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Go The Fok To Sleep – Nonagenarian Frances Seidman’s reading at the Erotic Literary Salon

Better than Samuel Jackson’s video, Frances’ book reading was taped this past summer at the Erotic Literary Salon-live in Philadelphia event. This video was finally posted by the Erotic Literary Salon channel on youtube (previous one was by one of the filmographers). Please watch this one and leave a message for Frances so she can read it on her iPad.





A Soon To be Rare Cover – SenSexual Volume One – Amazon Block

Amazon responded to my request for specific violation, answer – the cover. Of course, they sent me to guidelines instead of saying it was the women’s bush. Keep wondering, if she were shaved would it still have created such an uproar? Well for most people who didn’t even focus between her legs and just enjoyed the gorgeous photograph, you will soon be drawn to her crotch. A red heart shall be added. So you can purchase the rare copy while it is still available (they put it back on to purchase), might even be worth more someday.

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SenSexual: A Unique Anthology 2013 – Amazon Partially Blocked

Hard to believe, Amazon has blocked volume one, but volume two and the combination one and two are available. Hopefully today I will know the answer to this most strange dilemma. In the meantime, please visit Amazon and purchase the combined anthology, you will save $$.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can download the app for free and you can read on any electronic device – smartphone, notebook, or computer.

Candida Royalle – Icon – Women Centered Erotic Films

A trailblazer in the industry of explicit sex videos, Candida continues to mentor and promote new film makers. Please visit her revised website, it is gorgeous.