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List of Great Erotica Reads Plus Videos – Women Orgasm While Reading

A listing of some books people mentioned at the last Salon, in response to an Adult Sex-Ed Question: “What are some really good erotica readings?” Presumably to get turned on while reading. Before you read the list (below this article) you might be interested in several short videos of women getting turning on while reading, but not by the words – a hidden vibrator. Fun to watch nonetheless.

Women Orgasm While Reading… For The Sake Of Art, Of Course (NSFW)

In the videos below, a series of women sit at a desk and read a book of their choosing aloud. As their reading session continues, you may notice a quickness of breath, some fumbling over easily legible words, light panting, shivering, giggling and moaning.

No, these physical reactions aren’t responses to the texts themselves, but rather to an unseen assistant pleasuring said women with vibrators under the table. Eventually, they climax. The piece, by artist Clayton Cubitt, is titled “Hysterical Literature,” and is slated to go on view as part of Mass MoCA’s “Bibliothecaphilia“ exhibition later this month.

I sat the readers at a table,” Cubitt told The Daily Beast, “and I showed what society wants to see on top of the table, and I hid the sex under the table. I wanted to see what people would react to more: what they could see, or what they imagined.”

“Bibliothecaphilia” addresses the quiet, mystical allure of the library — a space of escape, of solitude, of transcendence. With the rise of eBooks and library apps, these strange sacred spaces sometimes teeter on becoming obsolete. The group show features artists who unpack our appetites for libraries in all their physical and mythical glory.

While Cubitt’s video series certainly touches on the love of libraries, it simultaneously explores themes of feminism, sexuality, hysteria and authenticity. The moving portraits, shot in stark black-and-white, are part fine art, part viral click-bait, part literary ode, part pornography.

I’m quite fascinated with the concepts of control and release when it comes to portraiture, especially in this modern of era of social networking profile self-portraits and Instagram, when everyone has a well-practiced notion of personal branding,“ Cubitt explained to The Daily Dot. “What’s left for the portraitist to capture? One can shock the sitter out of that plastic smile. I’m attempting to lead them back to something real.”

Despite the obvious erotic appeal of Cubitt’s project, the importance extends beyond just sex. For many of the female participants, the session presented an opportunity for women to proudly express their sexualities and retain their power — a man is never pictured on screen. “This is my revolutionary act of selfishness,” wrote one participant of her experience, “my virtual picket sign… my one-woman rally… my rebel yell… my sedentary march… a call for dialogue and understanding.”

Other participants commented on the biased and frustrating response to the piece, which unapologetically displayed the taboo image of female pleasure. “But despite being a project I’m deeply proud of, it has been challenging to deal with the intense scrutiny by the art world for my participation in this work, while my male counterpart rarely dealt with any,” said photographer and artist Marne Lucas, who appears in session nine.

The series title, “Hysterical Literature,” alludes to Victorian-era treatments for female “hysteria,” which often incorporated vibrating patients. It also evokes associations to the religious ecstasies of the middle ages, as the subjects’ spoken words are imbued with erotic ecstasy.

The films, at once intellectually and sexually stimulating, juxtapose the cultured pursuit of reading with the more deviant pastime of masturbation. “I don’t remember exactly when I decided to combine this with reading.“ Cubitt explained, “At some point it occurred to me that the choice of books is such a personal one, that it could serve as a proxy for our idealized personality, while the physical distraction could try to destroy it. And that also allowed me to poke fun at the idea that our mind is somehow ‘better’ or more ‘us’ than our body. How nobly we view the act of reading, compared to the act of sex.”

At last Tuesday’s Salon April 19, I mentioned this woodcut. s

Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”


Jon sent the following email:

“The authors I mentioned the other night were Emma Holly and Cecilia Tan. I may have mentioned a few others but I can’t remember offhand.

Holly writes erotic romances, often delving into paranormal erotica and BDSM. Some of her works are more toward mainstream romance, but when she turns toward *erotic* erotica she writes some of the best sex scenes I’ve ever seen in print. I recommend All U Can Eatand Cooking Up A Storm– both contemporary erotica standalone books. Her website is

Cecilia Tan is one of my personal heroes. Not only does she fuse sci-fi/fantasy/speculative fiction with erotica, often with BDSM & LGBTQ themes, she also founded Circlet Press (“Erotica for Geeks”, which is devoted to publishing that genre. Her short story collection Black Feathersis a good starting point, or her novel The Velderet. Her personal website is

I also mentioned BookBub (, which collects discounted and free ebook offers. I subscribe to their daily newsletter, which nearly always includes at least one erotica title (too often along the lines of the dreaded “Sexy Billionaire” trope) and often has free titles. There are similar services out there but so far BookBub is the only one I know of that includes erotica.

Who else? Janine Ashbless (, Rose Caraway’s The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, (S&S’s Cleis Press imprint,, and a big shout out to anything by Logan Belle (the author, not to be confused with the singer-songwriter:

That’s all I’ve got for now.” – Thank you Jon


I would like to add: Violet Blue, an erotica author and editor. Her website has a great blog and links to her work at Literate Smut on her menu bar.



