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Dirty, Erotic Haiku, Reminder the next Salon – April 20

Haiku, one of my favorite forms of erotica.

Lusting her hot sauce

Sultry Argentine hot spice

Scorching, scalding – OUCH!

List of Erotic stories, verse, poetry, anthologies

I would like to start collecting a list of books with short reviews that I will post to this blog. If you have a website/blog and would like me to review and post to this site please send it to me.

Would anyone be interested in working on an anthology of works read at the Salon? It would be published as an ebook.

Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival Fundraiser

Last night’s Erotic Literary Salon was packed. The wonderful article in the Daily New, written by Natalie Pompilio, I’m certain helped create an overflow of attendance. I thank all who came to read, to applaud, to enjoy. Please spread the word, so this event can keep its momentum.

March 27/28 there will be a fundraiser for the Opera House in Jim Thorpe. I will be offering a workshop and exposing the Salon – pun intended. Hope to see some of you there, great material for writing.

The Erotic Literary Salon – TONIGHT – Kate Winslet splitting from husband? U.S. Credit Faltering?

Sorry you will have to cut and paste, for some reason my link button is not functioning.

The article in the Daily News was posted by a variety of sites, including this one: The Politifi, Politics, New and Debate blog. Under the title “Talking about Sex” in the featured stories section I rank with Kate Winslet splitting from husband and U.S. credit faltering. I’m rather proud to be up there with the best of them, but what I’m still trying to figure out what that says about the Salon or about what we consider to be a featured story.

Tomorrow some hot words, a piece from a famous writer that arrived in my email.