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Live-Recording – How To Sell Erotica – Sizzler Press – Ranaissance

Sizzler Editions part of Renaissance ebooks recorded this wonderful event they created on ‘How to Sell Erotica.’ If you have any thoughts about becoming an erotica writer I suggest you spend the hour and listen.

How to Sell Erotica is a live recording of a panel discussion presented at San Francisco’s Center for Sex and Culture under the auspices of Sizzler Editions. It is presented here free for the benefit of visitors to The panelists were: Donna George Storey, a writing and book promotion columnist. Blake C. Aarens, who writes award-winning erotic fiction.M. Christian, writer and anthologist who has sold over 300 short stories, five novels and edited over two dozen anthologies. His new book How to Write and Sell Erotica is available from Sizzer Editons. Gina de Vries, whose fiction, journalism, memoir, and smut have appeared in dozens of anthologies. Jean Marie Stine, author, former magazine editor, and publisher of erotic ebook pioneer Sizzler Editions.


Topics included:

How did you sell the first story you got paid for?

What elements make an erotic story sell?

What are the easiest Markets to break into?

How do you dream up sexy story ideas and sexy scenes?

What’s the right amount of sex in a sexy story?

Is it possible to write convincing stories for sexual orientations and interests beyond your own? If not, why not? And if so, how do you do it?

What internet resources for writers of erotica would you recommend?

Any thoughts on how to get along well with editors and publishers? Do’s? Don’t’s?

Have you ever experienced negative reviews or criticism from fans? If so, how do you deal with it?

Have you ever sold the same story more than once? If so, what is the most times you have ever sold one story?

Running time: 1:40 Listen here:

Amazon Accepted New Cover for “SenSexual: A Unique Anthology” Volume one

Amazon had originally blocked the sale of Volume one because of ‘content’ violation. When I enquired as to specific violation they said the cover. Shall write a story about these photos, since they were part of a scandalous book published in 1969. Sadly, life hasn’t progressed much in terms of erotica in the U.S.

Free Sex Toy Designs for Your 3D Printer – MakerLove

The Erotic Literary Salon-Live was the place to be last night. Monica Day’s reading saw the Salon’s first standing ovation, Murmuration a classical music ensemble wowed the audience with their improvisational performance. You had to be there. Please don’t miss the next one, March 19th. Press Release to be posted next week.

News: the rise of affordable 3D printers is sparking a boom in demand for personalised sex toys that can be ordered online or printed at home.

Excerpts from article:

A raft of new companies are springing up to cater for the growing market for toys that can be customised according to taste and fabricated on domestic printers, preventing the potential awkwardness of receiving items in the post.

“The world of 3D-printed sex toys is growing rapidly and every day more and more brands pop up,” says designer Jelle Plantenga of Dutch “gentlemen’s jewellery” brand Velv’Or, which offers printed nylon products for men (top image). “It has the potential to grow very big”.

“I think the future holds a lot for this industry,” agrees Tom Nardone, founder of New York-based Makerlove, a site that offers vibrator designs that can be downloaded for free. “It’s definitely growing; it’s sort of a phenomenon. People want to avoid the embarrassment of getting these things in the mail.”

( provides, free of charge, a large variety of sex toy designs you can print with a 3-D printer, or Maker. Since 1998 our group has been helping people avoid embarrassment and Makers will help that cause. You see, when people have the ability to make things privately, we suspect they will choose to make certain items without telling anyone else. Sex Toys and personal items seem rather high up on that list. So we have formed a website to capture and share designs for these personal products. may revolutionize the sex toy industry or it may not, we are not sure. Regardless, we will be a free resource for people who want the freedom to privately own their own pleasure.)




The World’s Oldest Pornography

Prehistoric pornography: Chinese carvings show explicit copulation – Slate Magazine article.

Excerpts below:


The Kangjashimenji Petroglyphs


Prudes shouldn’t go into archeology. The patina of antiquity may make a carved ivory phallus, Venus figurine, or vulva painting on a cave wall priceless, communicating to us from a mute, distant past. But transplant those images to the modern world and you get dildos, Playboy, and Georgia O’Keefe. Still, most prehistoric erotic art is abstract, disembodied. It doesn’t explicitly depict sex-crazed ancients screwing their brains out for fun and fertility.

But one little-known, mysterious archaeological site does. The Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs are bas-relief carvings in a massive red-basalt outcropping in the remote Xinjiang region of northwest China. The artwork includes the earliest—and some of the most graphic—depictions of copulation in the world….

Viktor Mair, a professor of Chinese language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the foremost experts on the mummies, writes that SRC5 was “a forest of phalluses and vulvas … blanketed in sexual symbolism.” The torpedoes were phallic symbols marking all the female graves, while the “oars” marking the male burials represented vulvas. Many female burials contained carved phalluses at their sides, and the mound also contained large wooden sculptures with hyperbolized genitalia. “Such overt, pervasive attention to sexual reproduction is extremely rare in the world for a burial ground,” …

Academic article discusses the unique Kangjiashimenji petroglyphic tableau,which illustrates an intense  and ancient fertility ritual.