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Museum of Erotic Art Tochka-G

Russia claims to have the largest museum of sex and erotic art in the world. Not certain of the quality of their collection, but judging from the website it is an extremely eclectic mix of artwork.

“Museums of sex and erotic art have existed for many years all over the world. Berlin, Paris, New-York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen – this is far from complete list of cities, opened their doors to the world of erotica. Now the museum of erotic art appeared in Russia.Tochka G is a Disney-Land for adults in the heart of Moscow. The square of more than 800 square meters include:

– Museum of Erotic Art that has more than 3000 exhibits from ancient times to present days. The Museum Tochka G is not just one of many others. It is the biggest erotic museum in the world! In the Museum Tochka G you can see the most remarkable exhibits of erotic art, thanks to the support of the world’s leading experts in the field. In Russia there are also a lot of talented creators and artists – so the museum has our own national “twist”.

– Adult hypermarket with a broad range of sex toys, erotic lingerie and souvenirs. The best products of the world’s leading manufacturers are freely available on the 300 square meters of shopping space.”

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World’s Strongest Vagina, Sexual Healing for the Disabled

I believe everyone is entitled to sexual rights. The following video trailer, Scarlet Road, is a two minute view into the sexual desires of the disabled. What I have not seen represented in any disabled discussions or films are the hidden disabilities people have.


Sexual Healing for the Disabled

by Nicky Park

The New Zealand Herald


Rachel Wotten is a sex worker. She specialises in servicing people with disabilities.

Since she was a teenager, the Sydney-based sex worker has been intrigued by the taboo industry. While she was studying psychology at university she broke into the business, and has remained in the field for nearly 20 years.

Today, about 50 per cent of her clients are people who have a physical or intellectual disability. She has provided sexual services for people with muscular dystrophy, brain injuries, spinal injuries, encephalitis, deaf and blind folks – any adult who can provide informed consent.

“I treat all my clients equally and if they happen to have disability, so be it. I just need to know how I can adapt my service to accommodate their needs,” Rachel says from her Auckland hotel room.

“Sometimes I forget what the actual label of the disability is, because for me, it’s more important to know … how their bodies move and function and how I can best adapt my services to meet their needs.”

Rachel’s flown in to New Zealand for the screening of a documentary about her work, Scarlet Road. In the film, we meet two of her regular clients, John (who has MS) and Mark (who has cerebral palsy).

“Rachel makes me feel like I have a girlfriend,” Mark says in the film.

His mum explains: “With your other kids you don’t have anything to do with their sex life, but Mark needed that little bit of help.”

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Russian Gymnast Has the World’s Strongest Vagina


Tatyana Kozhevnikovam, who holds the Guinness World Record for “vagina weightlifting”, can lift a 30-pound kettlebell using nothing but her private parts. (Photo :

Counsel&Heal News

by Christine Hsu

Most women use it for sex, some use it to play ping-pong, blow out birthday candles or shoot darts, but its safe to say no woman can use it like Tatyana Kozhevnikovam.

Tatyana is the proud owner of the world’s strongest vagina.

The Russian gymnast, who holds the Guinness World Record for “vagina weightlifting”, can lift a 30-pound kettlebell using nothing but her private parts, according to The Sun.

This month she’ll show off her incredible abilities on UK’s The Body Shocking Show where she plans to utilize her record-breaking lady parts to lift heavy weights.

The sneak preview of the show, which will air later this month, shows Tatyana lifting 13-pound dumbbells, equivalent to the weight of two melons, using only her vaginal muscles.

Tatyana was given a place in the Guinness Book of World Records after she was recorded lifting a 30-pound glass ball using nothing but her genitals.

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Hysterical Literature: The Orgasm as Art

Turning Orgasm into Art – Interview of photographer Clayton Cubitt by Tracy Clark-Flory for Salon. Excerpt of interview below sample video of Session Two: Alicia

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Excerpt from – The black-and-white video begins with a woman sitting at a table with a book in front of her. She looks into the camera and states her name, the name of the book, and begins to read. It seems she’s overwhelmed by the words — there’s a slight twitch, a smirk, a straightening of the back, a desperate breath in — and she struggles to continue reading.

Eventually you realize there is more to this scene than it at first seems — maybe when you notice the ever-so-slight buzzing sound in the background, or maybe not until the moans begin. Either way, before the end of the video there is the unmistakable appearance of an orgasm. But you never see just what has produced it: Is there someone or something under that table? Was it just the words that produced those paroxysms of pleasure?

This is the setup of art photographer Clayton Cubitt’s new video series, “Hysterical Literature.” So far, there have been two installments: one starring porn performer Stoya reading “Necrophilia Variations” by Supervert, the other featuring a woman identified simply as Alicia reading Walt Whitman’s sensual “Leaves of Grass.” But frankly, they could read their grocery lists and I’d still hang on their every word, every breath, every squirming movement during their vulnerable, resistant build to orgasm.

I talked to Cubitt, also known as Siege, by email about his fascinating new project, the line between high and low art, and authentic portraiture in the age of self-branding.

OK, what exactly is going on under that table?

I won’t divulge explicit technique, but the assistant is equipped with a back massager and instructed to distract the reader.

What instructions did you give the readers?

Readers are told to state their name and the name of what they’ll be reading, and then to read it out loud for as long as they can. When they have to stop, they’re asked to again state their name and what they’ve just read. Some of them aren’t able to do the last part.

And did they give any instructions to the person under the table? Or is the person under the table just incredibly adept? (And, if so, what are they doing tomorrow night?)

No instructions are given between reader and distracter. Part of the intrigue comes from that tension.

How do you go about selecting the book and the particular passage?

Readers are given full control over what they choose to read. I simply ask them to choose something personally meaningful to them, and something long enough to read from. We’ve had everything from Walt Whitman to a science book on fungus.

Are the videos you’ve posted so far first takes? Any entertaining outtakes? Read More:


Video – Madonna-Erotica – May 5 Year Erotic Literary Salon Anniversary

Last night’s Erotic Literary Salon – standing room only. Fabulous readings, several virgin presenters, many new attendees, plus featured presenter Sam Rosenthal sharing excerpts from his new novel, “Rye” to wide eyed audience and Murmuration – improvisational chamber ensemble creating great music from the 6 word ‘delicious sex’ offerings. It was a most wonderful evening.

Enjoy the visuals and the words of Madonna’s – Erotica