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Video – Madonna-Erotica – May 5 Year Erotic Literary Salon Anniversary

Last night’s Erotic Literary Salon – standing room only. Fabulous readings, several virgin presenters, many new attendees, plus featured presenter Sam Rosenthal sharing excerpts from his new novel, “Rye” to wide eyed audience and Murmuration – improvisational chamber ensemble creating great music from the 6 word ‘delicious sex’ offerings. It was a most wonderful evening.

Enjoy the visuals and the words of Madonna’s – Erotica

TODAY – The Erotic Literary Salon – Sam Rosenthal – Murmuration – Tragedy Boston Marathon – First Female Runner

In the aftermath of yesterday’s tragedy I am reminded of all the marathons I witnessed as a spectator. None was more momentous as watching the first female runner cross the finish line.

The Nation

The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love by Dave Zirin


Kathrine Switzer found herself about to be thrown out of the normally all-male Boston Marathon when a companion threw a block that tossed a race official out of the running instead, April 19, 1967. (AP Photo)

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” – Kathrine Switzer

The dead. The injured. The anguish. All the result of bombs that were set to explode at the finish line just over four hours after the start of the Boston Marathon. Right now the sane among us will suggest caution. We’ll suggest restraint. We’ll suggest the giving of blood. There will be time to mourn. We will mourn the dead and injured. I also mourn the Boston Marathon and how it’s now been brutally disfigured.

The Boston Marathon matters in a way other sporting events simply do not. It started in 1897, inspired by the first modern marathon, which took place at the inaugural 1896 Olympics. It attracts 500,000 spectators and over 20,000 participants from ninety-six countries. Every year, on the big day, the Red Sox play a game that starts at the wacky hour of 11:05am so people leaving the game can empty onto Kenmore Square and cheer on the finishers. It’s not about celebrating stars but the ability to test your body against the 26.2 mile course, which covers eight separate Massachusetts towns and the infamous “Heartbreak Hill” in Newton. It’s as much New England in spring as the changing of the leaves in fall. It’s open and communitarian and utterly unique. And today it was altered forever. I spoke to my friend Jim Bullington who has ran in four Boston Marathons. He said, READ MORE:

Tomorrow – The Erotic Literary Salon, Video – Female “Origami” Condom Prototype

Featured presenters tomorrow at the Erotic Literary Salon – author Sam Rosenthal reading from his new Queer erotica novel, “Rye” and Murmuration, a classical improvisational ensemble. Early evening talk on the use of the word Queer, given by Sam Rosenthal, a self identified Queer.

There is a female condom already being marketed, but there is definitely room for improvement. If this one works I believe more women will take the initiative to protect themselves and not leave it up to their partner.

“The ORIGAMI Female Condom™ (OFC) is a female-initiated concept designed to enhance sensation for both partners, improve ease of use, improve safety, improve direct tactile sensation, minimize slipping and breaking, and to accommodate a range of penis sizes. The condom material and its inherent design provides telescopic folding, expansion and contraction, that creates an internal reciprocating motion of the penis consistent with natural intercourse performance.

Unlike conventional animal skin, latex or nitrile (FC2) condoms, the OFC is fabricated by injection molded silicone. It validated at 100% biocompatible and 100% viral-impermeable through independent pre-clinical lab testing.

The OFC is inserted vaginally before intercourse. It is intended to provide a controlled strategy for contraception and prevention of HIV/AIDS, STD/STI.

To reach the market the condom must be reviewed by the FDA, the WHO and C-Mark to meet rigorous safety standards. The OFC is in clinical trials in San Francisco, CA in collaboration with the Women’s Global Health Imperative at RTI, International.  Large-scale clinical trials will follow to determine its performance and safety. It is expected to reach the market in late 2015, pending regulatory approvals.”

Watch video:!female-condom/cxt7

Video – GoogleTech talk – Violet Blue – Sex on the Internet, the Realities of Porn, Sexual Privacy

Violet Blue’s brief bio on one of her websites. I have heard her speak in person – brilliant. Below bio is her GoogleTech talk.

“Violet Blue is a self-made wunderkind who is now one of our chief pundits on sex ed, porn for women, privacy and bleeding-edge tech culture. Courted by OWN and appearing globally in major publications, everyone wants to know what Violet Blue has to say about sex and tech’s edgiest issues today.

ZDNet, c|netCBS News journalist, educator, speaker, crisis counselor, volunteerNGO trainer: Blue is outspoken and controversial. A domain to Libyayelled at by Steve Jobs, the locus of Google nymwars, the 1st female podcaster; she won a Federal lawsuit to stop an impersonator, was SF Chronicle’s sex columnist, getscensored, is at home in a machine shop or on a motorcycle. Her sharp editorial eye and skill as an author wins awards for her 40+ books.

Blue is not just a pundit on sex and tech but also an agent of change and raises the bar for discussion on critical issues that affect at-risk populations.” Read more: