Words Dance – Literary Sexts Anthology

Fabulous Salon last night. As promised information regarding submission for new anthology by Words Dance Publishing.

Literary Sexts will be a modern day anthology of short love poems with subtle erotic undertones edited by Amanda Oaks & Caitlyn Siehl, set to be published by Words Dance Publishing with hopes that will be available for preorder in time for Valentine’s Day 2014!

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Underused Sexting Abbreviations 

Examples for sexts from the editors:

The rush you give me: The way a blade of grass must feel when splashed with a cloud’s cry after days of screaming for rain. – Amanda Oaks

You are laying beside me and my hand is splayed like a starfish across your chest. I can feel the ocean in my fingertips. – Caitlyn Siehl

Your thigh brushing mine is like a thousand doors moaning open all at the same time. – Amanda Oaks

I’m kissing your mouth and it feels like telling the truth. I’m kissing your neck and a volcano is waking up after 100 years of silence. – Caitlyn Siehl

Due date for submissions: January 10, 2014

Contributor Payment:

Each accepted contributor will receive one copy of the anthology upon release.

There are two ways you can submit to this anthology: You can submit for free or pay a small fee to get a 3-5 day response to your submission. All payments made are going to help us pay for the contributor copies! So even if you are not concerned with how long it takes us to respond to your submission, know that you will be supporting this small press & its writers, a feel good act! Every little bit helps, thank you! (If you opt out of payment, it WILL NOT affect how we view or the result of your submission, we’re good people over here & we get it.)

For more details on submitting:


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