Gwen Masters: White

… the rush matched the way he made her feel when he did that one little thing he liked to do between her legs, that one sweet motion that sent her to the moon and back….


Rachel Fogletto: Distracted

You are inappropriate

I’m at my job and I’m trying to focus on completing paperwork

And the thought of fucking you is more distracting than my hangover, my…


Sharazade: Next

…He smiled at her, and she smiled back weakly. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I think I’m finished.”

His smile took on a wicked edge. “Finished? Oh, hardly….”


I.G. Frederick: Leather Love

The sound of leather slapping against

flesh is an aphrodisiac that

makes me wet in anticipation…


Riccardo Berra: It’s So Much Easier When You’re Away

…She pushes me down and straddles me. Her hand flutters between my legs. Touching me everywhere. Like a solitary traveler asleep on a long journey, I awaken to discover that I’ve reached my destination with no memory that time has passed….


David Block: NO – Castration

You’re now a man, you need a good lay

Please explain your pathetic delay…


M/ Lilii – Black Dahlia Creative: (267) XXX-XXXX- mobile

She: How are you today? 2:58 PM

He: Only laying around thinking of ways to make u moan the loudest 3:02 PM


Liz Adams: The Artist

She pinched her nipples and bolts of electricity shot straight between her thighs. She placed a hand there and felt herself dripping, eager to be filled….


Rev Dr. Beverly Dale :Dear Kailey, A Letter about Sex and War

…“Make love, not war”…on target…Laboratory research with animals shows that when the brain’s pleasure circuits are ‘on’ then the violence circuits are ‘off,’ and vice versa.


Robin Elizabeth Sampson: As Campers Speak With Hushed Voices – a poem for my husband

Feet and flashlights pass

inches away from our tent walls

as I taste the salt trace of exertion

on the warm skin of your chest,

brush tongue against nipple,

kiss pulsing neck….


Curly Brain: Email Exchange

Excuse me, but why was I not informed of your fantasy? lol. I would love to sit on your rod and have a slow steamy fuck, while your hands squeeze my ass,…


Laurie Rockenbeck: Insemination is What They Do to Cows

…Having my husband’s sperm squiggling away between my boobs is distracting.

I stop at a light and I look down at the bright blue top to the cup and pat it.  Half of my baby is in that cup somewhere….


Monica Day Monica Day: The Pussy Letters

Dear Pussy,

I’ve missed you. I still miss you. When you talk to me, I don’t listen. Then I wonder why I can’t feel you sometimes.

Only I know that you can be shy. Only I know how wild you want to be. As the arbiter of your passion, I have failed you.


Tess Danesi: Darkness

…She looks lovely suspended there, her skin glowing in the pitch illuminated by its own inner radiance. I know if I were to take off the blindfold, her eyes would be moist with tears. I want to see those eyes, but not yet. I am a patient man….


J. Maddox: Journal EntriesFebruary 15, 2011

…I am ready to tell you how I feel about the fingers you left inside me. About how my heart still quivers with desire. I am ready for your eyes to look upon me….


Frances Seidman: The Anatomy of a Marriage

…always the feeling of our bodies reaching for each other.

His final words, “If it were not for leaving you, I am ready to die.”

I live on remembering the kisses and grateful for the experiences that lit up my life.


Rebekah Zhuraw: Words

The problem with love is that it is noisy,

always wanting to declare itself.

Stick a sock in it, I want to say.  A gag.  A cock—

a cock helps…


R. K. Singh: Wisdom of the Body: Some Reflections

…Through the realities of sex and sexual experience we can gauge a person’s innermost truth, his/her consciousness….


R. K. Singh: From The River Returns: Tanka


It’s not ageing

but eternal delight:

you under me

smooth belly nude necking

slow stroking parting flesh



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