“Handle with Care” by Josephine Myles – Review

Kendall Berry’s review of “Handle with Care” by Josephine Myles.
My initial reaction upon receiving a homosexual erotica book to review was skepticism, I am a heterosexual female and wasn’t sure that I would be able to relate or enjoy the book as erotic.  My naive thoughts were quickly realized as based on no prior experience rather than reality.  With the first sentence you are pulled into the main character’s (Ben) very personal life and immediately I was drawn in and wanted to keep reading.  In the early part of the book Ben waffled between a man dealing with a tough lot in life but “sucking it up” and moving along day to day successfully and also playing the role of the “woe is me” character.  I found myself disliking the “woe is me” side of Ben, it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of his character development.  On the flip side – it was very realistic – even the “woe is me,” in those circumstances everyone is likely to fall from being able to be stoic all the time.
The character development of the two other main characters Zoe, Ben’s little sister, and Ollie, the man Ben pined for early in the book, was fabulous you had a very good sense of these characters and could easily imagine this book portraying a real life scenario.
As for the erotica, I was blown away by my own reaction to the erotic scenes.  My heart raced, my chest flushed, and I was filled with desire as I imagined myself being so aroused by a lover.  The sex scenes were drawn out with the emotional feelings that arose during the sexual encounters and I found that very easy to relate to.  The delicious details about the clothing and the sensual way that it was very arousing.  You could imagine exactly what the characters were smelling and tasting without the author being overly verbose about the details.  The author very carefully crafted scenes with poignant details but did not go overboard with the details, she did a fabulous job with these scenes.  It didn’t matter that these were two men, the emotions are the same for me with my male partner.  I found it astounding that I thoroughly enjoyed the sex scenes and was even so aroused that I masturbated.  I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review this intoxicating text and push my own personal boundaries.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in erotica, heterosexual or homosexual.

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