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Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale Talks Kink – FREE Video

Please watch this short video by Rev Bev, last month’s featured presenter at the Erotic Literary Salon. It will become very clear why you missed a most enlightening evening.


Rev Bev Receives Community Service Award at

Diabolique Ball – fundraiser.

M. Dante – Poet – Heide Hatry – Artist – Videos

Heide Hatry, artist extraordinaire, graced the Salon while M. Dante read her wonderful poem inspired by Heide’s work. M. Dante is a most talented writer and shares her work often at the Erotic Literary Salon. She is also one of the hostesses for the Salon.

The first video is the reading at the Salon, the second is a video M. Dante took of Heide Hatry at the opening of Noir Con 2012.

In the second video, Heide is explaining her process of creating flowers out of the skin and organs of animals. While she was speaking to me she was cutting up chicken tongues. My initial reaction was an “eeeeeek” factor, I overcame that very quickly as I became absorbed in conversation with a most intellectual and artistic woman.

Review of Heide’s book release at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012.

“Heidi Hatry’s Not a Rose: A Neo-Conceptual Art Project” stunned visitors at the Frankfurt Book Fair with its marriage of sculpture, print, performance, film and the latest interactive video technology provided by a new firm, Logopeak, based in Heidelberg…. Hatry’s process of making flowers from animal parts — frequently the genitals — that don’t make it into a human dinner.”

Read the entire article:


Safe Sex – Graffiti – TBWA/Paris

Please use this video to inspire you to write a humorous piece about a most deadly infection AIDES.

The Erotic Mind

Free Podcast at Carnal Nation – The Erotic Mind podcast series, talking with authors about erotic short stories, novels and memoirs.