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“Sexual Selection” – Photo Book – Natacha Merritt

Internationally renowned photographer Natacha Merritt, author of the ground-breaking Digital Diaries (Taschen, 2000) returns with her latest collection of genre-defying photographs in Sexual Selection in 2012. At 21, Merritt redefined the boundaries of artistic photography with the best seller Digital Diaries, the first digital photography book ever published. Merritt’s new book Sexual is in many ways even more explicit, comparing and contrasting the sexual intricacies of plants and insects with human sexuality.

I was just sent this press release and brief description of new photo book this morning. Shall definitely pre-order  (see below).



“Her eerily intimate depictions of fucking and sucking transcend smut. Even literate smut.” Rolling Stone (about Digital-Diaries, 2000)

“The juxtapositions are exceptional… Of course I like the real people having sex, and to put them next to these other biological forms is really original and leads one’s imagination to places it hasn’t been…”  Richard Prince (about Sexual Selection, 12/2011)

Sex. Art. Insects?

In 2000, Natacha Merritt released Digital-Diaries (Taschen), the first ever book to feature exclusively digital photography. What was the 21 year old San Francisco native photographing? Her sex life with her friends, masturbating with and without accessories, in bed, in the shower, in hotel rooms, from every imaginable angle and with the camera usually at arm’s length. Digital-Diaries allowed the reader a no-holds-barred insight into Merritt’s fantasies, desires, exploits and realities. Her controversial work was soon featured in diverse publications across the world from Rolling Stone to The Observer, from Playboy and Der Spiegel to Dazed and Confused. The book went on to become an L. A. Times and Amazon bestseller, moving over 300,000 copies.

Merritt’s new book Sexual Selection is in many ways even more captivating. She applied her distinctive vision to a subtle and complex art, creating astonishing and surprisingly lyrical images as she compares and contrasts the sexual intricacies of plants and insects with her own elaborate sexuality. She returned to higher education to study evolutionary biology, noting “The leap makes sense when you are passionate about sex. All roads lead to evolutionary biology, speciation and genetics.” It wasn’t long before she became transfixed with arachnid genitalia, peering down a microscope for hours on end in order to capture the perfect images of a spider’s erect penis, one of the photos featured in her new book Sexual Selection, published in May 2012 by cult Berlin arthouse Bongoût.

Each image is unmistakably a work of art that transcends easy categorisation. Lush and eerily intimate photographs capture the fleeting moments of arousal and grant us a rare insight into our universal sexuality. With the questions she asks as a scientist, she answers as an artist with photography and writing; why are some sexual practices and organs so detailed, complex and downright bizarre when this gets in the way of basic survival? As Natacha explains, “Sexual selection is the sensual side of evolution. It explains the ornate, the creative and the beautiful, it can explain arousal. It’s what gets us laid.”

By exposing the often over-looked sensual and sexual behaviour of other species as well as our own, Sexual Selection is guaranteed to broaden the readers’ sense of beauty and arousal regardless of their vantage point.

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Book Tour – Bound for Glory – Sean O’Kane

50 Shades of Grey has started the conversation, continue it with Sean O’Kane’s “Bound for Glory.”

Extract Two.

Anna Chatham, model and socialite, luxuriates in her villa before disaster strikes.

“Come on, Babe! Get your legs open! I gotta screw you before I do another line!”

“Christ, Jake! Doesn’t that thing between your legs ever go down?”

“Nah! But I do!”

A throaty female chuckle followed the exchange as the voices drifted across the water to where Anna floated, on her stomach, arms folded on the lip of the villa’s infinity pool. She looked out across the steeply sloping scrubland beneath, down to the coast road and beyond that to the beach which shimmered white in the mid-morning sunlight, palm trees providing deep pools of shadow here and there. An emerald sea washed sleepily on the sand, high wispy clouds did nothing to obscure the sun and far away across the bay the island’s mountains rose in folds of differing shades of green, each peak so clearly defined in the clear light that she felt she could reach across and touch them.

It was a perfect place. That was why she had bought it. More particularly it was also a perfect place for her twenty-third birthday bash. For a week now, friends had been coming and going while the drink had flowed and so had some less legitimate substances. Currently the house was full of what she and her best friends called the ‘Amfux’, these were young men from the States – bronzed, fit and good for several nights’ entertainment before they fell by the wayside. Earlier in the week there had been ‘Britfux’ – rather less in the wholesome muscular stakes but with more between their ears – and ‘Eurofux’ who were pretty and good for a screw when all else failed.

Her thoughts led her to let her legs drift apart in the water, cooling her rather overheated vulva which had seen a lot of action the previous night – and the several nights preceding that. Her miniscule bikini briefs did little to interfere with the soothing effects of the water and the top just held her breasts enough to make her notice the play of the water against and beneath them.

Perhaps it was time she got back to work, she thought, virtually non-stop partying for a week was okay but you could have too much of a good thing. She knew her staff would have held the line for her back in London, but she would have to pick up the reins again soon. Not that she needed the money of course, but her Events Management business kept her social diary full, and inspecting the healthy bank balance gave her life meaning. The modelling was fun of course – and very profitable too.

From the villa side of the pool came a female shriek of mock alarm and fright. A loud splash followed, amid gales of male laughter. A few small waves lapped against Anna and slopped over the pool’s edge, she glanced round and saw her friend Alice surface, blonde hair streaming down her tanned back and shoulders.

“You bastard, Harris!” she called to an equally tanned Adonis at the pool edge – who was heir to the Big Burger chain of restaurants and worth more than the whole island. Harris gave her a cheerful wave and sauntered back to his mates.

“There’s another spanking waiting for you when you come out!” he called over his shoulder.

Anna grinned to herself. Most of her circle of friends indulged more and more in titillating activities around sex itself. They were all young, wealthy and good looking, they needed all the edge that life could give them, otherwise it became a bland sequence of self-indulgences. They skiied hard, flew micro-lites, water-skiied, and when it came to sex, they added fetishes and pain to sharpen their jaded appetites. Anna’s own bottom had been heated by a young Texan the previous night and it had resulted in some very satisfactory orgasms. Of course everyone was much more into that sort of thing now that the arenas were so much more mainstream.




Anna Chatham’s life is suddenly ripped apart and her catastrophic fall from fame and fortune to criminal takes only a few days. And in the Britain that she knows, some twenty years in the future, when a pretty girl is condemned for anti-social behaviour, it can mean only one thing. In his relentless drive towards power Clive Mostyn has steered through slavery legislation. Anna Chatham now faces fifteen years as the legal property of an arena. But there is a sinister purpose at work behind her downfall and as she learns to submit to her Masters, a devastatingly cruel plot is revealed. Page-turning action as always as Sean takes us to the climactic Demolition Derby – the arenas’ latest and harshest test for its slaves.


Available from:


The book is also available from all outlets of WHSmith Travel in the UK.




Sean O’Kane came to writing erotica via various routes. He was a successful author in other fields before the erotic bug bit him!s


Since first appearing in the Silver Moon canon he has written several best-selling titles and ‘Bound for Glory’ is the ninth novel in the acclaimed Arena series. Readers have kindly supplied him with a lot of feedback over the course of the series and even suggested ways in which the various plot lines might develop. He is very gratified by this proof of his books being enjoyed. In the erotic genre, that degree of reader feedback is rare!


He has another Arena novel planned but after that is not decided in which direction he might turn.


Sean lives a full life beyond his hours at the computer. He is keen on gardening and cooking as well as reading – he likes to see what everyone else is up to! He has many friends on the SM scene and is proud to class Francine Whittaker as being among them.