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Tonight-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live – February 18 – Monica Day & Tango

Celebrate Valentine’s Day once again with Monica Day, third year as featured presenter along with Tango mini-performance, Argentinian dancer Damian Lobato and Sarah Chung. 20+ readers will fill out the evening with steamy words. An evening not to be missed.

Damian Lobato –

WHYY Radio – The Pulse – Dr. Susana Mayer – Speaks Sexual Pleasure – Orgasm

WHYY Radio team Maiken Scott & Joel Patterson did a wonderful job of editing 30+ minutes of my interview into a 4 minute piece. “The Pulse,” a new program on WHYY radio, 9am Fridays & again at 10am Sunday, or listen at link below.

Brief write-up & interview:


Video – Erotic Education of St Valentine – Monica Day – Happy Valentine’s Day – Erotic Literary Salon celebrates V Day on February 19th

Happy Valentine’s Day – Tuesday, February 19th Monica Day will once again share her wonderful words regarding Valentine’s Day. This will be Monica’s third year as featured presenter for the Erotic Literary Salon’s  special Valentine’s Day celebration.

Cupid and Psych as Children by William Bouguereau


Below: Video – ‘Erotic Education of St. Valentine’ was one of Monica Day’s past featured presentations at the Salon.

Valentine’s Erotic Literary Salon – February 18 – Monica Day – Video – Tango Demonstration

You get to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice this year with featured presenters Monica Day, Tango dancers Damian Lobato & Sarah Chung,  plus 20 attendees reading their heart felt works.

Monica Day lives the sensual life and so can you –

Monica Day at Titillating Tongues: NYC Erotica… video below. This is one of the many sides of Monica. Who she will be bringing to the Salon next week, February 18th will be a surprise, it always is.