TONIGHT-April 17-The Erotic Literary Salon Live-Dan Berlin Featured Reader, SIRI Q & A, Video-Annie Sprinkle Tit Prints

Come and share the questions and/or statements you posed to SIRI and her responses. Topics of sex, relationships, and naughty thoughts. I have noticed you can sometimes ask the same question and she will have different responses.

Annie Sprinkle Tit Prints

I met Annie Sprinkle when she lectured at my grad school in S.F., the same institute where she received her doctorate. Former Porn star turned performance artist, she now is a crusader for Sexecology, “The Earth is our lover. We are madly, passionately, and fiercely in love, and we are grateful for this relationship each and every day. In order to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with the Earth, we collaborate with nature. We treat the Earth with kindness, respect and affection.”

I have purchased quite a few of her signed, original tit prints. If you are interested in purchasing I can send you images and prices. Below is a wonderful video of Annie creating some of her prints.

Reminder-This Tuesday April 17-The Erotic Literary Salon Live/Adult Sex-Ed-Ask Siri

Come hear what Siri has to say about Love, Sex, and the Naughty. Ask Siri a question on love, sex, and anything naughty and share her responses at the Salon.

Have you ever wanted a safe space to experiment sexually, then “The Beltane” annual event might be just the place for you. Dvora and Paul regular attendees at the Salon will be offering 3 Connect-om workshops during the extended weekend event.

“When we say sex is sacred, we really mean it!

​Who are we? We are lots of things. We are a community of people who come together each Spring to celebrate Sacred Sexuality in all of its forms. Pagans, Buddhists, Atheists, even some Judeo-Christian folks. Straight and LGBTQ. Vanilla and kinky. We all have in common a belief that every act of love and pleasure is special and divine. Come explore with us.”


Sex Toys New – “Shape of Water” Dildo & Used – Reddit Link

Thank you Anna for sending Reddit Link for used toys.

Please be cautious and only purchase items that can be sterilized. If you are not certain research the material on line and whether it can be sterilized.


‘The Shape of Water’ Dildo: We Just Spoke With the Creator of the Amphibian Man-Inspired Sex Toy

Whether or not “The Shape of Water” wins the Best Picture trophy at the Oscars next month, it’s already inspired a different kind of statuette. This one’s a dildo.

XenoCat Artifacts is selling a sex toy inspired by Amphibian Man — a.k.a. The Asset — in their Etsy shop. The 100 percent silicon dildo is essentially a mockup of what artist and co-owner Ere and her partner Ink believe the big-screen sea creature’s penis — alluded to but not seen in the film — would look like. Naturally, we had to talk to them all about it.

“I’ve been anticipating this movie for a while,” Ere, an assumed name for her unique line of work, told us on Thursday. “The shape, the character design are gorgeous — and I love [Guillermo] del Toro’s work.”

The best part for a small business like theirs? The two-person team already had a mold that would work perfectly. Previously called “The Prince,” (no, not after the late singer, though the “Raspberry Beret” musician certainly inspired some sex toy play himself, may God rest his soul) the model boasts “ruffled, gill-like” ridges and a “wave” shape. Oh, it also has four piercings — a Prince Albert and a Jacob’s Ladder (if you know what those are). You go, Amphibian Man.

To adapt it for fans of the latest del Toro flick, Ere just had to do some color-matching. Remixed in blues and greens and blacks and re-titled “The Jewel of the Amazon,” the Asset toy sold out its original run of 20 in two days, Ere told TheWrap. That netted them about $2,000.

We’ll break those economics down for our readers. A non-custom “Shape of Water”-inspired toy runs $70 for a “medium” and $50 for a “small.” XenoCat customers can tack on $20 more for custom elements — like a different firmness, for example.

And we know you’re wondering, so we asked: The medium dildo is 7 and-a-half inches in length, 7 inches of which are “insertable.” It has a 6-inch circumference around at its widest point. The small is 6 inches long, 5 inches of which are insertable. That one has a 4 and-a-half inch circumference.

Each toy contains body safe pigments and can be boiled to clean. They’re all handmade, and take about two and-a-half hours to create. See the finished product here:

The Jewel of the Amazon

Due to popular demand, Ere and Ink plan to make another limited run of 20 and post them to Etsy in time for next month’s Academy Awards. Yes, this is their full-time job.

While she’s “got plans” for more movie and video game-inspired toys (maybe “Monster Hunter,” definitely not “Jurassic Park”) Ere’s also got her sights set on going Hollywood in another way.

A part-time prop-maker — she made a chest plate for a “Resident Evil” character — Ere would love to create masks and prosthetics on the side for movie sets, or for theater like Cirque de Soleil. But don’t worry, loyal XenoCat customers, her true joy will always lie in giving you pleasure.

“The money keeps bringing me back to the dildos,” Ere said.