UPenn Sex Week

U of Penn has joined the ranks of Yale, Harvard, Brown University to name but a few. Great speakers, Rachel Kramer Bussel, who has read at the Salon and will be returning (keep posted) will be discussing erotica. Kali Morgan owner of Passional and supporter of the Erotic Literary Salon will be speaking Kink.

Excerpts from Article in “The Daily Pennsylvanian.”

Maiden Sex Week aims to stimulate discussion

The Hillel, SPEC and LGBT Center-sponsored week will include events on masturbation and asexuality


Sex is in the air.

With flyers sprouting up across campus displaying phrases like “everyone masturbates” and “having sex burns 300 calories per hour,” students have been gearing up for Penn’s first-ever Sex Week.

Starting on Tuesday, Penn Sex Week will aim to educate students about sex — as well as celebrate it. Modeled after similar programs at Harvard and Yale universities, the ultimate goal of Sex Week is to create campus-wide dialogue about a topic that some say has long been considered taboo.

“There’s so much people don’t know about sex, because they’re either denied the information or they’re too ashamed to seek it out,” said College junior Arielle Pardes, one of the co-chairs of Sex Week and a Daily Pennsylvanian columnist. “We’re moving the discourse away from just talking about hooking up over the weekend to more critical things, like criticizing the porn industry or talking about masturbation or writing erotica.”

The story of how Sex Week was made possible in the first place starts with Pardes.

In June 2012, Pardes wrote a DP column in which she called on Penn to host its own version of a Sex Week. Although she acknowledged that the University already has a number of sex education programs in place, she made the point that there has not yet been a forum for students to learn about sex in a more diverse, relatable way.

 Read entire article and schedule for the week:

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