Tuesday-May 20- 6 Year Anniversary The Erotic Literary Salon

Hard to believe it has been six years since the first sex memoir was shared at the Salon. It can be found in the table of contents under “1. No Name, Frances Seidman.” Please read the back story and editors notes, it is a short piece. The link is below and a sample read is free, just click on cover image in website then table of content piece: “SenSexual: A Unique Anthology, Volumes 1&2”: http://www.amazon.com/SenSexual-Unique-Anthology-2013-Erotica-ebook/dp/B00BA8ZGVY/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398794969&sr=1-2&keywords=sensexual

Enjoy the Read!

Dr. Frances Seidman will be back for the anniversary Salon and will share some more of her wonderful erotica/sex memoirs. Last month she celebrated her 97th birthday. Do come and wish her a belated B-day, she always loves to meet new people.

VOL1&2 PhD copy




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