birch – Review

Theo Cornetta’s review of Pete & Samantha’s Guide to Seasonal Sex Spring 2012.

I really loved the piece on delayed gratification, it was probably the hottest piece in there to me. With what I would argue is an oversexualized culture in the usa that is somehow not very sexy, that article feels important. People are getting laid but they are doing it too fast, with not enough communication, and too much pattern for it to be really amazing.

I was also really into the piece on the Dos and Don’ts of dating! As an anti-gendered violence advocate, I was really excited to see that included in a conversation of erotica.

The critiques I have are mainly that the whole collection is pretty straight and white. Talk of pale skin and cisgendered straight couples isn’t terribly exciting to me. The one lesbian piece was hot when I could look past the sexualization of young girl bodies, it feels very much linked to male dominated sexual narratives. I wish it focused less on an outside observer perspective which made it feel like someone watching lesbian porn rather than being pulled into the interaction.



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