What is a Sexual Surrogate? ” Movie – The Sessions

Along with the new movie, The Sessions, come a slew of questions. Dr. Mitchell Tepper, a Sex Therapist answers them at Your Tango website. Last time I saw Dr. Tepper, Candida Royalle and I were dancing with him at a professional conference. I recall we each had a wheel from his wheel chair between our cheeks, as we did a three way dance to live New Orleans sounds. It was a memorial moment and a dance I will never forget.

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Excerpt from article:

New Film Begs Question: What Is A Sexual Surrogate?!
By Dr. Mitchell Tepper. Posted on Oct 5th 2012.

Actress Helen Hunt at “The Sessions” premiere in Toronto.

Helen Hunt plays a sexual surrogate in “The Sessions,” but this is not your ordinary sex therapy.
The film “The Sessions,” starring Helen Hunt, is inspiring a lot of curiosity. People keep asking me, “What exactly is a sexual surrogate?”

A sexual surrogate or surrogate partner therapist (SPT) is a person who works with clients to overcome sexual dysfunction and enhance relationships. The goals range from relieving anxiety around intimacy or dating to addressing specific concerns such as virginity, erection response, ejaculation timing, painful intercourse, inhibited desire or negative body image. Or the surrogate may try to facilitate more pleasure or overcome negative responses based on past traumatic experiences.

For anyone who has experienced changes resulting from a disability and does not have a partner to work with, the surrogate can help explore and develop sexual potential. Surrogates are not the solution merely for someone who cannot find a date — the goal of the relationship is to establish self-esteem through honest interactions and build confidence through hands-on practice. A surrogate partner is first an educator, second a facilitator and finally a practice partner who acts as a ‘mirror’ for her or his clients.
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